One-handed action refer to actions that can be performed on the move while reloading, charging or firing weapons simultaneously; allowing the Tenno to perform a wide flexibility of actions without being constrained with animation locks. For example, A Nova can sprint and cast Antimatter Drop while reloading a weapon at the same time, while a Vauban can deploy Bastille while charging a bow simultaneously.

Two-handed action refer to actions which locks the Tenno in an animation lock disabling mobility and other one-handed actions. This means that a Mag cannot Pull while rolling, and an Oberon cannot cast Smite while performing melee combos.

List of one-handed actions

List of two-handed actions

  • Interacting with objects; such as: picking a datamass, opening a cabinet, activating life support.
  • Using two-handed abilities.
  • Performing Melee attacks.
  • Reviving other Tenno.
  • Rolling.
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