See, in the old days, crime and punishment was all in the hands of those Orokin judges, the Seven. Mercy was a quick flash of the Jade light... But - if they wanted to make an example, they'd suck up your soul and make you a prisoner of the glass, forever.

Seems like magic to us nowadays, but dreamers... someone's got it puzzled out again. Waves are buzzing, new glass is showing up. Souls getting snapped up and trapped up. All we've got to go on is this crime-simula I pulled from the weave. No sign of our killer and not a soul to tell us where they went...

Nora Night on the Glassmaker

Nihil is a mysterious serial killer also known as the Glassmaker, a former Orokin who is responsible for "glassing" people throughout the Origin System. He was introduced during Nightwave: Series 3 - The Glassmaker.


Dreamer, I think I know who the Glassmaker is... or... who he was... Nihil. Every Ceph you ever met was once a person, before they met him. He made them all. For them. For the Orokin. As a punishment that would never end.

Nihil was the creator of the Cephalons: former humans who violated Orokin law, and were thus punished by being transformed into immortal, digital intelligences after their respective executions. These Cephalons were stripped of their past memories as living beings and were reprogrammed to serve the Orokin in various tasks.

The Glassmaker resurfaced and brought attention to himself after glassing Shigg, an Ostron who attempted to illegally black market material from the Tower of Unum. His next victim was Bak Vondu, a "selfless" Corpus who attempted a solo gig but accidentally unleashed the Glassmaker in the process. The third known victim was Gral, a Grineer defector who was "chaotic" to Grineer "order". All of the victims shared a pattern: they rebelled against their way of living.

The Tenno work with Nora Night and investigate the Crime-simula she pulled from the Cephalon Weave to investigate the source of the glassing. As they uncover evidence related to the victims, the Tenno enters Nihil's Weave and hear his voice, who explains his motivations for committing the murders.


Series 3: Episode 1: The Glassmaker EmergesEdit

  • "Oh. I'm so glad you're here. Was old Shigg a mutual acquaintance? How well did you know him, really?"
  • "Fine. You talk to daffy old Shigg. If you favor the opinions of the low."
  • "Of criminals. The depraved."
  • "Do you know what he did, old Shigg? Set out a selfish play against his clade. Willing and able to draw blood for it, too."
  • "A foul necrocapitalist, a clear violator of the 401st and 623rd legem!"
  • "To your association I am now witness."

Series 3: Episode 2: Corpus CrystalEdit

  • "Oh dear. We meet again. I really am in the middle of something."
  • "I find chaos... unsettling."
  • "Corpus dogma demands self-interest. Their culture is ordered by it. Vondu here was... was selfless."
  • "Look at the chaos that spewed from that. Broken laws, black marketeering, a broken-hearted mother and a collapsed family empire."
  • "Everyone is guilty of the good they did not do - if one only looks."
  • "And I see everything. What to do. What to do..."

Series 3: Episode 3: Sea GlassEdit

  • "Rarely does one encounter a lamb so eager to know the mouth of the lion. But, since you're here..."
  • "There is order, and there is chaos."
  • "I am order. He was chaos."
  • "His insubordination, thoughts... guilt... feelings... chaos to Grineer order."
  • "Your persistence is disruptive to my efforts to order. Therefore you are...?"
  • "You are an infection. Chaos infects, as Gral was infected, and spreads. A lack of vigilance is the vector. Oh, we lose vigilance if not reminded. This Grineer? Now? Is an eternal reminder, has become an agent of order and so... is redeemed. You, yourself, are not beyond redemption."


  • Nihil is voiced by Ryan Laughton who also voiced Boon.


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