Ancient energy cell from the Orokin era.

—In-Game Description

An Orokin Cell is a rare component that can be found on Saturn, Ceres and Orokin Derelict. It is usually found in quantities of 1-2. 

All bosses (including the Stalker) have a chance to drop an Orokin Cell after being defeated, though General Sargas Ruk and Lieutenant Lech Kril have a better chance to drop it, the former of which are the respective bosses of the planets.

Blueprints Requiring Orokin Cell

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Blueprint Type Quantity (Research)
Afuris Afuris Secondary 1
Akbolto Akbolto Secondary 1
Dual Broncos Akbronco Secondary 1
TnoBladedPistols Akjagara Secondary 2
DEAklex Aklex Secondary 1
DEAkmagnus Akmagnus Secondary 2
AkimboSomaPistols Aksomati Secondary 1
Dual vastos Akvasto Secondary 2
PrimeAnkyros Ankyros Prime Melee 10
AshIcon272 Ash Warframe 1
Ash Locust Helmet Cosmetic 1
Ash PrimeIcon272 Ash Prime Warframe 1
Ash Scorpion Helmet Cosmetic 1
Ash PrimeIcon272 Ash Prime Systems Component 1
AtlasIcon272 Atlas Warframe 1
Atlas Shikoro Helmet Cosmetic 1
AtlasIcon272 Atlas Systems Component 1
Atlas Tartarus Helmet Cosmetic 1
BansheeIcon272 Banshee Warframe 1 (1)
Banshee Chorus Helmet Cosmetic 1
Banshee PrimeIcon272 Banshee Prime Warframe 5
Banshee Reverb Helmet Cosmetic 1
BoStaff Bo Melee 1
PrimeBo Bo Prime Melee 10
FixedPrimeBoar Boar Prime Primary 10
Bolto Bolto Secondary 2
DEPrimeBoltor Boltor Prime Primary 10
DEGrineerHandShotgun Brakk Secondary 10
PrimeBraton Braton Prime Primary 10
PrimeBronco Bronco Prime Secondary 10
PrimeBurston Burston Prime Primary 10
Carrier Prime Sentinel 6
Chroma PrimeIcon272 Chroma Prime Warframe 5
SwordPrime Dakra Prime Melee 15
DestrezaPrime Destreza Prime Melee 10
DECorpusHandCannon Detron Secondary 10
DEDualKamas Dual Kamas Melee 1
SomaDualKamas Dual Raza Melee 1
Elytron Harness Component 3
EmberIcon272 Ember Warframe 1
Ember Backdraft Helmet Cosmetic 1
Ember Phoenix Helmet Cosmetic 1
Ember PrimeIcon272 Ember Prime Warframe 1
Equinox Clisthert Helm Cosmetic 1
EquinoxIcon272 Equinox Day Aspect Component 1
EquinoxIcon272 Equinox Night Aspect Component 1
Equinox Solstice Helmet Cosmetic 1
EuphoraPrime Euphona Prime Secondary 5
ExcaliburIcon272 Excalibur Warframe 1
Excalibur Avalon Helmet Cosmetic 1
Excalibur Pendragon Helmet Cosmetic 1
Excalibur Mordred Helmet Cosmetic 1
Exilus Adapter Enhancement 1
Forma Enhancement 1
PrimeFragor Fragor Prime Melee 10
FrostIcon272 Frost Warframe 1
Frost Aurora Helmet Cosmetic 1
Frost PrimeIcon272 Frost Prime Warframe 1
Frost Squall Helmet Cosmetic 1
PrimeGalatine342 Galatine Prime Melee 15
GaraIcon272 Gara Warframe 3
Gara Virago Helmet Cosmetic 1
PrimeGlaive Glaive Prime Melee 10
GramPrime Gram Prime Melee 15
Greater Lens Enhancement 1
HarrowIcon272 Harrow Chassis Component 5
Harrow Suffragan Helmet Cosmetic 1
Helios Prime Sentinel 6
PrimeHikou Hikou Prime Secondary 8
HydroidIcon272 Hydroid Warframe 1
Hydroid PrimeIcon272 Hydroid Prime Warframe 5
Hydroid Triton Helmet Cosmetic 1
InarosIcon272 Inaros Warframe 1
Inaros Anubis Helmet Cosmetic 1
IvaraIcon272 Ivara Warframe 1
KhoraIcon272 Khora Warframe 3
Khora Delphi Helmet Cosmetic 1
MirageKogakePrime Kogake Prime Melee 15
KronenPrime Kronen Prime Melee 15
DELatronPrime Latron Prime Primary 10
PrimeLex Lex Prime Secondary 10
LimboIcon272 Limbo Warframe 3
Limbo Aristeas Helmet Cosmetic 1
Limbo Magrite Helmet Cosmetic 1
Limbo PrimeIcon272 Limbo Prime Warframe 5
LokiIcon272 Loki Warframe 1
Loki Essence Helmet Cosmetic 1
Loki PrimeIcon272 Loki Prime Warframe 1
Loki PrimeIcon272 Loki Prime Systems Component 1
Loki Swindle Helmet Cosmetic 1
MagIcon272 Mag Warframe 1
Mag Coil Helmet Cosmetic 1
Mag Gauss Helmet Cosmetic 1
Mag PrimeIcon272 Mag Prime Warframe 3
TennoMagnum Magnus Secondary 2
Mantis Landing Craft 1
MesaIcon272 Mesa Warframe 1
Mesa Longhorn Helmet Cosmetic 1
Mesa Ovis Helmet Cosmetic 1
MirageIcon272 Mirage Chassis Component 1
Mirage Harlequin Helmet Cosmetic 1
MirageIcon272 Mirage Neuroptics Component 1
Mirage PrimeIcon272 Mirage Prime Warframe 5
MirageIcon272 Mirage Systems Component 1
Mirage Trivelin Helmet Cosmetic 1
PrimeNamiSkyla Nami Skyla Prime Melee 15
NekrosIcon272 Nekros Warframe 3
Nekros PrimeIcon272 Nekros Prime Warframe 3
Nekros Raknis Helmet Cosmetic 1
Nekros Shroud Helmet Cosmetic 1
NezhaIcon272 Nezha Warframe 1 (1)
Nezha Circa Helmet Cosmetic 1
Nezha Jinza Helmet Cosmetic 1
Nidus Prion Helmet Cosmetic 1
NidusIcon272 Nidus Systems Component 6
PrimeNikana Nikana Prime Melee 15
NovaIcon272 Nova Warframe 1
Nova Flux Helmet Cosmetic 1
Nova PrimeIcon272 Nova Prime Warframe 1
Nova Quantum Helmet Cosmetic 1
NyxIcon272 Nyx Warframe 1
Nyx Menticide Helmet Cosmetic 1
Nyx PrimeIcon272 Nyx Prime Warframe 1
Nyx PrimeIcon272 Nyx Prime Systems Component 1
Nyx Vespa Helmet Cosmetic 1
OberonIcon272 Oberon Warframe 1
Oberon Markhor Helmet Cosmetic 1
Oberon Oryx Helmet Cosmetic 1
Oberon PrimeIcon272 Oberon Prime Warframe 5
OberonIcon272 Oberon Systems Component 1
OctaviaIcon272 Octavia Warframe 1
Octavia Cadenza Helmet Cosmetic 1
OctaviaIcon272 Octavia Systems Component 5
Odonata Prime Archwing 1
Orokin Catalyst Enhancement 1
Orokin Reactor Enhancement 1
PrimePolearm Orthos Prime Melee 10
TeshinGlaive Orvius Melee 10
TennoMiter Panthera Primary 1
BallasSword Paracesis Melee 15
Plasma Plasma Sword Melee 1
PyranaPrime Pyrana Prime Secondary 10
ReaperPrime Reaper Prime Melee 10
RevenantIcon272 Revenant Warframe 1
Revenant Vania Helmet Cosmetic 1
RhinoIcon272 Rhino Warframe 1
Rhino PrimeIcon272 Rhino Prime Warframe 3
Rhino Thrak Helmet Cosmetic 1
Rhino Vanguard Helmet Cosmetic 1
RubicoPrime Rubico Prime Primary 10
SarynIcon272 Saryn Warframe 1
Saryn Chlora Helmet Cosmetic 1
Saryn Hemlock Helmet Cosmetic 1
Saryn PrimeIcon272 Saryn Prime Warframe 1
Saryn PrimeIcon272 Saryn Prime Systems Component 1
Scimitar Landing Craft 1
PrimeScindo Scindo Prime Melee 15
CaptainVorPistol Seer Secondary 2
DESicarus Prime Sicarus Prime Secondary 10
SilvaAegisPrime Silva & Aegis Prime Melee 10
CephPrimary Simulor Primary 1
PrimeSoma Soma Prime Primary 10
PrimeLiDagger Spira Prime Secondary 8
Sybaris Prime Sybaris Prime Primary 10
TiberonPrime Tiberon Prime Primary 10
DETigris Tigris Primary 3
PrimeTigris342 Tigris Prime Primary 10
TitaniaIcon272 Titania Warframe 3
Titania Aurai Helmet Cosmetic 1
TrinityIcon272 Trinity Warframe 1
Trinity Aura Helmet Cosmetic 1
Trinity Meridian Helmet Cosmetic 1
Trinity PrimeIcon272 Trinity Prime Warframe 1
Trinity PrimeIcon272 Trinity Prime Systems Component 1
Viper, dual Twin Vipers Secondary 1
ValkyrIcon272 Valkyr Warframe 1
Valkyr Bastet Helmet Cosmetic 1
Valkyr Kara Helmet Cosmetic 1
Valkyr PrimeIcon272 Valkyr Prime Warframe 3
PrimeVasto Vasto Prime Secondary 10
VaubanIcon272 Vauban Warframe 1
Vauban Armistice Helmet Cosmetic 1
Vauban Esprit Helmet Cosmetic 1
Vauban Gambit Helmet Cosmetic 1
Vauban PrimeIcon272 Vauban Prime Systems Component 1
DEVectis Vectis Primary 4
VectisPrime Vectis Prime Primary 10
VenkaPrime Venka Prime Melee 15
VoltIcon272 Volt Warframe 1 (1)
Volt PrimeIcon272 Volt Prime Warframe 1
Volt PrimeIcon272 Volt Prime Systems Component 1
Volt Pulse Helmet Cosmetic 1
Volt Storm Helmet Cosmetic 1
WukongIcon272 Wukong Warframe 1 (1)
Wukong Dasheng Helmet Cosmetic 1
Wyrm Prime Sentinel 6
Xiphos Landing Craft 1
ZephyrIcon272 Zephyr Warframe 1
Zephyr Cierzo Helmet Cosmetic 1
Zephyr PrimeIcon272 Zephyr Prime Warframe 5
Zephyr Tengu Helmet Cosmetic 1
Total 681(+4)
Research LeaderBadgeGhostHolo x1   LeaderBadgeShadowHolo x3   LeaderBadgeStormHolo x10   LeaderBadgeMountainHolo x30   LeaderBadgeMoonHolo x100

Last updated: Hotfix 23.10.8


By purchasing this item you can directly exchange Platinum6410 for 1 Orokin Cell.

—In-Game Description
Orokin Cells can be purchased directly from the market for Platinum6410. Alternatively, players can purchase their blueprints for Platinum64100. An Orokin Cell blueprint used to be attainable as a mission reward from The Law of Retribution Nightmare Trial.

Manufacturing Requirements

Time: 1 hrs
Rush: Platinum64 2
MarketIcon Market Price: Platinum6410 Blueprint2 Blueprints Price: Platinum64100

Gathering Tips

These are based on opinions and may not be true. These should be viewed as advice unless proven undoubtedly true. Check comments for confirmation. Results may vary.

  • Killing Phorid on Assassination Invasion missions on a planet where Orokin Cells drop is a very quick way to get a lot of Orokin Cells, with one Cell dropping per run most of the time. With good gear and/or good teammates, a fast moving squad can do a single run within 2 minutes.
  • Making Helene, Saturn your go-to leveling spot (instead of Hydron, for instance) will passively keep your cell stock up.
  • Exta, Ceres also has a fairly good chance of dropping Orokin Cells since it is a combination of bosses as well being on a planet with Orokin Cells on it.
  • On Telesto, Saturn, one can get Orokin Cells from Cell Arrays: There are usually one to two arrays found at this map, which can drop 1-3 Cells.
  • On Gabii, Ceres, you can get 4-7 Orokin Cells from opening containers or breaking Cell Arrays.
    • Otherwise, a 10 minutes run with a Desecrate130xDark Desecrate NekrosIcon272 Nekros and a slash-based melee weapon such as the GrineerWhip Atterax, will grant around 4-7 Orokin Cells.


  • Sometimes referred to as a "Raw Potato" or "Potato Seed" by the community, referencing how Orokin Catalysts or Orokin Reactors are called 'Potatoes'.
  • Barring the Gremlin Twin Gremlins, GrnQueenGuardDualPistols Twin Rogga and the Akzani Akzani, Orokin Cells are required to craft all dual secondaries (either as it is or as a Forma). This does not include dual secondaries given away during events.
  • Orokin Cells are used in constructing most Warframes and Prime weapons.

Patch Notes

Hotfix 23.0.5
  • Orokin Cells pickups will now appear in the pop-up notification similar to Argon Crystals.

Hotfix 22.20.7

  • Replaced the Orokin Cell crafting requirement for numerous Decorations to either Morphics, Neurodes, or Control Modules.
    • The Orokin Cells will be refunded to the Clan Vault and already built Decorations that required an Orokin Cell will remain built.

Hotfix 22.0.2

  • Replaced Gara's Blueprint requirement of Kuva with Orokin Cells.

Update 20.0

  • Fixed untradable Blueprint resources appearing in the Trade window (Orokin Cells, etc).

Update 19.13

  • Replaced Orokin Cell with Gallium, and replaced Neural Sensors with Morphics as a crafting requirement in the Rhino Blueprint.

Update 18.5

  • Archwing Crafting requirements have been adjusted for players crafting the Odonata in The Archwing Quest:
    • Orokin Cell is now 3x Control Module.

Update 17.3

  • Fixed Drekar Heavy Gunners dropping Orokin Cells.

Update 16.4

  • The Raptor will now drop Neural Sensors instead of Orokin Cells.

Update 15.13

  • Added a 3x Orokin Cells to T3 Survival Rewards.

Update 13.8

  • Increased the number of Orokin Cells received as T3 Survival awards from 1 to 3 per batch.

Hotfix 11.3.3

  • Text correction for Orokin Cells.


  • Introduced with game release.

Last updated: Hotfix 23.10.8

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