List of New Loka quotes, spoken by their leader Amaryn.

In Relays & Syndicate kioskEdit

Ranking upEdit

  • "Your humanity is a beacon for all."
  • "New Loka believes that true humanity is the only path to cleanse ourselves of this suffering."
  • "It's not too late to cleanse yourself."
  • "You're just like the rest. Tainted and ruined beyond salvation."

Requesting SacrificeEdit

  • "Give what you can Tenno, to help us."

Sacrifice SuccessfulEdit

  • "You are pure, my Tenno."

When Selling OfferingsEdit

  • "Use these to cleanse the unclean."
  • "We offer these to aid you, Tenno."
  • "These offerings are pure."

When Purchasing an ItemEdit

  • "By the mother."
  • "Of course, my Tenno."
  • "This we give to you."

Starting Syndicate missionEdit

  • "Will you help us, Tenno, and our cause?"

When Sending Death SquadEdit

  • "The impure, the unworthy have no future."
  • "You will be cleansed."
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