Implanted neural-link for controlling augmentations. Grineer design.
—In-Game Description

Neural Sensors are a rare component that can be found primarily on Jupiter and the Kuva Fortress. It is usually found in quantities of 1-4.

Alad V has a higher chance of dropping Neural Sensors compared to enemies, containers, and lockers. As of Update 16.4 (2015-04-23) The Raptors also have a chance of dropping Neural Sensors, but this does not apply to the rest of Europa.



By purchasing this item you can directly exchange Platinum64 10 for 1 Neural Sensors.
—In-Game Description

Neural Sensors be purchased directly from the market for Platinum64 10, or as a reusable blueprint for Platinum64 100.

Manufacturing Requirements
Time: 1 hrs
Rush: Platinum64 2
MarketIcon Market Price: PlatinumLarge10 Blueprint2 Blueprints Price: PlatinumLarge 100

Farming Locations[]

These are based on opinions and may not be 100% true. These should be viewed as advice for finding the resource until better facts are proven.

Target Planet Name Type Level Tile Set
IconCorpusB Jupiter Elara Survival 15 - 20 Corpus Gas City
IconInfestedB Jupiter Sinai Defense (Dark Sector) 20 - 30 Corpus Gas City
AladV sigil b Jupiter Themisto Assassination 18 - 20 Corpus Gas City
IconInfestedB Jupiter Cameria Survival (Dark Sector) 20 - 30 Corpus Gas City

Drop Locations[]

Mission Drop Tables

Mission Type Source Rotations
Drop Table
Chance[1] Quantity[2] Avg. per roll[3] Star Chart Nodes
Annihilation Annihilation (Conclave) B 0.25% 1 0.0025
Cephalon Capture Cephalon Capture (Conclave) B 0.25% 1 0.0025
Cetus Bounty Cetus Bounty Lvl 10-30 Final Stage B 10.42% 2 0.2084
Exterminate Kuva Fortress Exterminate Resource Caches C 3.67% 2 0.0734
Lunaro Lunaro (Conclave) B 0.25% 1 0.0025
Sabotage Orokin Derelict Resource Caches C 19.36% 1 0.1936
Sabotage Orokin Derelict Resource Caches C 3.76% 2 0.0752
Team Annihilation Team Annihilation (Conclave) B 0.25% 1 0.0025
Weekly Conclave Challenge Reward Weekly Conclave Challenge Reward B 12.5% 10 1.25

Complete all weekly Conclave challenges to get this reward in your in-game inbox:

  • Match Won: Win 6 matches of any game type.
  • Match Complete: Complete 20 matches of any game type.
  • Conditioning: Complete 10 Daily Challenges.

Enemy Drop Tables

Enemy Drop Table Chance[4] Item Chance[5] Chance[6] Expected Kills[7] Quantity[8] Avg. per roll attempt[9]
Raptor MT 10% 50% 5% 20 1 0.05
Raptor NS 10% 50% 5% 20 1 0.05
Raptor RV 10% 50% 5% 20 1 0.05

Sourced from the official drop table repository. See Module:DropTables/data to edit on the wiki.

Blueprints Requiring Neural Sensors[]

Click to view the Blueprints requiring Neural Sensors
Blueprint Type Quantity
AshIcon272 Ash Neuroptics Component 1
Ash PrimeIcon272 Ash Prime Neuroptics Component 2
Atlas PrimeIcon272 Atlas Prime Neuroptics Component 2
BansheeIcon272 Banshee Neuroptics Component 1 (1)
Banshee PrimeIcon272 Banshee Prime Neuroptics Component 2
Cadus Cadus Melee 2
ChromaIcon272 Chroma Neuroptics Component 2
Chroma PrimeIcon272 Chroma Prime Systems Component 5
Elytron Wings Component 2
EmberIcon272 Ember Neuroptics Component 1
Ember PrimeIcon272 Ember Prime Neuroptics Component 2
EquinoxIcon272 Equinox Day Aspect Neuroptics Component 1
EquinoxIcon272 Equinox Night Aspect Neuroptics Component 1
ExcaliburIcon272 Excalibur Neuroptics Component 1
Forma Forma Enhancement 1
FrostIcon272 Frost Neuroptics Component 1
Frost PrimeIcon272 Frost Prime Neuroptics Component 1
Grustrag Bolt Release Item 1
HarrowIcon272 Harrow Neuroptics Component 5
HeatDagger Heat Dagger Melee 1
Hydroid PrimeIcon272 Hydroid Prime Neuroptics Component 5
Inaros Canopic Helmet Cosmetic 5
InarosPrimeIcon272 Inaros Prime Neuroptics Component 6
Juttni Brace Amp 10
Kama Kama Melee 5
Lecta Lecta Melee 3
Limbo Aristeas Helmet Cosmetic 2
LimboIcon272 Limbo Chassis Component 1
Limbo PrimeIcon272 Limbo Prime Neuroptics Component 2
LokiIcon272 Loki Neuroptics Component 1
Loki PrimeIcon272 Loki Prime Neuroptics Component 2
MagIcon272 Mag Neuroptics Component 1
Mag PrimeIcon272 Mag Prime Neuroptics Component 2
Mantis Avionics Component 6
MesaIcon272 Mesa Neuroptics Component 2
MesaPrimeIcon272 Mesa Prime Neuroptics Component 2
Mirage Harlequin Helmet Cosmetic 2
Mire Mire Melee 2
NekrosIcon272 Nekros Neuroptics Component 1
Nekros PrimeIcon272 Nekros Prime Neuroptics Component 3
Nekros Raknis Helmet Cosmetic 2
Nekros Shroud Helmet Cosmetic 2
NezhaIcon272 Nezha Chassis Component (1)
NezhaIcon272 Nezha Neuroptics Component 1
NezhaPrimeIcon272 Nezha Prime Neuroptics Component 6
NidusIcon272 Nidus Neuroptics Component 3
NovaIcon272 Nova Neuroptics Component 1
Nova PrimeIcon272 Nova Prime Neuroptics Component 1
NyxIcon272 Nyx Neuroptics Component 1
Nyx PrimeIcon272 Nyx Prime Neuroptics Component 2
OctaviaIcon272 Octavia Neuroptics Component 5
OctaviaPrimeIcon64 Octavia Prime Neuroptics Component 8
Odonata Prime Systems Component 1
OrokinReactor Orokin Reactor Enhancement 1
ProteaIcon272 Protea Neuroptics Component 5
Quanta Quanta Primary (3)
Quartakk Quartakk Primary 5
Railjack Fuselage Component 3
RevenantIcon272 Revenant Neuroptics Component 3
Rhino PrimeIcon272 Rhino Prime Neuroptics Component 2
SarynIcon272 Saryn Neuroptics Component 1
Saryn PrimeIcon272 Saryn Prime Neuroptics Component 2
Serro Serro Melee 3 (1)
SevagothIcon272 Sevagoth Neuroptics Component 6
Stradavar Stradavar Primary 3
Synathid Trophy Decoration 20
Tipedo Tipedo Melee 2
TitaniaPrimeIcon272 Titania Prime Neuroptics Component 6
TrinityIcon272 Trinity Neuroptics Component 1
Trinity PrimeIcon272 Trinity Prime Neuroptics Component 2
Tycho Seeker Mk I Ship Ordnance (1)
Tycho Seeker Mk II Ship Ordnance (1)
ValkyrIcon272 Valkyr Neuroptics Component 1
Valkyr PrimeIcon272 Valkyr Prime Neuroptics Component 3
Vauban Armistice Helmet Cosmetic 2
VaubanIcon272 Vauban Neuroptics Component 1
VoltIcon272 Volt Neuroptics Component 1 (1)
Volt PrimeIcon272 Volt Prime Chassis Component 3
WukongIcon272 Wukong Neuroptics Component 1 (1)
XakuIcon272 Xaku Neuroptics Component 10
ZephyrIcon272 Zephyr Neuroptics Component (1)
Zephyr PrimeIcon272 Zephyr Prime Neuroptics Component 3
RevenantPrimeIcon272 Revenant Prime Neuroptics Component 4
GyreIcon272 Gyre Neuroptics Component 6
CalibanIcon Caliban Neuroptics Component 10
Total 241 (+11)
Research Ghost Clan x1   Shadow Clan x3   Storm Clan x10   Mountain Clan x30   Moon Clan x100

WARFRAME China-build only.

Last updated: Update 30.9 (2021-11-11)


  • After Update 9.0 (2013-07-13), all rare items dropped much more commonly than normal, up to quantities of 6 per drop in some cases. The drop rates were fixed in Hotfix 9.1.3 (2013-07-15).
  • From Hotfix 9.8.2 (2013-09-03) until Hotfix 9.8.3 (2013-09-07), J3-Golem had a higher Neural Sensors drop rate than usual. Update 9.8.3 fixed this drop rate.

Gathering Tips[]

These are based on opinions and may not be true. These should be viewed as advice unless proven undoubtedly true. Check comments for confirmation. Results may vary.

  • Elara and Sinai, Jupiter are effective locations to gather Neural Sensors. Another place that is effective to farm is Themisto, Jupiter (assassination of Alad V).
  • Taveuni in the Kuva Fortress is also an effective place to farm them. Plus, if you need Kuva you can farm for Neural Sensors and Kuva at the same time.
  • Distilling Extractors are also a good way to farm these with little effort, though it should be noted that Neural Sensors are not guaranteed.
  • Io, Jupiter grants 1-2 Neural Sensors per wave with a Nekros using Desecrate.


  • The descriptions of Neural Sensors and Neurodes were swapped several times, with the second time completely reversing what the components clearly were. This was finally reverted in Hotfix 15.16.2 (2015-03-11) to properly fit their obvious designs.
  • Despite being of Grineer origin, Neural Sensors ironically did not drop from any Grineer-controlled planet (barring those taken over via Invasions) until the introduction of the Kuva Fortress in Update 19.0 (2016-11-11).
  • Prior to the removal of Trials, Neurodes could be crafted via a reusable blueprint that could be acquired as a reward from The Law of Retribution Nightmare Raid.


Patch History[]

Update 9.0 (2013-07-13)

  • Increased the drop rate for Neural Sensors.
  1. Chance to roll item within drop table
  2. Amount rewarded on successful roll
  3. (Quantity × Chance)
  4. Chance to roll drop table
  5. Chance to roll item within drop table
  6. (Drop Table Chance × Item Chance)
  7. (1 / Chance), see WARFRAME Wiki:Expected & Nearly Guaranteed Numbers for more details
  8. Amount rewarded on successful roll
  9. (Quantity × Chance), average item quantity on a roll attempt (successful or not)