Radio ScannerEdit

  • "A voice in the night, a half-remembered dream, rising to the surface of your consciousness, from backbrain to forebrain, a sound to a vision, pullin' up and... knockity-knock. Hello, Dreamers. Let's get to know one another."
  • "To all of you driftin' out there in the black, mark the frequency. The time has come to act together. To open our eyes and gaze with utmost clarity past the present and into a future we create. Shoulder-to-shoulder. Mark the frequency."
  • "An echo. From long ago: 'For ten years I have been polishing this sword. Its frosty edge has never been put to the test. Now, I am holding it and showing it to you, sir: Is there anyone suffering from injustice?' Keep livin', Dreamers."
  • "Hey there, Dreamers. You hearin' me? I know you are. No need to say anythin'. A hand in yours, a voice for the speechless, a bedtime story for the sleepless. The name's Nora Night, and I got somethin' to say, sweet things. Nightwave is coming."
  • "It can be tough as a kid. All sorts of people have it over you. People will kill you inside, kill you and forget your name. You grow up. They grow old. You remember. They don't. They just keep doing what they've always done. Only to someone else. Then, one day, they call you friend. And you wait. And you wait. You wait 'til they can't trust you any more than they do. And then you ask them if they enjoyed their dinner. And, looking into their panicked eyes as they gasp their last, you tell them your name. And you nod. 'Yeah', your eyes say to theirs. 'That was me'. And then you leave. And the System is a better place. Be smart, Dreamers."
  • "In a world like this, it can be hard to have hope, when the man owns the system and the system serves to save the man, from us. But I'm here, Dreamers. To help you pierce that false fog. We'll chase it away with acts of beauty and - succeed or fail - face the foe, eyes open. As someone once said: If nothing saves us from death, may love at least save us from life."
  • "Hey there, Dreamers. The Devil is home and the shades are up. That's right... it's just you and me, passin' each other slow and with a nod sayin' all that needs sayin'. I'm Nora Night, sayin'... you live with wolves you better act like one."
  • "Acts of defiance, acts of generosity, acts of sacrifice... this is how we turn this system 'round. I'll take you there, Dreamers. I'll bring you back."
  • "Nora here. The Red King is at the dance. But listen... as you drift between the stars Nora wants you to know you ain't alone. Mm-mm. We're all of us a kinda family out here, ain't we? All of us. The multitudes. Driftin' and listenin'. But you need to remember: It never troubles the wolf how many the sheep may be. It never. Troubles. The Wolf."
  • "Well, bad news foodies: the Corpus are scrapping plans to bioengineer food from hazardous waste. Diners reported everything tasted like virmink... then exploded. Back to the lab, you crazy kids."
  • "Do you feel the next world press close, on these late nights, Dreamers? Nora does. She feels the presence of those she lost, the great and the good. Gods and ghosts. We are watched - bet on it - by those who dwell in the direction we cannot point to."
  • "Now, I hear remarked that Nef's obelisk is lit up for another of the big man's showcases, parties, soirees, whatever. On the invite list is anybody who is anybody, and nobody who is nobody. Even Nora Night didn't get an invite. Shame on you, Nef Anyo, for I am delightful."
  • "Nora has it on good authority that rail pirates are hungry after a cold weekend, sweet thing. Check your mags and keep the gas tanks full."
  • "Somethin's out there, Dreamers. Nora can feel it. Pullin' at her waters like the moon pulls the tides. Somethin' big, an' somethin' old. It knows us. What will it say, I wonder, the day it steps up to our door and knocks?"
  • "Grineer galleons kickin' up dust all the way from Venus to Pluto. Watch your backs, people."
  • "Dreamers, it's on these long and quiet nights I ask myself: How could I do more and do it better? And then something I read a long time ago whispers in my ear: 'All human activities are equivalent and all are on principle doomed to failure. Thus it amounts to the same thing whether one gets drunk alone or is a leader of nations.' And, Dreamers, I pour myself a drink."
  • "Well, it's a lazy night between the stars for you and me, while out there the System is still on fire. Grineer on Corpus, Corpus on Infested - and in between the little people like you and me, well, we're just tryin' not to get stepped on. Here's to us, Dreamers."
  • "Nora has it on good authority that the enterprising Corpus are clearing ice out of newly-discovered tunnels. For what purpose she wonders?"
  • "Well, it's early where Nora is, and, as she wipes the sleep from her eyes, she wonders... does Unum ever leave that Tower? Can she leave that Tower? Who is she? What is she? Someone in Cetus must have answers. Come on, sweet things. Give it up."
  • "Flattery flattery charges my battery. Some people ask where they can send me gifts. Some want to take me out to dinner. One lonesome ol' rail agent even asked Nora to marry him. Nora ain't the marryin' kind, but thank you. Was in love once. With a man. Face of an angel, morals of a chainsaw. We all have a type, don't we? Against which we must be forever on guard. But damn he looked good in a suit."

Series Edit

Nightwave: Series 1 Trailer
  • "Hey there, Dreamers. You hearing me? Looks like things are kicking off. Mark the frequency. The time has come to act together. Acts of defiance. Acts of generosity. Acts of sacrifice. This is how we turn the system round. Nora sleeps better knowing her dreamers are out there, workin' to lift us up."
Nightwave: Series 1 Episode 2 Teaser
  • "You still with me, Dreamers? What's keeping you up? For me, it's the gap-waves. Let's check what's next."
Nightwave: Series 1 Episode 3 Teaser
  • "Hey there, Dreamers. I'm Nora Night, saying... you live with wolves you better act like one."
Nightwave: Series 1 Episode 4 Teaser
  • "It's a bad moon, Dreamers. Can you feel it? We both know what happens next... when a Wolf finds its pack... they hunt."
Nightwave: Series 1 Episode 5 Teaser
  • "Is this the end? I hope so... but if I were you, I'd keep a ear out. Stay deadly, Dreamers."
Introduction to The Wolf of Saturn Six
  • "It's a bad moon, Dreamers. Can you feel it? Hm. From my perch, at Nightwave, I listen at the windows of the wealthy and well-to-do. Ever heard of Saturn Six? News to me too. Turns out the Grineer have a Max-Pen floating some six leagues deep in the gas. No one knew about it... 'cause no one ever busted out. Until now, right? Some Grineer meathead they started calling 'The Wolf'. On account of him taking up howlin' at night. Decrypts say he was a model prisoner, doing the time. Fabbin' bombs with the rest of his con brothers. Apple of the Warden's eye even. But something cracked, and now he's out there on the loose... the so called Wolf of Saturn Six."
  • "Greed. Brutality. Opression. True stories, all, and the System is full of them. Dreamers? You listening? The System needs you performing your good deeds for the day. Nora needs it. Needs you to act. To change things. Hear the news, Dreamers. Hear it, or be it. Your call. Because in Nora's System, no good act goes unrewarded. This is Nora Night. You're listening to Nightwave."
Nightwave Second Diorama
  • "It's late. You still with me, Dreamers? Soon we'll see the sun curve over the Venusian sky. A hot blue taste. What's keeping you up? For me, it's the gap-waves, all abuzz with the doings of a certain big, bad, Wolf. Why didn't he run? Why didn't he hit that Solar Rail as far as it would take him? Instead, he's stalking those soul-bare, money-huggers 'round Jupiter. My birds are sayin' the Corpus net got flipped. A system-wide message from the Wolf. DELIVER GHARN. Where'd a meathead learn a trick like that? And who's Gharn? Baby, you can guess... he's the Warden of Saturn Six! A big man, too well dressed for his station, too well fed for his rank. And he's in the solar wind too... think he knows how the Wolf came to howlin'?"
Nightwave Third Diorama
  • "An ice-night in Neptune, Dreamers. Hmm. Hold yours close and true, and hey... if you're between stops... Nora knows that mood. But our Wolf... he's not alone tonight. Add this with me: the howler breaks out of Saturn Six. But get this... the howling doesn't stop... someone else takes to singing that cruel song. The Wolf knows why, and it called him back to the scene of the crime. Warden Gharn's little side business. Mmm. Sellin' Grineer lemons for a Corpus squeeze. So freedom's got no hold on the Wolf, does it? No. It's the sisters and brothers from the joint that matter to him.. The pack. We both know what happens next... when a Wolf finds its pack... they hunt. "
Nightwave Fourth Diorama
  • "The message read: GHARN IS YOURS. An anonymous gift. I know what this looks like. But the Wolf's too cold for revenge. The Grineer appoint Wardens for life. The Wolf had no choice but to shorten the term. Not payback, just 'never again'. But it was too easy. Days like these, an easy meal means you're taking someone's bait. Alad V's. The devil in a Corpus cloak. Got the Wolf in an all-new prison, baby. Only this one's not made of bars, it's made of chemicals... hmmm...guess we all know someone like that. The whole lot has been transformed into these 'Amalgam Dogs'... his words. Hybridized, juiced on some Sentient strain. No nice way to put it. I think the pack is coming after you, Dreamers."
Nightwave Fifth Diorama
  • "Passing by that Mercury Junction... shimmering hot, tonight. Word on the grid is the devil's got his due... hmm. Should have known. We saw the signs, didn't we? Sure. The Wolf got tough... tougher. But more than that, the Wolf got smart. Got a pack together. Worked the Corpus crypto. He's his own man now. Leavin' no more tracks. Is this the end? Dreamers, I hope so... but if I were you, I'd keep an ear out... 'cause one of these days you just might hear that howl come round your shoulder. This is Nora Night, signing off. Stay deadly, Dreamers."
Nightwave: Series 2 Trailer
  • "Dreamers, you know 'bout the Infestation, right? Spreads like a month-old salad with genocidal intent. But maybe there's something more to this 'Infestation', something we all missed."
Nightwave: Series 2 Episode 4 Teaser
  • "This Emissary's word is spreading fast. Some are going to extremes to prove their devotion. Arlo will break his silence."
Nightwave: Series 2 Episode 5 Teaser
  • "Arlo. His retribution was at hand, born of a virus spreading further and faster than spore and space ever could have. As he opened his mouth. Pointed. Black. A tongue... but not."
The Emissary Introduction
  • "Dreamers, you know 'bout the Infestation, right? Spreads like a month-old salad with genocidal intent. Swallows everything it touches... makin' monsters from meat, or metal, or both. Well, these days it's mostly contained. Spores as old as stone. Derelicts drifting in forgotten orbits. So it was with old Kenga. Somehow exposed and promptly cast out. Woke up on a blessed cage-drop down to Eris. But, should some sad soul catch the grey-vein, well... every culture has its plague dogma. But maybe there's something more to this 'Infestation', something we all missed. Turns out... Kenga didn't find Void in that hell-nest, no. He found a survivor! Little boy. Arlo. Died three years ago, yet there he was. Lost his voice but gained his life... and somehow... saved old Kenga with the slightest touch of his slender hand."
The Emissary Second Diorama
  • "My mother was a cynical woman. Smart as she was cruel. Nora, she said, no disease spreads faster or further than the ones in our head. She was talkin' about ideas. Mine was that old Kenga and his wonder boy would've been splayed out in some bio-trader's lab by now. Or blood-studies for the Grineer command. Dreamers, I was wrong. Kenga's grey-vein was just the beginning. White lung, parasitic liver, clone rot, even bone spurs. Turns out this kid, Arlo, is a healer. So many questions... an idea like that is like a flare dropped in vol-gas. Now the sick and curious are flocking the Rails to see this 'Emissary of Eris'. And who speaks for Arlo the mute? Why old Kenga, of course. No more the outcast, it is he who is spreading the word of Arlo's gift. Even you, Dreamers, may soon hear it."
The Emissary Third Diorama
  • "Whether you're 'bad news first', or 'bad news last', tonight I got you covered 'cuz bad news is all we got. This Emissary's word is spreading fast. A hot fever. Some are going to extremes to prove their devotion. Trying the spores for themselves. And they're finding it too. Some lunatic spikers jacked the Solar-Nav and flagged the Derelict zones for all to see. Old haulers and new hopefuls out there are proving just how smart most people aren't. Yet Kenga's ranks are growing. Arming themselves for the safety and security of our Emissary. Setting the stage for a great assembly to come. Buzz is... buzz is... Arlo will break his silence. 'Til then, Dreamers, check under the bed. A fresh brood is sprouting up along the Rails. And it seems they have the scent of those blessed by the Emissary's touch..."
The Emissary Fourth Diorama
  • "Y'all did see this coming, right, Dreamers? Surely did... but not like this. A grand gathering before the Emissary and his speaker. Standing room only. Bodies pressed to bodies, a great, overheated mass breathing as one. Waiting for their beloved healer-mute to speak. Kenga hushed the crowd. He shed his mask and... there he was. Laughing at them. Sick as the day he was banished. More. His retribution was at hand, born of a virus spreading further and faster than spore and space ever could have. Arlo. And in that stunned silence, Arlo himself made a sound! Not a word, but a stifled gag. A swollen choke, as he opened his mouth. And there it was. Pointed. Black. A tongue... but not. Snaking and bulging and splitting him apart. I looked away then. I had to. But that sound stays with me. Not the sound of human terror, bad as it was, but what came after. The grinding wet, the rattling flutter... the congregation converted in the truest sense. I... Dreamers, you all got your work cut out for you. Though this 'movement' has lost its head, the body still lingers."
The Emissary Fifth Diorama
  • "It's a bad cycle, Dreamers. Arlo's devoted had a party, and you're on cleanup detail. Derelicts are threatening every settlement from Mercury to Eris, and my sources say you're uniquely qualified to contain them. Meanwhile, I've been thinking. Not about Kenga, but about what he actually found down there. Arlo, whatever he was. Some kind of lure? An evolution to bait us in? Is there more to this Infestation than fangs and acid? I know what my mother would say. The people saw what they wanted, heard what they had hoped... and human nature did the rest. Still, I'm hearing rumors. The mass on Eris is in turmoil, and nobody, but nobody wants to check it out. It's seething. And if it's not thinking about this whole ordeal, baby, it's feeling it. This is Nora Night, saying for now... Dreamers... so long and hold on! And listen... Should you happen upon some vacant-eyed little kid someday... whatever you do, don't take 'em home."

Teaser trailer of the series.

Nightwave: Series 3 Teaser Trailer
  • "Dreamers, someone's got it puzzled out again. Waves are buzzin'. New Glass is showing up. Souls getting' snapped up and up and [distorted] trapped up. No sign of our killer and not a soul... to tell us where he..."
Glassmaker Introduction
  • "Heard of those cubes? You know - 'Cephalons' right? Probably got one a bit-cracked kissin' up to you all the time? See, in the old days, crime and punishment was all in the hands of those Orokin judges, the Seven. Mercy was a quick flash of the Jade light... But - if they wanted to make an example, they'd suck up your soul and make you a prisoner of the glass, forever. Seems like magic to us nowadays, but dreamers... someone's got it puzzled out again. Waves are buzzing, new glass is showing up. Souls getting snapped up and trapped up. All we've got to go on is this crime-simula I pulled from the weave. No sign of our killer and not a soul to tell us where they went..."
  • "Well, take a look around. See if you can suss out any clues about whoever this... 'Glassmaker' might be."
Inspecting Dead Ostron Man
  • "Used to be a middle-aged Ostron, but he's been... degraded. From the inside out. Glassed... but not all the way. You seeing that left hand? Burned. Weirdest of the weird? What's left of him is... resonating. Like... singing some weird-assed song. Not diggin' this. Not. At. All."
Inspecting Ayatan Eye
  • "Folklore has it these Ayatans used to hold memories. Nowadays, some Ostrons survive peddling Old War trinkets like this, harvested from the Tower."
Inspecting Ostron Weapon
  • "Not the tools of someone who works the Tower scaffolds. Was he expecting trouble?"
Inspecting 1st Corpus Data Log
  • "Community, sharing, it's ingrained in Ostron culture. Unusual that one would be looking to make a score of their own outside their commune markets."
After Finding All Five Objects
  • "That's it, I guess. Hmm. That energy resonance... You see it change? Looking for custom tech, but it sounds like our guy didn't have the means."

Accessing OfferingsEdit

  • "Who have we got on the line? Oh yeah, I don't have a line."
  • "It's that time again, Dreamers."
  • "Nora is all about incetivizin'."
  • "Now, just in case some of you ain't doin' all this outta the kindness of your hearts..."
  • "Nora's got the goods for one lucky Dreamer. Who's it gonna be?"
  • "Now, y'might be wonderin' if I'm holdin' back on y'all. Hmm, Dreamers..."

Leaving OfferingsEdit

  • "It's time for Nora to say good night."
  • "Ta ta, lovelies."
  • "'Til then."
  • "You know it."
  • "Let's check what's next."
  • "Let's get back to it."

Completing Nightwave ActsEdit

Daily ActsEdit

  • "From little things big things grow, Dreamers. I believe in you all."
  • "Hey Dreamers, we are up and ready to party."
  • "Well, well, well. Looks like some serious crud is going down out there. Here's to you, anonymous troublemaker."
  • "You're making waves, Dreamers. I can feel it."
  • "Any y'all see the feeds light up? It's goin' down, kids."
  • "Many things have been taken from us, it's true. But fortune favors the bold, and there ain't none so bold as people with nothin' to lose."

Weekly/Elite Weekly ActsEdit

  • "Dreamers, I have for you a tale of triumph over adversity. Of one person actin' true to their truest self."
  • "Get comfy, Dreamers. One of our own believes they are the equal of our foe and, baby, they are actin' like it."
  • "Word's comin' in of so many of you bein' your best selves. Nora is just beside herself with admiration."
  • "Dreamers, Dreamers, Dreamers! There just is no. holding. you. all. back!"
  • "Things seem tough, Nora knows, but believe: though it's going outta style there are people workin' to make this System a better place."
  • "Ladies. And. Gentlemen. Listeners of all ages. I present to you. Walking amongst us. The once. And future. Bad. Ass."
  • "To quote another: 'Virtue, integrity and courage are my priorities. I can be approached, but never pushed; befriended but never coerced; killed but never shamed.' Here's to you, Dreamers."

Capturing Series-Exclusive EnemiesEdit

  • "If there's one thing I've learned, Dreamers, it's this: Just when you think you've had it all, seen it all, done it all... there's always more."
  • "Life is a cornucopia, friends. A movable feast. An act of guts and trust. Take it when and where you find it."
  • "Does your backbrain feel that reptile tickle of a reward? Do you see that bobbing light ahead, floating through the marsh of what is to come, promising you more and more and more? Do follow, Dreamers, into that sweet black tomorrow?"

Tier AdvancementEdit


  • "Nora sleeps better knowing her Dreamers are out there, workin' to lift us up."
  • "Don't stop believin', Dreamers."
  • "You keep bein' you, Dreamers."
  • "Lay 'em low and burn their shadows."
  • "Flash and bite, the day is won not with a strike to the heart but a hundred cuts about it."
  • "With the impossible behind you, all that remains is what is necessary."

Beginning (Tier 1)Edit

  • "*sigh* Looks like things are kicking off."
  • "Nora wants to reach out to all of you and say: welcome to the family."
  • "And we are away."

Halfway Through (Tier 15)Edit

  • "Sometimes the end never seems further than when you're halfway there. But I'm here to tell you all that you got this thing beat."
  • "We got as many miles behind us as we do before us, but Dreamers, we got this."
  • "This is Nora Night, lettin' you know she's hangin' with you now that you're over the hump and on the home stretch."

Ending (Tier 30)Edit

  • "Some are born to greatness. Some have greatness thrust upon them. The rest of us, we just have to work at it. You all know who you are."
  • "Ain't no stoppin' someone who knows their worth. Nora's feelin' good about the state of things tonight, yes she is."
  • "Never doubt yourselves Dreamers. This System's up for grabs, and we are comin' for it with both hands, yes we are."
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