Operatives are NPC allies that assist the Tenno during Syndicate Missions and will help them complete the mission objective.

Two Operatives will accompany the Tenno on all Syndicate Missions. They carry their Syndicate equivalent weapon (e.g. a Red Veil operative will carry a RaktaBallistica Rakta Ballistica) and will use them upon any enemy that has opened fire upon the objective, Tenno or themselves. Their appearance is similar to Rescue targets, in the color and style of their respective Syndicates.

Like a Warframe Specter, Operatives can be commanded to Hold Position or Follow by interacting with them (X ). By default, Operatives are set to Follow.


  • New Loka, The Perrin Sequence and Steel Meridian's Operatives can carry Primary weapons, being the Boar Boar, Lanka Lanka and Grakata Grakata respectively.
  • When undetected, Operatives will attack enemies if they spot them, removing Stealth potentials if they are following you. They will crouch when the player crouches.
    • They will fire upon Security Cameras on sight however, regardless of stealthed status.
  • Operatives do not have the innate faction weapon bonuses installed on their weapons, and their use of said weapons differs greatly from the Tenno and other AI.
    • Semi-Auto weapons fire at the default fire rate cap of the weapon without delay, resulting in the weapon appearing to become fully automatic.
    • They will also incorrectly use the Lanka Lanka and the RaktaBallistica Rakta Ballistica, inconsistently charging their shots and releasing them pre-full charge or releasing them instantly.
    • They will also not follow the ammo capacity of their weapons (i.e. New Loka Operatives having 9 SanctiCastanas Sancti Castanas within one clip)
    • They may also bypass the maximum of 6 charges out at once when wielding the SanctiCastanas Sancti Castanas.
    • They have noticeably impeccable accuracy when using the SecuraDualCestra Secura Dual Cestra, even during continuous firing and its high recoil.
  • Operatives will follow the Host of the mission, regardless of their standing level.
  • Unlike Rescue targets, the Operatives have very little bleedout time, a third of the duration of a Warframe's.
    • If they were carrying a Primary weapon as opposed to a Syndicate secondary, they will have no weapon to fire with when downed.
    • The state of bleedout is not marked upon the map nor HUD, making it difficult to determine if one has become downed.
    • They can also revive each other if one has been downed, however they cannot revive downed Warframes.
    • They seem to have bleedout health, and enemies shooting the downed operatives will seem to kill them quicker than if they were left without being attacked.
    • If killed by Tenno through Confusion effects applied by DmgRadiationSmall64 Radiation, they will have no bleedout time and die instantly, even awarding the killer with some Affinity.


  • Operatives are one of the few non-boss NPC's that have regenerating shields.
  • Steel Meridian Operatives share the same helmet design as light Grineer forces.
  • Despite having no Codex entry, Operatives can still be scanned.
    • This will result in the scanner becoming consumed.
  • When downed, instead of playing the default downed animation, Operatives that have primary weapons will lay spread on the floor convulsing.
    • This is unique to Syndicate Operatives and is not seen anywhere else within Warframe.
  • Despite trying to avoid passing through them, Operatives are entirely immune to the effects of Corpus Laser Barriers and will pass through them unharmed.
    • This is opposite to their behavior towards Grineer Sensor Bars, as they will pass through them frequently with no awareness of them, though it will not cause them harm.
    • Oddly, Operatives do not trigger any security systems such as Security Cameras and Sensor Regulators even upon damaging them.
  • In Syndicate Rescue Missions, the captive will share the same model as the corresponding Syndicate operatives. The captive is otherwise the same as any other captive in Rescue missions.



The falling position made when an operative underwent a teleport glitch.

  • As with Rescue targets, Operatives will occasionally reload their weapons more than required and will sometimes even reload after a sequential reload.
  • Operatives can sometimes become stuck whilst teleporting to the Tenno if they are out of range, causing them to freeze in place and not return fire until they are teleported again.
    • This will persist even to the point of the Syndicate Operative becoming downed.
  • Occasionally The Perrin Sequence Operatives will hold both SecuraDualCestra Secura Dual Cestra in one hand.
  • As Operatives do not have any holster regions set within their animations, the SynoidGammacor Synoid Gammacor used by Cephalon Suda Operatives will have the holster slot floating in the air in the middle of the bottom of their model.
  • After a host migration, additional Operatives may be spawned, allowing for more than two Operatives to be in one mission at once.
    • This can also result in the removal of the Operatives within the mission.