No Current Leap is a Warframe mod in PvP that increases Mobility, but completely disables Energy Regen.


Rank Mobility Power Rate Cost
0 +2.5% 0 2
1 +5% 0 3
2 +7.5% 0 4
3 +10% 0 5


  • This mod can be acquired by attaining the rank of Mistral in Conclave, and spending ReputationBlackx645,000 to purchase.

Notes Edit

  • With the Hotfix: Recurring Dreams 3, Inaros can no longer use this mod.
  • Curiously, the mod completely disables Power Rate (energy regeneration per second) on all ranks instead of incrementally approaching 0, it's unknown if this is a bug or intended.


  • For a brief period after Update 18.5, this mod was unavailable from Teshin for unknown reasons. This was fixed in Update 18.7.
  • Prior to Update 19.2, this mod was named Low Current Leap.
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