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Series 3 — GlassmakerEdit

Nightwave Series 3: Glassmaker began on May 12, 2020 at 2 p.m ET and is currently the active Nightwave Series.


Series 3 introduces a mysterious Cephalon known as the "Glassmaker", named for crystallizing its victims into glass, a form of punishment used in the old Orokin era.

This series introduces a new interactive mechanic where players must perform detective work on the Glassmaker's victims to uncover the mystery behind the murderer.


Teaser trailer of the series.

Nightwave: Series 3 Teaser Trailer
  • "Dreamers, someone's got it puzzled out again. Waves are buzzin'. New Glass is showing up. Souls getting' snapped up and up and [distorted] trapped up. No sign of our killer and not a soul... to tell us where he..."
Glassmaker Introduction
  • "Heard of those cubes? You know - "Cephalons" right? Probably got one a bit-cracked kissin' up to you all the time? See, in the old days, crime and punishment was all in the hands of those Orokin judges, the Seven. Mercy was a quick flash of the Jade light... But - if they wanted to make an example, they'd suck up your soul and make you a prisoner of the glass, forever. Seems like magic to us nowadays, but dreamers... someone's got it puzzled out again. Waves are buzzing, new glass is showing up. Souls getting snapped up and trapped up. All we've got to go on is this crime-simula I pulled from the weave. No sign of our killer and not a soul to tell us where they went..."
  • "Well, take a look around. See if you can suss out any clues about whoever this... 'Glassmaker' might be."
Inspecting Dead Ostron Man
  • "Used to be a middle-aged Ostron, but he's been... degraded. From the inside out. Glassed... but not all the way. You seeing that left hand? Burned. Weirdest of the weird? What's left of him is... resonating. Like... singing some weird-assed song. Not diggin' this. Not. At. All."
Inspecting Ayatan Eye

The eye projects a flickering symbol from its faintingly glowing gem.

  • "Folklore has it these Ayatans used to hold memories. Nowadays, some Ostrons survive peddling Old War trinkets like this, harvested from the Tower."
  • The symbol depicts either an eye, a dagger, or a pentagram.
Inspecting Ostron Weapon

No signs of significant wear.

  • "Not the tools of someone who works the Tower scaffolds. Was he expecting trouble?"
  • The weapon can be a dagger, a sword, or a spear.
Inspecting 1st Corpus Data Log

Transaction Declined

You remind me of this Venusian kid I knew, pitched me a big score reselling K-charges on the low market. Look at all those munitions, he said, like a threshcone harvest!

Kid was talking about those lanes of unexploded Grineer field ordnance. Just drift up and pluck those detonators off, real gentle. Easy money! You heard of him? See?

Easy money packs hard truth.

  • "Community, sharing, it's ingrained in Ostron culture. Unusual that one would be looking to make a score of their own outside their commune markets."
  • The image of the transaction recipient can be Baro Ki'Teer, Darvo, or Maroo.
Inspecting Burned Ostron Note


Have you dropped your mind? We've chipped on those scaffolds together since we were kids. Filled your empty bowl with half of mine. Every time. That is our way, our law.

I'm giving you until moonfall before Elder Konzu hears you've been skimming.

Inspecting 2nd Corpus Data Log

Decrypted Message

'By the Unum' nothing! I am connected, you understand? I am told your client can only be one person. How you found them I do not know but by the Void we will all pay for your ignorance. And now you've dragged me into this? That they even know my name is a gun to may head!

Now: either you get me an Orokin-era (Tiltshifter/Transducer/Tubular Array) or this broadcast unit is as good as dead. And so are we.

  • "Looking for custom tech, but it sounds like our guy didn't have the means."
After Finding All Five Objects
  • "That's it, I guess. Hmm. That energy resonance... You see it change?"
Memory Weave
  • "Oh. I'm so glad you're here. Was old Shigg a mutual acquaintance? How well did you know him, really?"
  • "Fine. You talk to daffy old Shigg. If you favor the opinions of the low."
  • "Of criminals. The depraved."
  • "Do you know what he did, old Shigg? Set out a selfish play against his clade. Willing and able to draw blood for it, too."
  • "A foul necrocapitalist, a clear violator of the 401st and 632nd legem!"
  • "To your association I am now witness."

A demon, self-made

Lived too long in the shadow of the Tower, I had allowed myself the belief that all things Orokin were good, as the Unum is good. Not so. The past is no tree of plenty, not all of its fruits sweet.

Ah, that this should be the last thing I learn: 'not so.' 'Not so,' learned at the hand of a demon self-made...

Failing the Memory Weave
  • "Dreamer! Where did you go? Did you get anything on the Glassmaker?"
Completing the Memory Weave
  • "'Legem'? That's an Orokin word, means law. Ain't nobody usin' that word these days. He sounds friendly enough, but listen to that anger. Anger like that only builds. The soul he took held a clue. My gut says the only way you're trackin' the Glassmaker is from inside that maze. Bad news is the trail's gone cold. But the bad vibes snakin' up my spine says it won't be for long. Stay in touch, Dreamer. The Glassmaker's just gettin' started. I can feel it."


  • Every 24 ± 2 minutes server time a glowing orb will spawn while in mission and "glass" an enemy near it, similar to Void Fissures. The glass fissure is not static: after glassing one enemy it might disappear and then reappear near another group of enemies, seemingly following the movements of the player so that the glassification always happens near them. This process repeats until 5 enemies have been glassed, after which it is will to disappear until the next 24 ± 2 minutes.
  • These glassed enemies are invulnerable and can only be killed by attacking the armor's weakpoint, identified by its slightly different coloration and spiky crystals protruding from it. Each glassed enemy killed gives ReputationLargeBlack30 standing and has a chance to drop 1 Cephalite Resonance, up to a maximum of ReputationLargeBlack150 standing per appearance.
  • With each new episode of the Series being released, a new Crime-simula scene can accessed from the Nightwave menu.
    • In this simulation, players can search and examine evidence pieces.
    • The text and symbols on these pieces are randomized per player, so the evidence you have will be different from the evidence another player has. It can be helpful to collate a screenshot of all evidence frames for easy reference during the Memory Weave.
    • Once the key evidence pieces have been found, players are given the choice to enter a Memory Weave at the cost of 10 Cephalite Resonance.
      • In the Weave, the player is presented with a series of choices of three platforms, one of which corresponds to each piece of evidence. Choosing the correct platform/evidence unlocks the next choice until all evidence pieces are exhausted. Choosing the incorrect platform/evidence will cause the platform to break and the player to fall out of bounds, ejecting them from the Weave. Falling off the edge of or missing any platform will also eject the player from the Weave.
      • The order of the questions given is always random.
      • The player has 60 seconds to choose and select all correct answers in sequence.
      • Abilities and aim gliding cannot be used in the weave.
      • Failing the weave requires the player to repay the "fee" of 10 Cephalite Resonance to retry again.
      • After reaching the final platform, the player is rewarded with a "conclusion" piece of evidence and ReputationLargeBlack7,000 standing for completing the Episode's Crime-simula.
        • Reattempting an already cleared Crime-simula will not yield additional awards, and will still consume Cephalite.

Ranking RewardsEdit

In the order of ranking and total cumulative standing respectively:

  • Rank 1 - ReputationLargeBlack10,000: Crystal Cred x150
  • Rank 2 - ReputationLargeBlack20,000: Glassmaker Sigil
  • Rank 3 - ReputationLargeBlack30,000: Weapon Slots x2
  • Rank 4 - ReputationLargeBlack40,000: Glassmaker Emblem
  • Rank 5 - ReputationLargeBlack50,000: Boolean Sugatra
  • Rank 6 - ReputationLargeBlack60,000:​ Crystal Cred x50
  • Rank 7 - ReputationLargeBlack70,000: Mod TT 20pxDeadly Maneuvers mod
  • Rank 8 - ReputationLargeBlack80,000: Forma Bundle (3x Forma)
  • Rank 9 - ReputationLargeBlack90,000: Neura Kubrow Gene-Masking Kit
  • Rank 10 - ReputationLargeBlack100,000​: Cogna Earpiece Operator cosmetic
  • Rank 11 - ReputationLargeBlack110,000:​ Orokin Reactor
  • Rank 12 - ReputationLargeBlack120,000:​ Crystal Cred x50
  • Rank 13 - ReputationLargeBlack130,000: Kuva x20,000
  • Rank 14 - ReputationLargeBlack140,000: Melee Riven Mod
  • Rank 15 - ReputationLargeBlack150,000: Cogna Oculus Operator cosmetic
  • Rank 16 - ReputationLargeBlack160,000: Crystal Cred x50
  • Rank 17 - ReputationLargeBlack170,000: Exilus Adapter
  • Rank 18 - ReputationLargeBlack180,000: Neura Kavat Gene-Masking Kit
  • Rank 19 - ReputationLargeBlack190,000: Heuris Polearm Skin
  • Rank 20 - ReputationLargeBlack200,000: Mod TT 20pxDizzying Rounds mod
  • Rank 21 - ReputationLargeBlack210,000: Crystal Cred x50
  • Rank 22 - ReputationLargeBlack220,000: Cogna Mask Operator cosmetic
  • Rank 23 - ReputationLargeBlack230,000: Mod TT 20pxPrecision Strike mod
  • Rank 24 - ReputationLargeBlack240,000: Crystal Cred x50
  • Rank 25 - ReputationLargeBlack250,000: Forma Bundle (3x Forma)
  • Rank 26 - ReputationLargeBlack260,000: Umbra Forma (built)
  • Rank 27 - ReputationLargeBlack270,000: Warframe slot
  • Rank 28 - ReputationLargeBlack280,000: Boolean Syandana
  • Rank 29 - ReputationLargeBlack290,000: Frakta Shoulder Guard
  • Rank 30 - ReputationLargeBlack300,000: Nightwave landing craft

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