Honored Tenno, I am the Lotus. We are here today to honor a most sacred bond; Nuptia. Nuptia, as a tradition of union, has survived times of strife and war. Nuptia is the union of two and each Nuptia is unique.

Nuptia, also referred to as a wedding, is a ceremony celebrating the committed union of two Tenno for life.

During Nuptia, the two Tenno will walk onto a stage where they will conduct the ritual. After bowing to their gathered friends, and to each other, the ritual conductor will give an opening speech acknowledging the union. Afterward, the first Tenno will recite their vows, and they both walk together around their stage. When the first Tenno has finished their vows, the second Tenno responds with vows of their own, and again they walk together around the stage. When both vows have been recited, the two Tenno say in unison, "Before all gathered here, this I vow". They bow to each other and their audience again, before thanking them for coming, which completes the ceremony.

It is also customary after the ritual that the Tenno in company celebrate, usually by bowing, jumping, running in circles, and an afterparty.


  • Nuptia (Nuptiae) is Latin for wedding or marriage.
  • The first ever recording of a Nuptia ceremony was conducted by the Lotus herself. This Nuptia was between Niti and Eli of the clan Midgard.
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