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Orokin Orientation Matrix

Orokin Ballistics Matrix
Orokin Animus Matrix

Main[edit | edit source]

Orokin Matrices are rewards that can be given both during and after completion of the Isolation Vault bounty in the Cambion Drift. Each can be exchanged with Loid to gain Necraloid standing. 

Acquisition[edit | edit source]

Each successive playthrough of the Isolation Vault bounty increases its difficulty. The first playthrough will grant Orokin Orientation Matrices, the second will grant Orokin Ballistics Matrices and the third will grant the Orokin Animus Matrix. This must be done in a single cycle (either Fass or Vome) and without returning to the Necralisk. If the cycle changes or the player does return to the Necralisk, progress is lost. The player must interact with Mother on the Cambion Drift in order to redo the bounty and increase its level/difficulty. Mother will only offer this bounty two additional times at The Abcess and the Catabolic Gutter.

Matrices drop from each of the Necramechs on stage 3 of the bounty while additional matrices can be rewarded upon the bounties completion. The number of Necramechs also scales with each successive bounty playthrough starting with one on the first attempt of the bounty while each successive attempt increases the number of Necramechs by one.

A Resource Booster doubles the amount of Orokin Matrices acquired

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