“It is done. Operation: The Pacifism Defect is no more.”
This event has concluded on all platforms.
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For The special alert introduced with this event, see Defection.

Operation: The Pacifism Defect was an event released with Update 19.12 (2017-03-02). The Tenno must protect Grineer defectors known as the Kavor Defectors from the Infestation. The PC event began on Thursday, 2 March 2017 and ended on Thursday, 9 March 2017. The console event began on Monday, 20 March 2017 and ended on Monday, 27 March 2017.

The Infestation has overrun a convoy of allied ships and forced the surviving crew into emergency safe rooms. They’re holding on for now, but without your support, they’ll die on those ships.

Before you go, you should know something; the crew is Grineer. But not just any Grineer, they’re Kavor Defectors, pacifists who deserted Sargas Ruks army when they could no longer bring themselves to kill for him. They don’t want to fight anymore, not for the Grineer, and not for Steel Meridian. All they desire is a peaceful life, but that won’t come easy; Sargas Ruk is hot on their trail and desperate to make an example of them.

The Kavor need defection, will you answer this call?

—Cressa Tal

What You Need To Do[]

Time is running out; the Infestation is growing and spreading quickly as the dead join their side. Rescue as many survivors as you can by clearing a path through the Infestation and leading them to the escape pods. The survivors are susceptible to environmental damage and will need to be healed using the Med Towers throughout the ship! Keep them alive as you escort them through the hostile ship that was once their only hope of peace.

What You Need To Know[]

Important information before you go, Tenno: the crew is comprised of Kavor Defectors — pacifists who deserted Sargas Ruk’s army when they could no longer bring themselves to kill for him. They don’t want to fight anymore, neither for the Grineer nor the Steel Meridian. All they desire is a peaceful life. This will not be easy as Sargas Ruk is hot on their trail and desperate to make an example of them.

  • The Kavor will listen to you: be strategic when you tell them to make a break for the next point.
  • The Kavor can be rushed: When The Lotus discovers new groups of Kavor, you can speed up their evacuation if you think you can handle more frequent groups.
  • New Gear: Your Clan will house new ‘Stim’ Technology that can be used for different results on the Kavor. Use them wisely! You can craft them using Synthula found for a limited time in Low Level Endless missions, Low Level Spy missions and specific Alerts!

Personal Rewards[]

There are 3 missions to play for Personal Rewards!

  • Completing the First earns you The Pacifism Defect Emblem. Earn 75 cumulative points in this mission! Each Kavor rescued is worth 1 point in this mission!
  • Completing the Second earns you the Harkonar Wraith Arm and Leg Armor. Earn 250 cumulative points in this mission! Each Kavor rescued is worth 2 points in this mission!
  • Completing the Third earns you the Harkonar Wraith Cloak and Chest Armor. Earn 2000 cumulative points in this mission! Each Kavor rescued is worth 4 points in this mission!
  • If some of the Kavor die during the mission the dead ones will be subtracted from your final score.

Once you’ve completed them all… earn more points for CLAN REWARDS!

Clan Scoring & Rewards[]

There are plenty of rewards for Clans of all tiers — read on to learn what could await you and your Clan! Remember: When the Operation starts, your rosters are LOCKED. No new members can join to compete, and new clans formed won’t count for competition! (note: clan rosters locked on Thursday, March 2, at 00:45 GMT for PC, and Monday, March 20, at 00:45 GMT for Consoles)

Clan scores are determined by the Total (Sum) of each participating player's single best run's Score. NOTE: Mission 3 is the only Mission that will allow Clan Scores to be contributed. You will be able to see your Clan's combined score in the UI under Communication > Clan > View Stats. For the Competitive mode, all contributions by clans can be found here on these public Leaderboards:

PC: http://content.warframe.com/dynamic/pacifismDefect.php
PS4: http://content.ps4.warframe.com/dynamic/pacifismDefect.php
Xbox: http://content.xb1.warframe.com/dynamic/pacifismDefect.php

These leaderboards do not include scores from members that joined after the Operation started.

Clan Tier Rewards[]

To get the OPERATION: THE PACIFISM DEFECT trophy at the end of the Operation:

Operation: The Pacifism Defect Trophy requirements
Teracotta Bronze Silver Gold
Ghost 25 Points 100 Points 250 Points 500 Points
Shadow 75 Points 300 Points 750 Points 1500 Points
Storm 225 Points 900 Points 2250 Points 4500 Points
Mountain 675 Points 2700 Points 6750 Points 13500 Points
Moon 2025 Points 8100 Points 20250 Points 40500 Points

To get the IgnisWraith.png Ignis Wraith:

  • CLAN PARTICIPATION TIER: The IgnisWraith.png Ignis Wraith blueprint for participating players (must have played) at the end of the Operation.
  • VICTORY TIER: The IgnisWraith.png Ignis Wraith weapon with a Slot and OrokinCatalyst64.png Orokin Catalyst for all members of your clan instantly.
  • HARDCORE TIER: The IgnisWraith.png Ignis Wraith weapon research in your Clan Dojo at the end of the Operation
Clan Tier Requirements
Clan Participation Tier[1] Victory Tier Hardcore Tier[2]
Ghost Clans 260 Points 4,000 Points Earn a score that puts the clan at the top 10% of their respective size scores, found here
Shadow Clans 760 Points 12,100 Points
Storm Clans 2,520 Points 40,300 Points
Mountain Clans 7,560 Points 121,000 Points
Moon Clans 25,200 Points 403,000 Points
  1. New clans formed or newly joined members during the Operation will be eligible for the Clan Participation tier reward since this is the first time Clan presence is needed for an Operation Weapon
  2. Clans must have earned a score that puts them at the top 10% of their respective clan size scores, found here


Hardcore Tier Inbox Message


Your legend is growing. Steel Meridian recognizes your heroic efforts to protect those that cannot protect themselves, and we awarded you with a statue to memorialize this achievement.

As a further testament to your victory and unity, the members of [ClanName] have earned the right to manufacture Ignis Wraith Blueprints in your Dojo, a distinctive honor. The Ignis Wraith is a prized weapon among our ranks, but even more coveted is the means to build it.

Use this privilege wisely, [PlayerName]."

Trophy Message


The Kavor Defectors will never forget the compassion shown by [ClanName] in their support. Let this trophy stand as a reminder of your victory."

Participation Tier Inbox Message


Steel Meridian recognizes your role in supporting [ClanName] and its coordinated efforts aiding the Kavor Defectors. Please accept this gift as a symbol of our gratitude."


  • NovaIcon272.png Nova's WormHole130xDark.png Worm Hole works on the Defectors, speeding their transportation up. Simply place one in front of a line of defectors and have them walk into it to teleport them.
    • Keep in mind however, that this will teleport a few defectors ahead of you, and into enemy fire. When the Infested get to a certain level, they can easily one shot the defectors so putting them in direct harms way by teleporting them ahead may not be a good idea.
  • Healing abilities, such as TrinityIcon272.png Trinity's Blessing130xDark.png Blessing, OberonIcon272.png Oberon's Renewal130xDark.png Renewal, NidusIcon272.png Nidus's Ravenous130xDark.png Ravenous and EquinoxIcon272.png Equinox's Mend, work on the Defectors. NLMagistar.png Sancti Magistar also works to heal them on charge attacks; NezhaIcon272.png Nezha's BlazingChakram130xDark.png Blazing Chakram shows inconsistent results.
    • When using Trinity's Blessing, a low-duration build is actually optimal, as Blessing will not heal or otherwise affect Defectors if they still have the damage reduction from a previous cast active.
  • LimboIcon272.png Limbo can Banish130xDark.png Banish Defectors to the Rift; this will prevent them from being damaged by Infested, but they will still take the constant health damage from the environment.
  • The Mod TT 20px.png Rejuvenation aura heals Defectors, and 4 copies of it with Mod TT 20px.png Coaction Drifts will negate the constant health damage entirely or almost entirely.
  • Pherliac Pods temporarily distract hordes of Infested after being thrown, and can be used to provide some breathing room to Defectors who are being overrun.


"Kavor Defector Turned Charger

  • Periodically, Sargas Ruk will send a Grineer Manic into the map to attack the Defectors. If killed, these Manics will drop two Large Powercells, identified by their pure white glow as opposed to the normal version's light blue. These Large Powercells can instantly replenish a Med Booster to 100%, unlike with normal Powercells that only restore 20% at a time.
  • The Defectors can die if downed and not revived quickly. It takes much less time to revive a Defector than it does a Tenno or Companion.
  • When Defectors die, they spawn an Infested spawning pod, and a lighter, pink Carrion Charger will spawn from it, effectively a Kavor Charger. There is a chance of Spawning Carrion Charger Eximus. Both are scannable.


  • After the start of the event, participation tier requirements were lowered.[1]
  • This is the first time in Warframe where the Infested can infect enemies in actual gameplay.