This device is used to bypass Orokin encryptions.

—In-Game Description

Orokin Ciphers are a special resource which was used in the crafting of the key that unlocked the Hidden Messages quest. They are acquired by successfully opening Vaults in Orokin Derelict missions – along with a random Corrupted Mod. Five Ciphers were required to craft the Hidden Messages key.

As of Update 22.0 the Hidden Messages quest is automatically unlocked upon completing the required Junction, even for those players which still had to craft the key as they had acquired the old quest blueprint from an earlier version of the game.


  • Ciphers are a guaranteed reward if players successfully open a vault and deliver the Orokin Artifact to extraction. One Cipher per player is rewarded per run.
  • Before Update 22.0, the The Hidden Messages quest was the only time Orokin Ciphers were used. After the update, Orokin Ciphers no longer have a function.

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