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Octavia turns bass, beat, and melody into a symphony of devastation. The music of her Mandachord gives her high survivability and supports allies. Her composition means the enemy's destruction.

This is Octavia, the melodic, the maestro.

If music be the food of death... play on, Tenno.

Release Date: March 24th, 2017

Rhythmic and imaginative, Octavia conducts her myriad siren songs and ambient anthems through the mystical Mandachord. Entice enemies with musical instruments that inflict melodic maladies, as the Tenno chorus synchronize their rhythm to sound the drums of war. Octavia was composed in Update 20.0 (2017-03-24).


Octavia's main blueprint and the Mandachord are acquired from the Octavia's Anthem quest. The Chassis blueprint is rewarded from the Music Puzzle on Lua. The Neuroptics blueprint is rewarded from Rotation C of Terrorem (Survival), Deimos. The Systems blueprint can be found in the A Rotation Cache of Plato (Crossfire Exterminate), Lua. Additional Mandarchord and main blueprints can be bought from Cephalon Simaris for ReputationLarge 25,000 and ReputationLarge 50,000 respectively.
Item Source Chance Expected Nearly Guaranteed
Chassis Chassis Blueprint Orokin Storage Container (4) 100% ~ 1 Opens 0 ± 0 Opens
Systems Systems Blueprint Lua Exterminate Resource Caches / A 22.56% ~ 4 A Caches 27 ± 9 A Caches
Helmet Neuroptics Blueprint Orokin Derelict Survival / C 22.56% ~ 4 C Rotations 27 ± 9 C Rotations

All drop rates data is obtained from DE's official drop tables. See Mission Rewards#Standard Missions for definitions on reward table rotations.
For more detailed definitions and information, visit here.

Alternatively, upon completion of The Duviri Paradox, Octavia's main and component blueprints can be earned from The Circuit. By selecting her on the rotating week she is available, players can earn her blueprints after reaching Tier 2 (Neuroptics), 5 (Chassis), 8 (Systems), and 10 (Main) rewards.


Manufacturing Requirements
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Mandachord Mandachord
Time: 3 Day(s)
Rush: PlatinumLarge 50
MarketIcon Market Price: PlatinumLarge 225 Blueprint2 Blueprints Price: N/A
Octavia Neuroptics Blueprint
Oxium Oxium
PolymerBundle Polymer Bundle
Plastids Plastids
NeuralSensors Neural Sensors
Time: 12 Hour(s)
Rush: PlatinumLarge 25
Octavia Chassis Blueprint
PolymerBundle Polymer Bundle
Salvage Salvage
Plastids Plastids
Neurodes Neurodes
Time: 12 Hour(s)
Rush: PlatinumLarge 25
Octavia Systems Blueprint
Kuva Kuva
Circuits Circuits
Morphics Morphics
OrokinCell Orokin Cell
Time: 12 Hour(s)
Rush: PlatinumLarge 25


Main article: Mandachord

The Mandachord is OctaviaIcon272 Octavia and OctaviaPrimeIcon64 Octavia Prime's signature instrument that allows her to interact with her abilities. To use it, click the Mandachord  tab when Octavia is equipped.



  • [DE]Danielle performed motion capture work for Octavia's animation set as seen during Devstream 86.
  • The Lester B. Pearson School for the Arts provided the sound effects for Octavia's abilities.[1]
  • Octavia's name was announced during PAX East 2017.
  • Octavia's name comes from the word octave, the word for a span of eight diatonic tonal notes that repeat over higher and lower frequency ranges, usually containing the basis for most musical scales. Her name may also have some origin from the Latin name "Octavia", meaning "eighth born".
  • Octavia's Mandachord plays notes in the D Minor Pentatonic scale. "Pent" meaning five, corresponding to the five available notes for the Melody and Bass instruments to select from when composing a song.
  • Lotus' quote, is a reference to the opening scene of Shakespeare's "Twelfth Night".
  • The names of Octavia's Corpus-themed instruments all have Greek origins.
  • Octavia is partly unique because two of her component blueprints can only be acquired from side objectives in missions (e.g. Crossfire caches and the Lua music puzzle).

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  1. (2017, March 3). PlayWarframe Tweet. Accessed 2022-04-09. Archived from the original on 2019-10-28.

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AladVPortrait d
“Market forces dictate that you need to evolve or die.”
Octavia Prime is Vaulted.
The Void Relics for this item have been removed from the drop tables and do not drop during missions at this time. Check the current Prime Resurgence rotation to see if Varzia offers relics for this item. Vaulted Void Relics already contained in player inventories are not affected and can still be either opened or traded between players.
Strike up a symphony of destruction with the mistress of music, Octavia, in her grandest and most spectacular form. Featuring altered mod polarities for greater customization.

When ape pounded flint on flint, some watched the sparks. Others merely danced. Our haunted creations will need drumbeats to drown out the throb of Helminth blood.

Songs to harmonize the long scream. Anthems to elevate their butchery.

But they are owed their struggle, as we are owed entertainment.

Our grand finale. Octavia.

Release Date: February 23rd, 2021

Octavia Prime is the Primed variant of OctaviaIcon272 Octavia, possessing higher Shields and Energy, and an additional Vazarin Pol polarity. Octavia Prime was released alongside TenoraPrime Tenora Prime and PanderoPrime Pandero Prime.


Lith, Meso, Neo, and Axi refer to Void Relics  |  (V) Denotes Vaulted Void Relics  |  (B) Denotes Baro Ki'Teer Exclusive Void Relic
Octavia Prime's Relic Drops
Chassis Blueprint OctaviaPrimeIcon64 Blueprint Systems Blueprint Neuroptics Blueprint
AxiRelicIntact Axi K8 Uncommon (V)
AxiRelicIntact Axi S11 Uncommon (V)
LithRelicIntact Lith K7 Uncommon (V)
MesoRelicIntact Meso N15 Uncommon (V)
MesoRelicIntact Meso S11 Uncommon (V)
NeoRelicIntact Neo A5 Uncommon (V)
NeoRelicIntact Neo Z7 Uncommon (V)
AxiRelicIntact Axi O5 Rare (V)
LithRelicIntact Lith O3 Rare (V)
MesoRelicIntact Meso O5 Rare (V)
AxiRelicIntact Axi N7 Common (V)
LithRelicIntact Lith C9 Common (V)
LithRelicIntact Lith N7 Common (V)
LithRelicIntact Lith R2 Common (V)
MesoRelicIntact Meso D6 Common (V)
MesoRelicIntact Meso G4 Common (V)
MesoRelicIntact Meso H3 Common (V)
NeoRelicIntact Neo T8 Common (V)
AxiRelicIntact Axi K6 Common (V)
AxiRelicIntact Axi P5 Common (V)
LithRelicIntact Lith G3 Common (V)
LithRelicIntact Lith G4 Common (V)
LithRelicIntact Lith G5 Common (V)
MesoRelicIntact Meso B6 Common (V)
NeoRelicIntact Neo S15 Common (V)



Manufacturing Requirements
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OrokinCell Orokin Cell
Time: 3 Day(s)
Rush: PlatinumLarge 50
MarketIcon Market Price: PlatinumLarge N/A Blueprint2 Blueprints Price: N/A
Octavia Prime Neuroptics Blueprint
NeuralSensors Neural Sensors
ControlModule Control Module
Oxium Oxium
Salvage Salvage
Time: 12 Hour(s)
Rush: PlatinumLarge 25
Octavia Prime Chassis Blueprint
ArgonCrystal Argon Crystal
Morphics Morphics
Rubedo Rubedo
Ferrite Ferrite
Time: 12 Hour(s)
Rush: PlatinumLarge 25
Octavia Prime Systems Blueprint
NitainExtract Nitain Extract
Cryotic Cryotic
Circuits Circuits
NanoSpores Nano Spores
Time: 12 Hour(s)
Rush: PlatinumLarge 25


  • Octavia Prime, compared to OctaviaIcon272 Octavia:
    • Higher Shields (270/370 vs. 180/280)
    • Higher Energy (215/265 vs. 175/225)
    • Additional Vazarin Pol Polarity (Vazarin PolNaramon PolNaramon Pol vs. Naramon PolNaramon Pol).
  • If Octavia Prime wields her Signature Weapons:
    • Tenora Tenora/TenoraPrime Tenora Prime: Headshot kills with Alternate Fire have a 20% chance to instantly refill the magazine.
    • Pandero Pandero/PanderoPrime Pandero Prime: Headshot kills with Alternate Fire increase reload speed by 20%.
      • No weak spots other than actual heads will trigger these effects.
        • Headshots on invulnerable enemies will still grant these effects, but not with invulnerable bosses.
  • As with any other Prime Warframe, moving close to the location of an Orokin Void Death Orb will restore a pulse of 250 Energy to nearby allies, even if that Death Orb is inactive, destroyed, or non-present. This effect can only occur once per orb.
  • Upon acquiring Octavia Prime, the player will receive Bombast Instruments for her Mandachord.
  • Octavia Prime's Resonator130xWhite Resonator takes the form of a hi-tech bass drum that rolls along like a car tire, rather than a standard Roller.


  • Octavia Prime is the third Primed Warframe to have Signature Weapons, after Atlas PrimeIcon272 Atlas Prime and Banshee PrimeIcon272 Banshee Prime.
  • Octavia Prime is the seventh Primed Warframe whose non-primed variant was unlockable through a quest (Octavia's Anthem), after InarosIcon272 Inaros, TitaniaIcon272 Titania, AtlasIcon272 Atlas, MirageIcon272 Mirage, LimboIcon272 Limbo and ChromaIcon272 Chroma.
  • Octavia Prime's Mandachords on both arms are elongated, unlike those of her non-Primed counterpart, which are perfect semicircles. This does not affect the Mandachord screen in the Arsenal.
  • Octavia Prime has Prime Details, which are jiggling pieces of cloth on her rear. However, they cannot be toggled off when changing her Skin to the Octavia skin.
  • In the Prime trailer, Octavia Prime's helmet & Mandachord Energy flashes in sync with her Resonator. This seems to be for a cinematic purpose only as it is not the case in the game.


  • The Helminth cyst is not visible on Octavia Prime, regardless of how big or how small it is.


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OctaviaIcon272 Octavia creates musical masterpieces from the Mandachord affixed to her arms that empowers her abilities. She possesses various passive mechanics highlighted in the tabs below:

For an in-depth guide to the Mandachord by the developers, please visit Update 20.0 (2017-03-24) patch notes and scroll to the Mandachord section.

The Mandachord is a step sequencer that allows the player to compose unique songs and conduct them in full symphony through Octavia's abilities.

  • To access the Mandachord menu, open the Arsenal in your ship, equip Octavia, click on the Warframe's Appearance tab, and select Mandachord at the bottom-right of the screen.
  • Once inside the Mandachord menu, the player's view will switch to first-person and look downward at the expanded Mandachord on Octavia's left arm.
  • The Mandachord menu comprises of all customization options related to Octavia's abilities.
    • Each ability is affected by a section of the Mandachord: Percussion (Mallet130xWhite Mallet), Bass (Resonator130xWhite Resonator), and Melody (MetronomeIcon Metronome).
    • Instruments enable selection of different soundpacks for each section (see Octavia's media for available purchases). The Adau soundpack is available by default, sporting drums for Percussion, violin for Bass, and choir voices for Melody.
    • Volume Mixer allows volume adjustments for each section. Volume settings will apply during Mandachord customization and to the appropriate abilities during gameplay.
    • Track Isolation enables toggling on or off each section for better audio clarity while composing a song.
    • Loop allows selection of bars 1 through 4 to continuously loop for note changes comparison while composing a song. Additionally, a bar's notes can be copied to another bar, or completely cleared from the selected bar.
    • Composition enables saving new songs, reloading the current song, and loading custom and instrument songs from your playlist.
    • The Mandachord may be paused at any time by clicking the Pause button at the bottom-right corner. Click again to resume.

When casting an ability, Octavia grants herself and allies within 15 meters the Inspiration buff, generating 1 energy per second for 30 seconds.

  • Octavia recasting any ability will also refresh the active Inspiration buff's duration.
  • Inspiration buff icon is displayed with a duration timer next to the shield and health indicator at the top-right of the HUD.


View Maximization
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MalletModx256 Mallet130xWhite

Rhythmically beats damage into nearby enemies and draws their fire. Damage inflicted on the Mallet increases its lethality.

Introduced in Update 20.0 (2017-03-24)

AbilityStrengthBuff Strength:1x / 1.5x / 2x / 2.5x (damage multiplier)
AbilityDurationBuff Duration:8 / 12 / 16 / 20 s
AbilityRangeBuff Range:5 / 6 / 8 / 10 m

Misc: 1 (limit of mallets)

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ResonatorModx256 Resonator130xWhite

Launches a rollerball that charms foes to follow it. Combines with the Mallet to create a roving ball of sonic destruction.

Introduced in Update 20.0 (2017-03-24)

AbilityStrengthBuff Strength:25 / 50 / 75 / 125 (DmgBlastSmall64 Blast damage per beat)
AbilityDurationBuff Duration:8 / 12 / 16 / 20 s
AbilityRangeBuff Range:3 / 4 / 5 / 6 m (min charm radius)
8 / 10 / 12 / 15 m (max charm radius)

Misc: 1 (limit of Resonators)
100 % (stagger on expiry)

Subsumable to Helminth
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MetronomeModx256 MetronomeIcon

Grants buffs to those who consistently perform actions in time to Octavia’s music. Timed jumps offer the Vivace speed buff. Crouching on the beat grants cloaking with the Nocturne buff. Firing rhythmically bestows Opera multishot buff. Timed melee swings give the Forte damage buff.

Introduced in Update 20.0 (2017-03-24)

AbilityStrengthBuff Strength:10 / 15 / 20 / 35 % (armor bonus)

10 / 15 / 20 / 30 % (speed bonus)
12 / 20 / 25 / 30 % (multishot bonus)
20 / 25 / 25 / 30 % (melee damage bonus)

AbilityDurationBuff Duration:8 / 12 / 16 / 20 s (ability duration)

5 / 8 / 12 / 15 s (buff duration)

AbilityRangeBuff Range:6 / 8 / 10 / 12 m
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AmpModx256 AmpIcon

Draws power from the decibel level of sound in the area and uses it to amplify a damage buff for Octavia and her allies. It also doubles the damage and range of nearby Mallets.

Introduced in Update 20.0 (2017-03-24)

AbilityStrengthBuff Strength:10% / 15% / 20% / 25% (min damage buff)

125% / 150% / 175% / 200% (max damage buff)

AbilityDurationBuff Duration:30 s
AbilityRangeBuff Range:8 / 10 / 12 / 14 m

Misc: 200% (Mallet damage and range bonus)
1 (limit of Amp fields)


Strength Mods


Duration Mods


Range Mods


ResonatorIcon ResonatorIcon ResonatorIcon
AmpIcon AmpIcon AmpIcon
MalletIcon MalletIcon MalletIcon
MetronomeIcon MetronomeIcon MetronomeIcon

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Patch History

Update 36.0 (2024-06-18)

  • Fixed offset issue with the Cyst on Octavia Prime.

Update 35.5 (2024-03-27)

Customization For Warframes With Invisibility Abilities

Warframes now have Invisibility customization - no longer will you have to be strictly transparent!

Warframes with Invisibility abilities (Octavia) will now find customization options in the Arsenal under Appearance > Attachments > Auxiliary Attachments.

Instead of Invisibility being completely see-through, players can customize it from being more translucent/semi-transparent to non-transparency with an Energy glow gleaming from your character.

Semi-Cloak Option:


Glow-Cloak Optionl:


An alternate, opaque glow, for when the Warframe is cloaked. Does not alter enemy perception.

Invisibility colorization is affected by the primary Energy color of your Warframe.

  • Fixed shading issues on the Octavia Iridos Skin.

Update 34.0 (2023-10-18)

Base vs Final Stats in Modding - Health / Energy / Shield / Armor Stat Overhaul

If you’ve spent any time invested in the deeper nuances of Modding, you may be familiar with “Warframe Math” - math that upon first glance doesn’t really make sense, but once you learn the inner workings of the game, it all comes together. While we can appreciate the value that complex systems offer to a certain subsect of players, there are other aspects of the game that should have clear and understandable outcomes. Namely: Shield, Health, Energy, and Armor Modding.

Pop quiz: what is 300 + 440%? If you answered 740, you may just be an Excalibur player.

Vitality (+440% Heath), Redirection (+440% Shields), Flow (+150% Energy), and Steel Fiber (+110% Armor) come with large modifier values that don’t seem to match their outcome in-game. This is because these Mods apply their multiplier to the base stats of the Warframe - i.e., the stats you have at Rank 0. In the Excalibur example, a Rank 30 Excalibur’s Health stat of 300 earns an additional 440 Health from max rank Vitality (+440% Heath) since it applies to his base rank Health stat of 100, resulting in 740 total health.

In this update, we have removed this obfuscation by having Health, Shield, Energy, and Armor Mods apply to the stats of Warframes at their current rank. Continuing our Excalibur example, instead of Vitality always applying to Excalibur’s base rank 100 Health, it would apply to his Health stat based on his rank - namely, the stat you can actually see in your Arsenal. If your Excalibur were Rank 30, his Health stat would be 300, which means Vitality’s multiplier would be calculated off of 300.

With previous Health and Mod values, additional adjustments are needed to make this revision work while maintaining game balance. By only changing where the multiplier applies, a Rank 30 Excalibur would receive an extra 1,320 Health from max rank Vitality, resulting in a total health stat of 1,600. This outcome is a significant buff, which is not the intention of this system change.

To remedy this, we approached this problem in two ways:

1 - We reduced the overall multiplier for Health, Shield, Energy, and Armor Mods.
Since these now affect Max Rank Warframe stats, these Mods need to scale differently to maintain the status quo. Additionally, we wanted these new values to be as clear and understandable to all players as possible! Here are a few examples of these value changes:

  • Vitality: Reduced from +440% to +100% Health
  • Redirection: Reduced from +440% to +100% Shield Capacity
  • Steel Fiber: Reduced from +110% to +100% Armor
  • Flow: Reduced from +150% to +100% Energy Max

Note: These are not all of the Mods affected by this change. We share the comprehensive list further down in this section of the update notes.

Doing some quick math, this means that a Rank 30 Excalibur (300 Health) with a reworked Vitality Mod (+100% Health, applied to the final Health stat) would receive 300 extra Health, for a total of 600. That, in contrast, is a nerf, which we also don’t want to do.

So, our next step:

2 - We adjusted Warframe Health, Shield, Energy, and Armor values to keep the end result of the revised Mods as close to the original values as possible.

With this change, Excalibur’s Rank 30 Health stat is 370. With +100% Health from a max Vitality Mod, his resulting Health stat would be 740, which matches what it was originally.

While this path to the same result may seem a little complicated, the outcome matches our intention: we want players to be able to look at their Health, Shield, and Armor Mods, and be able to understand how they affect the stats they see in their Arsenal.

In addition to everything above, we also increased the base stat values for Warframes so that these revised Mods offer similar value for lower-ranked Frames. To do so, we reduced the amount of Health/Shield/Energy that Warframes earn per rank in half, and transferred the sum of that value to their base stats.

For Armor, this is the one stat that does not increase with your Warframe’s level (with some exceptions). Armor values across the board have been slightly increased to compensate for the Mod changes.

Not to beat a dead Kaithe, but Mods will now be applying to the Max Rank stat instead of the Base Rank. You may look at these numbers and think “nerf” or “buff” depending, but the outcome is that total Modded values are the same, if not a little higher in some cases.

Warframe Stat Changes:

Health: Base Rank - 270 (from 100) / Max Rank - 370 (from 300)
Shields: Base Rank - 180 (from 75) / Max Rank - 280 (from 225)
Armor: Base Rank - 160 (from 150)
Energy: Base Rank - 175 (from 150) / Max Rank - 225 (from 225)

OCTAVIA PRIME Health: Base Rank - 270 (from 100) / Max Rank - 370 (from 300) Shields: Base Rank - 270 (from 100) / Max Rank - 370 (from 300) Armor: Base Rank - 160 (from 150) Energy: Base Rank - 215 (from 175) / Max Rank - 265 (from 263)

While there may be significant changes to Warframe Stats and Mod values as a part of this overhaul, the end result is that your Builds should mostly stay the same. The key difference is the added clarity of what your Health / Shield / Energy / Armor Mods do in your Upgrade screens!

Hotfix 32.3.6 (2023-03-15)

  • Fixed a crash with Octavia’s Resonator.

Update 32.0 (2022-09-07)


Octavia’s Partitioned Mallet

  • Was: Allows for two simultaneous Mallets, each with 50% reduced range.
  • Now: Core Augment function unchanged. The Range for the simultaneous Mallets is increased to 80%.

Hotfix 31.7.2 (2022-08-17)

  • Fixed a crash that could occur when Octavia’s Passive triggers.
  • Fixed Octavia’s Resonator spawning behind locked areas in the Orphix tileset.

Update 30.9 (2021-11-11)

  • Fixed Octavia’s Mallet marker being visible to everyone (should only be visible to the Octavia that casted it).

Update 30.7 (2021-09-08)

  • Octavia’s Mandachord option has been moved into the top Arsenal menu, under the Parazon option.
    • The Mandachord is a very important piece of equipment for Octavia’s abilities - having it buried and not as readily accessible was not ideal considering that it is key to her performance. It is now much easier to find it and create a tune of destruction!

Update 29.9 (2021-02-23)

  • Introduced Octavia Prime.

Update 29.5 (2020-11-19)

  • Fixed Octavia's Resonator not going to pick up her Mallet if it was cast just off a navigation path (i.e. on top of an obstruction).

Hotfix 29.2.3 (2020-10-08)

  • Fixed the Telos Syandana being misaligned on Octavia.

Hotfix 29.0.7 (2020-09-03)

  • Fixed losing weapon functionality if Octavia had Shooting Gallery (Mesa Subsume) active and casted one of her other abilities.

Update 28.3 (2020-08-12)

  • Warframe Blueprint and Component costs from Simaris have been reduced by 50%!

Update 28.1 (2020-07-08)

  • Fixed Octavia’s Resonator spamming 0 Damage numbers in between doing charm Damage.

Hotfix 28.0.6 (2020-06-24)

  • Fixed Octavia's Mallet ability causing many audio issues for Clients.

Update 27.4 (2020-05-01)

  • You can now sell your duplicate Octavia Blueprints for 2500 Credits from your Inventory.

Hotfix 27.3.11 (2020-04-09)

  • Fixed issues when combining Octavia’s Resonator and Mallet causing Mallet to not absorb damage anymore.

Update 27.3 (2020-03-24)

  • Fixed Transference triggering Octavia’s Inspiration Passive.
    • It’s intended to only be Octavia’s abilities that triggers the buff.

Update 27.2 (2020-03-05)

  • Armor Change:
    • Octavia: 125 to 150
    • Why: The conversation surrounding Arcane Guardian led to a significant review of Armor stats on Warfarmes. The Majority of Warframes received an increase in the Armor stat to increase survivability. Compounded with Shield Gating and the numerous other changes covered, we expect a much more fair feeling playing field for all Warframes.

Update 25.7 (2019-08-29)

  • Fixed Octavia’s Mallet causing Resonator to stop moving.

Hotfix 25.6.3 (2019-08-14)

  • Fixed being affected by two or more Octavia Metronomes and leaving the radius of one of them causing Vivace and Forte buffs to become impossible to obtain until you become affected by a new Metronome cast.

Hotfix 25.0.4 (2019-05-28)

  • Added Mandachord to Simaris' Lost & Found for 25k Standing. You can now re-craft Octavia with this final piece.

Update 25.0 (2019-05-22)

  • Cephalon Simaris now sells Blueprints given during quests in his Offerings! This allows you to purchase these items in the event that you’ve accidentally sold them.

Update 24.6 (2019-04-04)

  • Having a ‘signature’ weapon now actually benefits you!
    • Tenora: Headshot kills with alt fire have a 20% chance to instantly refill magazine when wielded by Octavia.
    • Pandero: Headshot kills with alt fire increase reload speed by 20% when wielded by Octavia.

Hotfix 23.0.6 (2018-06-27)

Hotfix 22.16.2 (2018-03-16)

  • Fixed Mandachord song previews and soundpacks being muted.

Update 22.15 (2018-03-07)

  • Fixed the Mandachord FX overpowering Octavia’s arm FX.

Update 22.12 (2018-02-09)

  • Fixed Arsenal Mandachord being unusable after first switching from a different Warframe to Octavia.

Hotfix 22.11.1 (2018-02-06)

  • Fixed enemies not shooting Octavia’s Mallet+Resonator combo if they were following the ball first before starting aggro from Mallet.

Update 22.10 (2018-01-25)

  • Fixed attempting to change your Mandachord song as an Operator in the Simulacrum, breaking Octavia and getting a script error.

Hotfix (2017-12-21)

  • Fixed an issue with Octavia customizations being overridden.

Update 22.7 (2017-12-12)

  • Fixed enemies never really ever attacking Octavia’s Mallet while following it.
  • Fixed Clients not getting the combo bonus damage boost from Octavia’s Mallet when combined with Resonator.

Update 22.4 (2017-11-23)

  • Made some very simple tweaks to Octavia’s Metronome (basically cut the pixels being rendered for it in half) to improve the performance of the FX, while at the same time reducing a bit of the visual clutter from full rings being around you.

Hotfix 22.2.5 (2017-11-11)

  • Fixed a crash that could occur if Octavia's Mallet was the target of a switch teleport.

Hotfix 22.0.3 (2017-10-16)

  • Fixed Octavia’s Mandachord Instrument Packs being sold for Credits in the Market.

Hotfix 21.2.1 (2017-08-01)

Update 21.2 (2017-07-26)

  • Fixed Defense objective terminals dancing to Octavia’s Resonator

Hotfix 21.0.7 (2017-07-13)

  • Conclave
    • Fixed Octavia’s Amp ability applying buffs to players on the opposite team in Conclave.

Update 21.0 (2017-06-29)

Hotfix 20.3.1 (2017-04-27)

  • Fixing Octavia's Mallet looking solid in Dx9.

Hotfix 20.2.4 (2017-04-20)

  • Fixed Octavia’s Resonator sitting still and not interacting with Mallet if cast in an unreachable location.

Update 20.2 (2017-04-12)

  • Fixed Octavia’s ability FX and music continuing indefinitely if cast before a Host migration.
  • Fixed Clients hearing the Octavia Host bass and drum track from their Mandachord song after a Host migration.
  • Fixed Octavia’s Amp causing a script error.

Hotfix 20.1.1 (2017-04-07)

  • Fixed pausing and unpausing the game causing Octavia music to not start back at the paused position.

Update 20.1 (2017-04-05)

  • Octavia now has a volume slider so you can turn off other Octavias in Options->Audio.
  • Fixed Cysts not appearing properly on Octavia.
  • Fixed Octavia’s Mallet staying behind in the Simulacrum if you cast it and then use the Arsenal.

Hotfix 20.0.9 (2017-04-03)

  • Fixed performance issues when Octavia's Resonator has a Mallet attached to it and teleports to get closer to her.
  • Fixed Nezha’s Warding Halo Augment applying to Octavia’s Mallet and Resonator.
  • Fixed the Hulta Leg Guards clipping through Octavia’s legs.

Hotfix 20.0.8 (2017-03-30)

  • Fixed Octavia’s Mallet sometimes not clearing its ability timer for Clients.
  • Fixed Octavia’s Amp not removing the Melee damage bonus.
  • Conclave
    • The range of Octavia’s Mallet is now visible to others in Conclave.
    • Reduced the size of the Bullet Attractor attached to Octavia's Mallet in Conclave.

Hotfix 20.0.7 (2017-03-30)

  • Improved the performance of Octavia’s Metronome ability.

Hotfix 20.0.6 (2017-03-29)

  • Made improvements to Octavia’s Idle animation that had some bad blending.
  • Increased the timing accuracy of Octavia's Mandachord notes.
  • Fixed Octavia’s ability music not being synchronized between Client/Host.
  • Fixed not being able to use the Mandachord when near placeable decorations in the Landing Craft.
  • Fixed Octavia’s Resonator rollerball getting stuck on environment objects.
  • Fixed Octavia’s emote music at times suddenly changing volume in the Relay and Maroo’s Bazaar.

Hotfix 20.0.5 (2017-03-28)

  • Improved the FX of Octavia’s Metronome ability when running around.

Hotfix 20.0.4 (2017-03-27)

  • Fixed Octavia’s Amp ability not buffing Melee damage.
  • Fixed Octavia pieces missing from Mobile App.
  • Fixed a crash when Octavia's Resonator ability is active.
  • Fixed Octavia’s ability song tracks skipping when using Adau Percussion as per: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/777184-octavia-song-loops-at-wrong-point/
  • Fixed Octavia not playing her music when dancing in Maroo's Bazaar.
  • Fixed issues with Octavia's Mandachord hitching in certain scenarios.
  • Conclave
    • Fixed a Dedicated Server crash when casting Octavia’s Metronome.

Hotfix 20.0.2 (2017-03-24)

  • Reduced the ambient audio level when using Octavia’s abilities.
  • Conclave
    • Fixed Octavia’s Mallet not appearing for Clients in Conclave.

Hotfix 20.0.1 (2017-03-24)

  • Reduced the ambient audio level when using Octavia’s abilities.

Update 20.0 (2017-03-24)