These non-interactive rooms are mainly used to organize your Dojo structure. Some of them increase your Dojo's energy and capacity pool, while Barracks increase your Clan's tier.

Clan HallEdit

The Clan Hall is the beginning of every Dojo. It provides the Dojo 100 Capacity, 5 Energy and 60 Decoration Capacity, and a doorway on each end for expansion. As of Update 9.5, additional Clan Halls are no longer available for building.

Connectors and ElevatorEdit

Click the >> icon on the preview to switch the Elbow connector between a left or right turn.

(This is based on opinion, please check comments for confirmation) Straight Hallways are not entirely effective, as a Great Hall and its other counterparts are more effective, due to the fact that they provide much more capacity, having better Storage management.


  • While in the dojo, click the >> icon on the preview to switch the elevator between ascending and descending. The default is an ascending elevator. An elevator can only travel one level up or one level down, and its direction is fixed upon construction.


Each Reactor provides 25 energy. It is essential in providing a sufficient energy pool for all of your future builds.

Halls (Great/Greater/Grand/Grandest)Edit

Halls allow clans to expand their capacity to build more tiles, the clan tier was recently replaced by clan barracks. As a clan you still need to build the halls in the proper sequence. Each hall increases the building capacity in the dojo by 200. The Great Hall and the Greater Hall have 2 doors each for expansion, while both Grand and Grandest Hall have 6 doors for expansion.

Inspiration HallEdit

Huge Hall similar to Grand and Grandest Hall. This Hall has 6 (six) doors and is complete empty with some windows at the top of the walls and ceiling. Warframe game description "This empty great hall is a blank slate awaiting inspired designers."

  • It provides the Dojo 100 Capacity and consume 1 energy.
  • Max of 3 can be built.


Barracks now represent the tier of the clan that resides in it. Each tier has a barracks that must be built in order to increase the clan member capacity. A Ghost clan does not need a barracks since it is the entry tier of any new clan. Once a Ghost clan reaches 10 members it must build the first barracks. All barracks must be built in the proper sequence and any building costs are of the tier the clan it currently resides in, and will increase after building is completed.

Small GardensEdit

Gardens function like Cross Connector tiles, but with default decorations such as pools, stone paths, and lily pads. There are currently 8 different gardens available for construction. All gardens have the same resource requirements.

Large GardensEdit

Like small gardens, large gardens can be used as Cross Connector tiles. Large gardens have a greater number of default decorations, and have a larger decoration capacity.

Temple of HonorEdit

A place to meditate on the achievements of the past.

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