Paints targets for orbital strikes.

Orbital Strike Drones are Grineer flying drones with flapping, accordion-like wings deployed by Vay Hek's Terra Frame that can call down powerful orbital strikes. While identical in appearance to Propaganda Drones, Orbital Strike Drones have red coloration.


Vay Hek can deploy up to 2 Orbital Strike Drones at once, which hover slowly above the field. Upon spotting a player, they will emit a red laser beam on the player's position, along with an orange ring on the ground that shrinks toward the laser's position. Once the ring converges on the laser, a large missile will descend from space to the location, dealing massive explosive damage within a large AoE.


  • Orbital Strike Drones should be priority targets as their massive AoE damage and knockback can prove deadly in the midst of fighting Vay Hek and other Grineer enemies in the area.
  • As it takes a couple of seconds for the Orbital Strike Drone to launch a missile upon 'painting' a target area, players can simply vacate the area upon the laser being activated. Alternatively, they can hide underneath a solid rooftop or tunnel, as the missile will detonate on the first object it hits from above.

Patch History[]

Update 27.2 (2020-03-05)

  • (Undocumented) Health type changed from Robotic to Machinery.

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