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Ormolu Skins for your Daikyu, Akbolto, Bolto and Tipedo Weapons as well as the Ormolu Kyroptera Syandana will add an honorable brass and gold finish.

—Release Description

The Ormolu Skin Bundle includes the following items, with individual prices listed:

  • Bundle Cost: Platinum64100


  • These skins can be recolored.
  • Currently the Ormolu Kyroptera Syandana is exclusive to this bundle and cannot be bought separately.


  • Ormolu, also known as gilded metal, is an English word that refers to the process of applying finely ground gold and mercury to a bronze object.
  • Kyroptera is derived from the word "Chiroptera", which refers to the Order of flying mammals with webbed wings, with prominent examples of said animals being bats, befitting the syandana's description.

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