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“It is done. Operation: Arid Fear is no more.”
This event has concluded on all platforms.

What are The Corpus up to? It appears they have information we must uncover! Tenno, this weekend we need your help! Stay tuned for more word... Forum Post Phase 3 was completed on August 12, 2013 at 21:25. (UTC)


Phase Three of Operation Arid Fear success rate:


Phase Two of Operation Arid Fear success rate: (as of 11:09, August 11, 2013 (UTC))


Phase One of Operation Arid Fear success rate: (as of 08:49, August 11, 2013 (UTC))


Event Mission Details

Alerts Banner.png

New Grineer Settlements have been discovered—your help is needed to unlock them! After our successful defense of the Corpus from the Fomorian Invasion, we received intel that the Corpus are in possession of information regarding the location of secret Grineer Settlements within the solar system. Infiltrating these Grineer Settlements is crucial – we must find the Corpus Scouts that hold this information. The Corpus have hidden these Scouts in the Void to escape us—we must capture them!

To enter the Void and find these Scouts, Tenno will need to collect Datamass and Cipher components by completing replayable special Alert Missions. Once they have received these components, they will need to obtain a Corpus Void Key blueprint within the Market. Using these components, they will visit the Foundry and build a Corpus Void key that will take them to the vessel located in the Orokin Void. The operatives must capture the Corpus Scout(s) on board the vessel and complete the mission. They can be found anywhere on the ship, and be marked via objective marker.

Once each capture is complete, every Tenno in the mission will receive a point. The amount of points you receive is based upon how many captives there are. Number of captives are based upon how many captures a team makes (1-5 varying with number of teammates and somewhat random). For example, if there are three members in the team, then there will likely be three captives. The reward for each Tenno will be one point for each capture the team makes. The number of points toward the event goal will be the number of Tenno times the number of captures (total points between the Tenno).

Lotus: "Diligence is key. Capture as many Scouts as possible, Tenno. We will track your progress and notify you when we have acquired all of the necessary information to piece together the exact location of the Settlements."


  • It is possible to capture multiple targets on a single mission.
  • At certain points during the mission the game will display a graphical effect similar to that which occurs during the Orokin Tower introduction along with a flashing colored filter that covers the entire screen. This could be the 'Void Storm' referenced in the video. This will restore 25 energy to all members of the cell.
  • Sometimes, even in a group of 4, you will have to get 3 or 5 scouts, getting 3 or 5 points accordingly.
  • The Scout is oddly not effected by Vauban's Bastille, but is tugged by Vortex. Most likely DE's idea to make sure catching the scout is not too easy. This method helps in phase 3 as the Scout can become invisible and Vortex can assure he stays where he is during this time.


If we are successful in our mission: Rewards will be given after the event is completed.

  • A new set of enemies and the Grineer Settlement (Phobos) will be revealed for all players!
  • All contributing players will receive an Arid Fear Emblem (a contributing member is anyone with at least one point in this event!)
  • Top clans (according to tier) will receive a statue for their Dojo
    • Ghost Clan: 1-10 members
    • Shadow Clan: 11-30 members
    • Storm Clan: 31-100 members
    • Mountain Clan: 101-300 members
    • Moon Clan: 301-1000 members
    • "Grandfathered Clan:" 1001+ people – score will be normalized based on total points and total clan members (not including Pending).
  • Mods for contributing members:
Mods will be available for discovery in-game at a later date in the form of a nightmare mode reward.[1]
These Mods are now available in-game via Nightmare Mode.[2]


  • Arid means "lack of water", which is a fitting name for the event as the Corpus fear that Phobos will be revealed to the Tenno.
  • During The Hunt For Alad VFrohd Bek would allude to this event in one of his speeches;
    • "What happened to you Alad? I looked up to you. Your profits. Your products. A little madness and you throw it all into the Void."

Event Leaderboards

Source for leaderboards.


Top clans will receive a statue for their Dojo!
Top three clans of each category have been marked with the color of the statue they will receive:
Golden, Silver and Bronze.

Ghost Clan
Rank Points Clan Name
1. 6666 Guardians of the Lotus
2. 4425 Spectres N7
3. 3633 hattori
4. 2418 YoloSwag420Blazin
5. 2376 Hands of a Killer
6. 2211 FBSO
7. 1987 Xtreme Tano Assassins
8. 1952 RedText
9. 1753 504th Tenno
10. 1311 Galactic Security Force
Shadow Clan
Rank Points Clan Name
1. 12216 Procrastinators
2. 11425 Beyond Midnight Evolution
3. 9225 Neuro
4. 6235 AMATERAS
5. 5133 Coup de Grace
6. 3150 Whispering Tenno
7. 2765 Ninja Plz Clan
8. 2519 Bungholios
9. 2408 Lightning Claw
10. 2228 Wrecked
Storm Clan
Rank Points Clan Name
1. 14933 Camp Kill Yourself
2. 9458 Quantum Entanglement
3. 9020 warframe
4. 6924 ASGARRD
5. 5691 Armada Latina
6. 5534 sGs
7. 5336 HYDRAE
8. 4880 SaintsWarriors
9. 4644 Host of Orion
10. 4511 The Gauntlet
Mountain Clan
Rank Points Clan Name
1. 37906 Eingreiftrupp
2. 15845 French Corporation
3. 13352 Legion Orokin
4. 10781 FLOW
5. 9955 Blackmist
6. 9318 TennoAlliance
7. 7491 Reapers of Doom,
8. 7206 The Resistance
9. 6983 Novastorm
10. 5982 The Celestial Shogunate
Moon Clan
Rank Points Clan Name
1. 33113 Space Shark Incorporated
2. 21534 Crescent Moon
3. 18576 Cutie Mark Crusaders
4. 18209 Under The Lotus
5. 17805 Lone Rangers
6. 16693 Soy Sauce Union
7. 16126 Uniframe
8. 14809 X Spectres
9. 14227 WiK
10. 13668 Dark Vector
1001+ Clan
Rank Points Members Normalized Value Clan Name
1. 64033 1006 63.65109343936382 Warbros
2. 33660 1125 29.92 Test Clan Please Ignore
3. 29148 1930 15.10259067357513 Gryphus Tech Corporation Warframe
4. 57126 3807 15.005516154452325 Asuro
5. 36556 2704 13.51923076923077 TW
6. 81190 6166 13.167369445345443 BROFRAME
7. 37133 3190 11.640438871473354 Warframe Japan