I am Nihil. Glassmaker. Order. Shall be. Restored.


See, in the old days, crime and punishment was all in the hands of those Orokin judges, the Seven. Mercy was a quick flash of the Jade light... But - if they wanted to make an example, they'd suck up your soul and make you a prisoner of the glass, forever.

Seems like magic to us nowadays, but dreamers... someone's got it puzzled out again. Waves are buzzing, new glass is showing up. Souls getting snapped up and trapped up. All we've got to go on is this crime-simula I pulled from the weave. No sign of our killer and not a soul to tell us where they went...

Nora Night on the Glassmaker

Nihil is a mysterious serial killer known as the Glassmaker, a former Orokin judge responsible for "glassing" people throughout the Origin System. He is also the creator of the Cephalons, which he designed to be an eternal punishment for those that dare break Orokin law. He was introduced during Nightwave: Series 3 - The Glassmaker.

After defeating Nihil, the player will receive an inbox message from Nora Night containing the Vitrica.pngVitrica blueprint and Nihil's Oubliette as an Orbiter Decoration. Following the end of Series 3, Nihil will only reward the Vitrica blueprint, while refights will reward a Riven Mod.

How To Access

During Nightwave: Series 3 – The Glassmaker, Nihil was fought after completion of Episode 5's Crime-simula and memory weave. Once the fight was accessed, a crystal would appear in the Crime-simula that would lead directly to the Nihil fight, costing no Cephalite Resonance.

Nihil is now fought after purchasing a Enter Nihil's Oubliette Key and Nihil's Oubliette decoration from Nightwave Offerings, both of which cost Nora3Cred64.png60. After installing the Oubliette decoration in the Orbiter, interacting with it with the Enter Nihil's Oubliette Key in the player's inventory will trigger the boss fight.


Dreamer, I think I know who the Glassmaker is... or... who he was... Nihil. Every Ceph you ever met was once a person, before they met him. He made them all. For them. For the Orokin. As a punishment that would never end.

Nihil was the creator of the Cephalons: former humans who violated Orokin law, and were thus punished by being transformed into immortal, digital intelligences after their respective executions. These Cephalons were stripped of their past memories as living beings and were reprogrammed to serve the Orokin in various tasks.

The Glassmaker resurfaced and brought attention to himself after glassing Shigg, an Ostron who attempted to illegally black market material from the Tower of Unum. His next victim was Bak Vondu, a "selfless" Corpus who attempted a solo gig but accidentally unleashed the Glassmaker in the process. The third known victim was Gral, a Grineer defector who was "chaotic" to Grineer "order". His fourth victim was Cutter, a Solaris United who became a Corpus mole after becoming victim to the Deck 12 incident, and manipulated the other three victims into creating a device to release the Glassmaker across the Origin System. All of the victims shared a pattern: they rebelled against their respective faction's established way of living.

The Tenno work with Nora Night and investigate the Crime-simula she pulls from the Cephalon Weave to investigate the source of the glassing. As they uncover evidence related to the victims, the Tenno enters Nihil's Weave and hears his voice as he explains his motivations for committing the murders; he wants to bring his own form of order to the Sol System.

Nihil is tracked to his former lair, where he proceeds to berate the Tenno for the collapse of the Empire and the subsequent descent of the Sol System into endless chaos and mayhem. In his lair, the Tenno discover a glassed Orokin corpse, realizing the Executor had glassed himself to escape the slaughter of the Orokin by the Tenno and the subsequent collapse of the Empire. Thanks to the actions of his four victims, Nihil is now able to spread his influence across the system and begins glassing numerous victims in an attempt to bring an end to the chaos in his own twisted way. He then glasses Nora Night, before setting his sights on the Tenno. However, the Tenno fight back inside the weave and free the glassed victims, turning them against Nihil and trapping him in his own prison. A freed Nora Night delivers the oubliette containing the Glassmaker to the Tenno, entrusting them to ensure the Glassmaker is never set loose again.


  • Vitrica.pngVitrica: Nihil swings his sword once vertically or horizontally. The vertical swing can destroy the glass platforms. Getting hit by this attack will instantly kill the Tenno and bypass bleedout.
  • Glass Shard: Nihil fires a glass projectile from his forehead, slowing the Tenno on impact. If the shard hits a platform, it can be used as a weapon against Nihil. If the shard is allowed to linger, it will eventually destroy the platform it is on.
  • Teleport: Nihil teleports around the field.


Inside Nihil's weave, the Orokin judge appears as a giant but stationary figure, surrounded by multiple glass platforms. Nihil will attack by throwing Glass Shards which will slow the Tenno upon hit, and the Vitrica.pngVitrica sword which will instantly kill them regardless of bleedout while also being able to destroy platforms. The Tenno, unable to cast abilities or use weapons, must make extensive use of their dexterous movement to avoid his attacks. If the Tenno fall off the platforms, they will respawn on a temporary platform of higher elevation.

Nihil possesses three health bars and starts out invincible. To remove his invincibility, the Tenno must pick up Glass Shards that hit the platforms and throw them via primary fire button at floating glass crystals containing relevant evidence floating around the room, which must match evidence acquired in previous Glassmaker episodes, which can differ between players. Once the relevant evidence is freed, Nihil will lose his invulnerability, and the Tenno can throw Glass Shards back at him to damage a third of his bar. Since Nihil aims his shards at the Tenno's center of mass, standing at the back end of a platform can make him miss entirely, denying the Tenno a shard to throw back.

The process then repeats for each health bar, during which platforms will be repaired and Nihil will start to Teleport, until he is defeated.


  • Nihil is voiced by Ryan Laughton, who also voiced Boon.
  • Grandmother's Naberus folktale mentions that Orokin servants are denied possession of Kuva. Even them just looking at a flask is punishable by glassing.
  • Following Nihil's defeat by the Tenno, he is bottled up in glass and is given to the player as an Orbiter decoration, Nihil's Oubliette. After placing the decoration, the Oubliette has a prompt to "Tap", causing a trapped Nihil to speak a small selection of lines, mostly taunting the player that his imprisonment was intentionally on his part, or attempting to bribe them to be let out.
  • Nihil is the third Orokin to be defeated in the playable WARFRAME universe. The first being the Elder Grineer Queen, and the second being Ballas.
    • Nihil is the first Orokin Boss to be fought and defeated outside of a Quest, and is instead fought as a Syndicate Boss.
  • During the fight, Nora discovers that Nihil is in violation of Orokin law Legem 6-243; "No capital sentence shall be passed without the unanimous consent of the Seven on pain of forfeiture of all tools of office and banishment". This means the Glassmaker is a criminal in the eyes of the society he was a part of, making him a hypocrite.
  • Unlike other bosses, the number under Nihil's health bar does not represent his enemy level, as it decreases everytime he loses a health bar.



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