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Much like how the Corpus and Grineer written language is very much representative of each faction’s attitudes, the Tennobet was created to help create a better visual balance between Tenno brute force and elegance. The process began with taking a full list of English consonants and vowels, breaking down which sounds are most often used in our day-to-day speech. [...]

Creating the Tennobet was a challenge of finding which letters, or consonant pairings, could be eliminated to create a more free-flowing written language. Once the base consonants and vowels were established we could then work out a script that incorporated this new lettering in a way that represented the visual aesthetics of Tenno culture.
—WARFRAME blog post on creation of the language[1]

The Orokin Script, or Tennobet, is largely based upon English but apparently also contains extra characters for certain phonemes including diphthongs ("io") and digraphs ("th" and "sh"). Consonants are diagonally slanted and are written left to right, while vowels and accents are written above. Some vowels and numbers resemble polarity symbols. There is also a thematic undertone to the letter construction reminiscent of Bushido calligraphy; the straight segments suggest power sword strokes and the arcs suggest fencing flourishes where each letter represents a lesson in movement. There are no live excerpts of the Orokin script to demonstrate how it is spoken.

There is frequent variation in both the direction of writing as well as the vertical orientation, this variation may likely be an artifact of texture placement or simply the mirroring of textures commonly used in the video game industry.


Official cipher.

Official examples of deciphered script.

Officially referred to as the "Tennobet," the alphabet is a featural alphabet with a pattern between the shape of the letter and the sound represented, making it similar in that respect to the Korean alphabet as well as the Elvish script used by J.R.R. Tolkien. In this type of alphabet, characters become more complex as they build off of the characters of related sounds. Orokin letters are built upon a stem structure using the "M" character Tenno M.svg as the most basic form, and a set of modifiers are attached to the stem to change it into a different letter.

Consonants and Compound Sounds[]

Pairs of sounds that differ from one another in only one way will typically have only one difference between the characters, such as "T" Tenno T.svg and "TH" Tenno TH.svg (both produced right behind the teeth, but one is produced with a short burst of air while the other is produced with prolonged friction). As a result, "TH" resembles "T" with the simple addition of a small vertical stroke Tenno OO.svg in the middle of the stem. Other pairs that differ from one another, in the same way, are P Tenno P.svg / "F" Tenno F.svg, "B" Tenno B.svg / "V" Tenno V.svg, "D" Tenno D.svg / "DH" Tenno DH.svg, and "K" Tenno K.svg / "KH" Tenno KH.svg. Note that this pattern changes for the S Tenno S.svg / "SH" Tenno SH.svg, Z Tenno Z.svg / "ZH" Tenno ZH.svg, "M" Tenno M.svg / "N" Tenno N.svg, and "H" Tenno H.svg / "L" Tenno L.svg pairs, where the same dash does not indicate adding friction but instead indicates that the sound is produced with the tongue moved further back into the mouth. The only pair distinguished by a vertical dash that does not follow either pattern is "J" Tenno J.svg / "CH" Tenno CH.svg, which are different only in whether or not they feature the use of the vocal cords.

Most of the other sound pairs that are differentiated only through the use of vocal cords share a similar general shape. These include "T" Tenno T.svg / "D" Tenno D.svg, "TH" Tenno TH.svg / "DH" Tenno DH.svg, "S" Tenno S.svg / "Z" Tenno Z.svg, "SH" Tenno SH.svg / "ZH" Tenno ZH.svg, and "K" Tenno K.svg / "G" Tenno G.svg. The pairs that seem to defy this pattern are "P" Tenno P.svg / "B" Tenno B.svg and "F" Tenno F.svg / "V" Tenno V.svg, suggesting that this connection is not as consistent. However, it can be noted that "K" Tenno K.svg, "G" Tenno G.svg, "KH" Tenno KH.svg, and "NG" Tenno NG.svg, which are all produced in the throat, also all feature a similar shape. This leaves the only consonant character without any phonetic matches to be the one representing "R" Tenno R.svg. Also, the "W" and "Y" sounds are not included among consonants, but are instead considered to be variants of "OO" Tenno OO.svg and "EE" Tenno EE.svg respectively, and are therefore listed among the vowels.


Vowels are smaller than consonants and placed above the consonants as though they are diacritics or accent marks. In this way, the alphabet is similar to the Arabic alphabet.

Each vowel is written based on its sound rather than how it is written in English. However, it can be noted that the sounds which are commonly associated with English letters E and I feature vertical lines ("EE" Tenno EE.svg, "IH" Tenno I.svg, "EH" Tenno EH.svg, and "AYE" Tenno AYE.svg), while those associated with the English letter A seem to favor diagonal lines ("AH" Tenno A.svg, "AE" Tenno AE.svg, and "AW" Tenno AW.svg), and those associated with English letters O and U feature more pronounced curves ("OO" Tenno OO.svg, "OH" Tenno O.svg, "UH" Tenno U.svg, and "OW" Tenno OW.svg).

Character Similarities[]

Other interesting visual similarities between characters that are not necessarily part of the featural patterns:

  • "H" Tenno H.svg is simply an "M" Tenno M.svg but only half as long.
  • "T" Tenno T.svg is an "M" Tenno M.svg with an "R" Tenno R.svg added at the left end.
  • "Z" Tenno Z.svg is a "D" Tenno D.svg using the right end of the lower loop of a "D" with an "R" Tenno R.svg tacked onto the left end.
  • "P" Tenno P.svg is a "Z" Tenno Z.svg with the right upper bar (which makes up the "M" Tenno M.svg) removed.
  • "B" Tenno B.svg is a "D" Tenno D.svg with a single hook added to the end of the "lower loop."


All writing in the Orokin alphabet is either written in correct American English or closely written phonetically in the English language with some exceptions due to missing sounds.

  • "W" sound (as in win) and "WH" sound (as in what) are converted to Tenno OO.svg ("OO")
  • "Y" sound (as in yes) is converted to Tenno EE.svg ("EE")


  • Warframe is written as WarframeOrokinScript.png ("OOor-freym")
  • Evolution is written as HydroidOrokinScript2.png ("Ev-uh-loo-shuhm")
    • Odd substitution of "N" with "M" for unknown reasons (possibly a typo by the developers)
  • Guide is written as GuideOrokinScript.png ("Guhyd")
  • Flight is written as FlightOrokinScript.png ("Flihyt")
    • An example of a word written letter-by-letter from English if treating Tenno I.svg ("IH") as an "I"
    • Notice how the pronunciation differs from English if spelt this way: "Flihyt" vs. "Flahyt"
  • Observatory is written as ObservatoryOrokinScript.png ("Uh b-ser-vah-tawr-aye")
  • Secret is written as SecretOrokinScript.png ("Seh-kreht")

Tabulated Ciphers[]

Matching Orokin alphabet to International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) for English pronunciations.

English Consonants
IPA Tenno
p Tenno P.svg pen, tip
b Tenno B.svg but, web
t Tenno T.svg take, cut
d Tenno D.svg dad, do
Tenno CH.svg chat, nature
Tenno J.svg joy, giant, edge
k Tenno K.svg cat, kite, queen
g Tenno G.svg go, get, gutter
f Tenno F.svg off, fate
v Tenno V.svg voice, of, favorite
θ Tenno TH.svg thing, teeth
ð Tenno DH.svg that, soothe
s Tenno S.svg same, city, sass
z Tenno Z.svg zoo, rose
ʃ Tenno SH.svg she, sure, emotion
ʒ Tenno ZH.svg genre, siege, pleasure
h Tenno H.svg hat, heaven
m Tenno M.svg man, jam
n Tenno N.svg no, brain
ŋ Tenno NG.svg ringer, sing, drink
l Tenno L.svg loss, please
r Tenno R.svg run, very
w No equivalent win, we
j No equivalent yes, yawn
hw No equivalent what, when
x Tenno KH.svg loch
English Vowels
IPA Tenno
Tenno AE.svg day, gate, date
ɒ Tenno AW.svg blockade, pot
ɔ: Tenno AW.svg paw, thought
æ Tenno A.svg pat, bat
ɜ No equivalent bird, curt
ɪ Tenno I.svg pit, in, fish
ɛ Tenno EH.svg pet, bed
i Tenno EE.svg bee, need
ʌ Tenno U.svg run
ʊ Tenno U.svg put
u Tenno OO.svg food, dude, through
Tenno AYE.svg bye, night, my
Tenno O.svg tow, woe, dough
Tenno OW.svg now, foul
Numbers and Punctuation
Symbols Tenno
0 Tenno 0.svg
1 Tenno 1.svg
2 Tenno 2.svg
3 Tenno 3.svg
4 Tenno 4.svg
5 Tenno 5.svg
6 Tenno 6.svg
7 Tenno 7.svg
8 Tenno 8.svg
9 Tenno 9.svg
. (period) Tenno Period.svg
? (question mark) No equivalent
! (exclamation mark) No equivalent
, (comma) Tenno M.svg
: (colon) No equivalent
' (apostrophe) No equivalent
- (hyphen) Tenno Hyphen.svg
@ (at sign) No equivalent
# (pound sign) No equivalent

Weapon Resemblance[]

There are several weapons of Tenno and Orokin origin that take on the look and design of several Tennobet letters, it is yet unknown as to whether or not their design resemblance has any significant value to the lore behind the weapon.

These include but are not limited to:

Known Deciphered Scripts[]



ExcaliburIcon272.png Excalibur's helmet

"[148-H] [T eh n o] [H ae d eh n] [2100N] [S eh r ee a l] [148-H]"
148-H Tenno Hayden 2100N Serial 148-H

Excalibur's shoulder

"[H ae d eh n] [T eh n o]" → Hayden Tenno
Rhino's Back Armor Piece

RhinoIcon272.png Rhino's back armor piece

"[. D ih n j ih r .]" → ".Dinger." → .Danger.
Volt's Chest Piece

VoltIcon272.png Volt's chest piece

"[. D ih n j ih r .]" → ".Dinger." → .Danger.

HydroidIcon272.png Hydroid's front shoulders

"[T r aye b]" → Tribe

Hydroid's shoulder blades

"[EH v o l oo sh uh m]" → Evolution
Trinity's Helmet

TrinityIcon272.png Trinity's helmet script

"[148-H] [T eh n o] [M aw d eh l] [2100N] [S eh r ee a l] [148-H]"
148-H Tenno Model 2100N Serial 148-H
Loki's Thigh

LokiIcon272.png Loki's thigh

"[148-H] [T eh n o] [M aw d eh l] [2100N] [S eh r ee a l] [148-H]"
148-H Tenno Model 2100N Serial 148-H
Nekros' Shoulder

NekrosIcon272.png Nekros' shoulder

"[EH v o l oo sh uh m]" → Evolution
Vauban's Shoulder

VaubanIcon272.png Vauban's shoulder

Vauban's Shoulder.png
"[T r aye b]" → Tribe

Orokin Tower Tileset[]

Orokin Void Room

Orokin Void room script

"[H ae d eh n] [T eh n o]" → Hayden Tenno
Orokin Void Hallway

Orokin Void hallway script

"[EH v o l oo sh uh m]" → Evolution

Orokin Moon Tileset[]

Stealth Test Banner

Stealth Test banner

"[S t eh l th]" → Stealth

Clan Dojo[]

Dojo Observatory Console

Dojo Observatory console

"[IH n f aw r m a sh uh m]" → Information
Dojo Research Lab Consoles

Dojo Research Lab consoles

"[K aw n t r o l]" → Control
Grineer Research Lab Door

Grineer Research Lab door

"[R eh s ee r ch] [G r ih n ee r]" → Research Grineer
Corpus Research Lab Door

Corpus Research Lab door

"[R eh s ee r ch] [K aw r p uh s]" → Research Corpus
Infested Research Lab Door

Infested Research Lab door

"[R eh s ee r ch] [IH n f eh s t eh d]" → Research Infested
Tenno Research Lab Door

Tenno Research Lab door

"[R eh s ee r ch] [T eh n o]" → Research Tenno
Great Hall Door

Great Hall door

"[G r ee t] [H a l]" → Great Hall
Dojo Observatory Door

Dojo Observatory door

"[AW b s eh r v a t aw r aye]" → Observatory
Dojo Barracks Door

Dojo Barracks door

"[B a r a k s]" → Barracks
Dojo Garden Door

Dojo Garden door

"[G a r d eh n]" → Garden
Dojo Elevator Door

Dojo elevator door

"[EH l eh v a t aw r]" → Elevator
Dueling Room Door

Dueling room door

"[D uh eh l ih ng]" → Dueling
Trophy Room Door

Trophy room door

"[T r aw p h aye] [R oo m]" → Trophy Room
Drydock Doors

Drydock doors

"[D r aye d aw kh]" → Drydock
"[B r i d j ]" → Bridge


Relay Lobby Message

Message board in the Relay's lobby

"[IH n f aw r m a sh uh m]" → Information
Floating Text in Relays

Floating text in Relays

"[Y oo h] [Aw r] [Dh uh h] [H oh p] [A n d] [F ee oo ch oo r]" → You are the hope and future
Welcome sign

Welcome sign

"[Oo eh l kh uh m]" → Welcome
Lotus Is Our Friend Signs

"Lotus is our friend" signs

"[Th u h] [L aw t uh s] [Ih s] [Oo r] [F r aye n d,] [L ee d eh r] [A n d] [G uh a d]" → The Lotus is our friend, leader and guide
Tenno Uphold Balance Signs

"Tenno uphold balance" signs

"[A] [T eh n o] [Ih s] [S oo aw r n] [T o] [M ae n t ae n] [Th uh h] [B a l a n k]" → A Tenno is sworn to maintain the balance
Tenno Protector Signs

"Tenno Protector" signs

"[A] [T eh n o] [Ih s] [Th uh h] [S oo aw r n] [P r aw t eh k t aw r] [Aw f] [Th uh h] [Aw r] [Ih g ih n] [S ee s t eh m]" → A Tenno is the sworn protector of the our[sic] Origin System
Tenno Shadow/Light Signs

"Tenno Is The Shadow And Light" signs

"[A] [T eh n o] [Ih s] [B aw th] [Th uh h] [S h a d oo aw] [A n d] [Th uh h] [L ih g h t]" → A Tenno is both the shadow and light
Tenno Void Signs

"Void Is Blood Of Tenno" signs

"[Eh n eh r g aye] [Aw f] [Th uh h] [V o ih d] [Ih s] [Th uh h] [L aye f eh b l oo d] [Aw f] [A] [T eh n o]" → Energy of the Void is the lifeblood of a Tenno
You Are The Future Signs

"You Are The Future" signs

"[Ee oo h] [Aw r] [Th uh h] [H o p] [A n d] [F ee oo ch oo r] [Aw f] [Th uh h] [T eh n o]" → You are the hope and future of the Tenno
Prime Kiosk

Kiosk for turning in Prime parts

"[P r l mm] [P aye r t s]" → Prime payments


Nikana Sheath

Nikana.png Nikana sheath

"[K uh t]" → Cut
Orthos Prime Blades

OrthosPrime.png Orthos Prime blade

"[R ee kh] [AW v eh r] [G r zh p]"
Reach Over Grasp

Orthos Prime's other blade

"[TH uh h] [L aw n j ih s t] [A r m] [IH s] [TH uh h] [L aw]"
The Longest Arm is the Law
Magnus Barrel

Magnus.png Magnus barrel

"[A n s oo eh r] [OO ih th] [S oo p eh r ih aw r] [F aw r k]"
Answer With Superior Force

Latron.png Latron barrel

"[EE oo h] [AW r] [TH uh h] [H aw p] [A n d] [F oo t oo r]"
You Are The Hope And Future

Latron butt

"[S eh k r eh t]" → Secret
Strun Stock

Strun.png Strun stock

"[. D ih n j ih r .]" → ".Dinger." → .Danger.
Boar Stock & Drum

Boar.png Boar stock

"[. D ih n j ih r .]" → ".Dinger." → .Danger.

Boar.png Boar drum

"[EH v o l oo sh uh m]" → Evolution
Tigris Stock

Tigris.png Tigris stock

"[T r aye b]" → Tribe
Cedo Barrel

Cedo.png Cedo Barrel

"[Eh eh k oo sh un eh r]" → Executioner

Warframe Cosmetics[]

Guide of the Lotus Shoulder Armor

Guide of the Lotus shoulder armor (Mantle of the Lotus)

"[G uh aye d]" → Guide
Izvara Syandana

Izvara Syandana

"[F l ih g h t]" → Flight
TennoCon Syandana and Chestplate

TennoCon Syandana and Chestplate

"[OO n aye t eh d] [OO] [R aye s]"
United We Rise

During Quests[]

Chains of Harrow Blood Messages
"[K a s t] [O uh t]" → Cast Out
"[H eh] [S uh f f eh r s]" → He Suffers
"[B l a n d eh d]" → Blanded (Blinded)
"[R eh j eh k t eh d]" → Rejected
The Sacrifice
Stone tablet mimic.png
"[H o n oo r] [i n] [B a t l]" → Honor in Battle


Lotus Symbol

Lotus symbol

Icon LotusClean Black.jpg
"[OO o r f r ae m]" → Warframe
Founder T-shirt

Founder T-shirt script

"[EH v o l oo sh uh m]" → Evolution
The War Within Site Background

The War Within site background writing

"[OO h a t] [IH s] [D aw n] [OO t] [AW f] [L aw v] [A l oo o ee s] [T ae k eh s] [P l ae k] [B eh ee aw n d] [G oo d] [A n d] [EH v ih l]"
What Is Done Out Of Love Always Takes Place Beyond Good And Evil
Devstream 90 Teaser

Devstream 90 poster

"[B eh h o l d] [TH uh h] [TH ih r t aye] [TH ih r d] [H eh] [IH s] [K aw m ih ng]"
Behold The Thirty Third He Is Coming
U18 Patch Notes

Update 18.0 (2015-12-03) patch notes

"[EH m b r ae k] [TH uh h] [OO o ee s] [AW f] [O l d]"
Embrace The Ways Of Old
Red Veil Symbol

Red Veil symbol

"[. N eh t oo ih r k .]" → ".Netwirk." → .Network.
Mind Control Flashing

Flashing near MindControl130xDark.png Mind Controlled enemies

"[AW b eh aye]" → Obey
Operation Scarlet Spear Flotilla Signs
"[R eh l j a k] [Aw p uh r eh sh n s]" → Railjack Operations
"[G r ow m d] [Aw p uh r eh sh n s]" → Ground Operations
Mysterious Loading Screen (Teaser for The Second Dream)

The Script


"[V o ih d] [L ih n k] [S eh v eh r eh d]

[R ee s aw n] [f aw r eh ih g n] [k a r aye r] [d eh t eh k t eh d].
[AW r ih g ih n] [uh n k n ow n].
[S uh s p eh k sh u m] [t r a k ih ng] [s ih g n a l].

[R eh ih n ih t ee a t ih ng] [d ih p o l a r] [k aw n eh k sh uh m] [aw n] [n aw v eh l] [k a r aye r].
[B ih o] [ih n] [s t a n d b aye] [f aw r] [ch eh k] [a n d] [s ee n k].

 [M aw sh uh m] [k aw m p eh n s a sh uh m] [k aw m p l eh t eh].
 [S eh l eh n ih k] [l eh n s ih ng] [l aw k eh d].
 [S aw m a t ih k] [k aw n t r o l] [eh s t a b l ih sh eh d].
 [M a r g oo l ih s] [ih m p l a n t a sh uh m] [ih n t a k t].
 [EH v m] [s t a t uh s] [n aw m ih n a l].
 [OO o r] [p l a t f aw r m] [aw ae t ih ng] [s ee n k].

[IH n ih t ee a l ih z ih ng] [s ee n a p t ih k] [aw v eh r l ae]
[G oo d] [n ih g h t], [s oo ee t] [a n j ih l]."


Void Link Severed

Reason: foreign carrier detected. Origin: unknown. Suspection: tracking signal.
Reinitiating dipolar connection on novel carrier. Bio in standby for check and sync.

 Motion compensation complete.
 Selenic lensing locked.
 Somatic control established.
Margulis implantation intact.
 EVM status nominal.
 War platform awaiting sync.

Initializing synaptic overlay... Good night, sweet angel.
Original Prime Access Banner

Original Prime Access banner

"[S eh k r eh t]" → Secret
Zariman Mission Insignia
"[Z a r ih m a n] [M ih sh ih o n]" → Zariman Mission



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