Patch HistoryEdit

Hotfix 27.3.7
  • Fixed a script error when opening the Nightwave screen.

Hotfix 27.1.1


The next Nightwave Series, Glassmaker, is in development! While Glassmaker work continues, Intermission II is reaching (or perhaps has already reached for some) its maximum Prestige Rank 60. In order for those who have prestiged to Rank 60 to have Intermission II Creds to spend in the Cred Offerings store, more Prestige Ranks must be given. Thus we have increased the maximum prestige Ranks to 90!

Update 27.1

  • Fixed Nightwave multi-rank up past 30 displaying incorrect tier numbers and prestige status on the rank up popups.

Hotfix 27.0.11

  • Fixed Kuva Thrall Mercies not counting towards the Executioner Nightwave Challenge.

Hotfix 25.8.2 The following Acts for future Nightwaves have been changed based on player feedback:

  • The ‘Polarized’ Act has changed from 3 Forma to 1 Forma.
  • The ‘Grove Guardian’ Act has changed from killing 3 Silver Grove Specters to 1.

Hotfix 25.7.7

  • Change Nightwave Silent Eliminator Act description to clarify that the minimum enemy level must be 30+, not the maximum
    • Previous:
      • Complete an Extermination mission with level 30 or higher enemies without triggering alarms
    • New:
      • Complete an Extermination mission with only level 30 or higher enemies without triggering alarms

Hotfix 25.7.6

  • Fixed Nightwave button appearing dark when accessing menus in Operator mode in the Orbiter.
  • Fixed "Complete X to unlock this Act" showing X as broken code for French.

Hotfix 25.7.4

  • Removed Nightwave tips that were showing incorrectly for certain item previews.
  • Fixed Mirage’s Hall of Mirror clone kills not counting towards ‘kills’ for relevant Challenges/Acts.

Update 25.7

  • In order to avoid spoilers, Nightwave Acts that require completing content tied to Quests will now be locked unless you have completed the related Quest. Locked Acts will point you to the Quest required to complete in order to unlock it. The following Acts will see this change:
    • “Don’t Fear The Reaper”, complete Kuva Siphon Missions, will now require The War Within Quest be completed.
    • “Ascendant”, complete Halls of Ascension on Lua, will now require The Second Dream Quest be completed.
    • “Grove Guardian”, kill Silver Grove Specters, will now require The Silver Grove Quest be completed.
  • Catch-up Acts will now appear once you have less than 3 current-weekly Acts left to complete, as opposed to only appearing once you’ve completed the whole current week.
  • Changed Nightwave Act progress / requirement number format (1500 to 1,500).
  • Fixed overlapping Nightwave UI after viewing an item diorama.
  • Fixed flickering issues with the orange screens in Episode 3 of Nightwave: The Emissary.
  • Fixed broken Nightwave UI when skipping through multiple Episode cinematics.
  • Fixed the Trinity Aura Helmet Blueprint appearing twice in the Nightwave Cred Offerings.
  • Fixed Nora Night’s Transmissions appearing when loading between Nightwave episodes.
  • Fixed the “Watch All” option in The Wolf of Saturn Six only playing the first three dioramas.

Hotfix 25.6.3

  • Changed Zealots to be allied to the level's Faction to prevent them clearing objectives.
  • Fixed Zealots not being allied with Infested.
  • Fixed Zealots not storming players on spawn.
  • Fixed text overlap in some languages when viewing restored Nightwave Acts.

Hotfix 25.6.1

  • Changed the Thumper Nightwave Challenge range being only 50 meters, made it a more generous 200 meters to prevent issues as seen here.

Update 25.5

  • Fixed previous Acts being visually marked as ‘Complete’ if the same Act was complete in Series 1. These Acts were also counting towards the 3 Recovered Acts, which prevented other eligible Recovered Acts if you had 3 of these affected Recovered Acts.

Hotfix 25.4.2

  • Changed the Nightwave ‘Silent Exterminator’ Act to clarify its requirement. It now reads:
    • Complete an Extermination mission with level 30 or higher enemies without triggering alarms.
  • Fixed script error in Sanctuary Researcher Nightwave Act script.

Hotfix 25.4.1

  • Fixes towards Nightwave Act progress sometimes resetting / tracking incorrectly when completing a mission.

Update 25.4

  • Eligibility for the Get Clem & Maroo Ayatan Treasure Hunt missions now resets at 00:00 Monday each week (same as Nightwave) instead of an arbitrary 7-day cooldown from whenever you last completed them. This ensures you have a chance to complete the missions within the weekly refresh of Nightwave.
    • Anyone who ran within the last 7 days will have their cooldown reset 7 days from when they ran it, and future resets will be Monday 00:00.
  • In Tuesday’s Hotfix we released a fix for a Nightwave bug that prevented proper tracking of Acts. This is Part 2 of that fix. Today’s fix retroactively provides missing Nightwave Standing to players affected by the issue we fixed Tuesday.

Hotfix 25.3.3

  • A bug existed in the progress tracking and completion status of 'Recovered' Acts. If a repeat Act appeared, this would cause it to be already-completed immediately when they appear in the UI and prevent players from earning their associated standing reward. We have more fixes coming on this - stay tuned!


  • Fixed UI lockup that could occur when viewing Nightwave Rewards and then an Act.

Hotfix 25.3.2

  • Right clicking on Nightwave rewards will now display its preview diorama.
  • Fixed inability to mark Mods dropped from containers in the Void for the "Mark a Resource or Mod" Nightwave Act.
  • Fixed the Glaive Prime Blueprint help text saying it's obtainable from Nightwave Cred Offerings.

Hotfix 25.3.1

  • Updated the Nightwave Act "Transmute 3/3 Mods" to read "Complete 3/3 Transmutations".
  • Fixed crash when returning to the Orbiter after earning Nightwave Affinity.

Update 25.3


Nora Night’s next broadcast follows the remarkable tale of Arlo. As the story unfolds, you’ll learn more about Arlo and his mission to soothe our deepest wounds.

Earn New Rewards -- An Infested Display of Power

Series 2 brings a brand-new set of Infested-themed rewards to earn! Rise through all 30 Tiers to unlock these limited-time rewards before the Series is over.

Earn unique rewards like:

  • Spore Ephemera (Tier 19): Leave a trail of filth with every footstep.
  • Umbra Forma (Tier 26): Apply the Umbra polarity to any Warframe or Weapon.
  • Protosomid Shoulder Guard (Tier 28): Loathsome tendrils squirm from these hefty
  • Chitoid Sentinel Bundle (Tier 29): Give any Sentinel a flair of Infestation with this pack.
  • Emissary Operator Collection (Tier 30): Become like Arlo's devoted with this Operator cosmetics collection.
  • And so much more!
Cred Offerings

Earn Emissary Creds throughout Series 2 to spend on Nora's Offerings. After you reach Tier 30, prestige back through the Series to earn even more Creds to spend at her shop!

Visit the Nightwave Cred Offerings to acquire the Rewards you want the most, including Nitain Extract, Weapon and Helmet Blueprints, Catalysts, Reactors and rare Aura Mods. Missed out on hunting the Wolf in Series 1? Purchase a Wolf Beacon from Nora with your Emissary Creds! Emissary Creds must be redeemed before the Series is over or sold for Credits, so use them before the frequency is lost.

Nightwave Series 2 Changes

Based on your feedback, Nightwave Series 2 introduces a suite of changes to reduce the time and tension of earning rewards. Some of these went live with Nightwave: Intermission, but let’s refresh our minds:

  • Playing Catch-Up! - We added a way for you to replay missed Acts from previous weeks, in case you have missed them!
  • De-grindification! - Less Weekly and Elite Weekly acts, but still giving the same amount of Standing as you would get from Series 1! In addition, we are looking to front-load Emissary Creds as an earlier reward for participating in the Series!
  • Act Changes! - We have lowered the Time and Wave requirements for some Endless Mission Acts, as well as lowering the cost of Ayatan Statues (this was implemented during Series 1). In addition, we have also removed the ‘with friends’ requirements from all of our Nightwave Acts!
  • New Acts! - Including the most important one... petting your Kubrow or Kavat! We also included some Acts for Kuva missions, Transmuting Mods, K-Drive Races and more!

If you haven't yet, check out our full Dev Workshop on Series 2 Changes:

  • Fixed Perfect animal Captures not always giving credit for Nightwave Acts when it should.
  • Fixed Nightwave Act progression in the Orbiter causing UI to additionally count all the previously completed Acts in the ship and adding it to the displayed Standing.

Update 25.2

  • Fixed ‘Everything Old is New Again’ and ‘Loyalty’ Nightwave Acts not awarding Standing.
  • Fixed the ‘Silent Eliminator’ Nightwave Act not failing when an enemy detects you, regardless of alarms. Step your stealth game up!

Hotfix 25.1.2
Nightwave: Intermission is now live on all platforms until July 5th at 11:59 PM ET.

What is Nightwave: Intermission?

Nightwave: Intermission is a 15 Rank evergreen reward Intermission! As we work towards content for Series 2, we wanted to release an interim gap to ensure rewards were accessible! Nora Cred can be acquired and used to purchase Nightwave Offerings during this mini-series. 

Nightwave: Intermission Rank Rewards:

  1. 100 Nora Creds
  2. 2000 Endo
  3. Robotic Slots
  4. 3 Orokin Cells
  5. Gamma Color Picker
  6. 50 Nora Creds
  7. 10K Kuva
  8. Rift Sigil
  9. 3 Forma Bundle
  10. Orokin Reactor
  11. 50 Nora Creds
  12. 10K Kuva
  13. Orokin Catalyst
  14. Aura Forma
  15. EIDOLON EPHEMERA (not exclusive to this rewards table)

Nightwave: Intermission also brings a chunk of our planned Nightwave changes based on great feedback that were posted in the Dev Workshop, with the exception of ‘New Acts’, as we’re saving those for Series 2! The changes going live include:

  1. Playing Catch-Up: Stored, Missed Acts!
    1. When both Weekly and Elite Weekly Acts are completed for a week, a ‘missed’ Act, 3 at a time, from a previous week will be available to play and complete. Once you have completed all ‘missed’ Acts, they will no longer appear, only to be refreshed in the next week’s rotation.
  2. Degrindification!
    1. Reduced to 5 Weekly Acts and 2 Elite Weekly Acts. While there will be less Acts overall, the rewards for these Acts will increase, so you will earn the same amount of Standing as you would in the previous Episode upon completion.
  3. Changes to Existing Acts!
    1. 'With Clanmates / Friends' Act requirements have been removed completely
    2. Increased Nightwave Standing from Weekly Acts from 3k to 4.5k and Elite Weekly Acts from 5k to 7k.
    3. Reduced required Defense Wave Acts from 40 to 20 Waves.
    4. "Kill Profit Taker with Friends" Act is now just "Kill Profit Taker".
    5. Changed 'Complete 5 Sorties' Elite Weekly to 'Complete 3 Sorties'.
    6. Complete any '60 minute Survival' Act reduced to 30 minutes.
    7. Ayatan Socket requirement for Acts lowered from 5 to 3.
    8. ‘10 perfect Conservations’ reduced to ‘6 different perfect Conservations’.
    9. ‘10 Bounties’ reduced to ‘5 different Bounties’.
    10. Increased the Sanctuary Onslaught Acts from 3 rounds to 8 rounds.
    11. Removed the ‘Sortie with Friends’ Act.
    12. The ‘Hold Your Breath’ Act has been changed to ‘Survive over 30 minutes in a Kuva Survival’.
  4. Changed Nightwave Standing for Weekly Acts from 4.5k to 6k and Elite Weekly Acts from 7k to 9k.
    1. This Standing increase is just for Intermission, in order to allow all 15 Ranks to be achievable in the given limited time duration. Nightwave: Season 2 will have the original change.

A note as to why:

As we count the days until TennoCon 2019, it’s evident that our ambitious goals for this year are needing all hands on deck, literally. Meaning that our plan to launch Nightwave Season 2 before TennoCon is going to be tight - and we don't want the downtime to be too long.

Thanks for your patience - Dreamers.


Zahnny said:
Ah, so up until Tennocon. Nice. Do we get 15 creds when we perstiege like last time?

Very good question!

There is no Prestige past Rank 15 in Intermission. Intermission is short, sweet, and simply an interim gap.

Series 2 will have Rank Prestige back.

Hotfix 25.1.1

  • Wolf Creds still in your inventory can now be sold for 5K Credits.

Hotfix 24.7.2

  • Changed the Conservationist Nightwave Challenge description to clarify ‘Perfect Animal Captures in Orb Vallis’ instead of ‘Perfect Animal Captures’.

Update 24.7

  • Capped multi purchases for Syndicate stores that use currency other than Standing (e.g. Nightwave) to what can be afforded with currently owned Resources.

Hotfix 24.6.2

  • Fixed a script error when viewing Nightwave Episode dioramas.

Update 24.6

  • All of The Wolf of Saturn Six Nightwave episodes can now be viewed by selecting ‘Tune In’ on the Nightwave screen!
  • Fixed the Hall of Ascension Agility test contributing to Nightwave progress multiple times.
  • (Unlisted) Changed Acts:
    • Animator: reduced requirement from 5 to 3 Ayatan Sculpture.
    • Sortie Expert: reduced requirement from 5 to 3 Sorties.


  • Fixed Hive Sabotage missions not counting towards the ‘Cache Hunter’ Nightwave Act.

Hotfix 24.5.7

  • Fixed ability to repeatable collect Convict Standing by Host migrating and re-joining the previous squad, of which we have found a handful of obvious exploiters and will be acting accordingly.
  • Fixed incorrect number of Convicts being displayed in the HUD after a Host migration (would show 1/4 killed when it should've been 0/3).
  • Fixed the Nightwave ‘Vault Looter’ description not specifying Orokin Derelict Vaults.

Hotfix 24.5.6

  • Fixed the ‘Day Trader’ Nightwave Act not being marked complete after meeting the requirements. The appropriate Standing was delivered behind-the-scenes, but the UI neglected to accurately display that. Completing the Index requirements again post Hotfix will correct your UI, but note that the Standing has already been delivered.

Hotfix 24.5.5

Hotdropped Changed

Hotfix 24.5.4

  • Updated the text string of the Nightwave Act ‘Use Forma x/3 times’ to indicate that this cannot be done in the Simulacrum, as it will not count towards the Act.
  • Common Nora Night Transmissions can now be disabled with 'enable hint transmissions' in the Audio Options menu.

Update 24.5

  • Nora Night is back on the airwaves with Series 1, Episode 2: The Wolf of Saturn Six. Tune in now to expand the story!
  • Fixed Nightwave Dailies appearing as progress for Weekly challenge completions.
  • Fixed overlapping UI in the Nightwave Tier Rank up screen.

Hotfix 24.3.1

  • Fixed socketing an Ayatan Sculpture in your Dojo not contributing to its respective Wolf of Saturn Six Challenge.
  • Fixed a text filepath showing on the Nightwave Syndicate End of Mission screen.

Update 24.3

Last updated: Hotfix 25.1.1

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