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WARFRAME's network architecture consist of a mixture of centralized and distributed architectural design to facilitate a live-service game that involves gameplay sessions between multiple players in a cooperative fashion. Currently, players are not restricted to playing with others on the same platform (PC, PlayStation Network, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch), but there are still some limitations to cross-platform functionality (crossplay and cross save).


Centralized components of WARFRAME's network architecture include:

Note that centralized components may have distributed systems for redundancy or widespread availability (e.g. there may be multiple Conclave servers, each hosted by a different computer in different locations). Centralization in this case strictly refers to authority.

Distributed components of WARFRAME's network architecture include:

Network Compression[]

The game uses Oodle for data compression of packets sent over network.[7]


Packets sent to and from WARFRAME services will use OpenSSL.[8]


By default, WARFRAME uses UDP ports 4950 and 4955.[9][10]

Test Cluster[]

Main article: Public Test Cluster

A separate test server exists for testing content and features that are currently not available in the public global build of WARFRAME.


Replication is the process of maintaining a consistent state between the host and its clients. WARFRAME uses a state replication model where clients get their own individualized data packets from the host about the state of the current game session they are in.[11]

Game state may include:

  • Objects such as projectiles[12][13] or item pickups[14]
  • Current reward pool
  • Enemy/NPC locations and activity
  • Player's avatars[15]
  • Player's avatar animations and special effects[16][17]

Patch History[]

Hotfix 31.0.4 (2021-12-21)

  • Added an option to the launcher to disallow the use of network caches (these are allowed by default because they can greatly accelerate updates but on some networks these caches can be misconfigured and cause lengthy stalls in the launcher). The launcher will now restart the update process when changing allowed network caches.
  • Added a workaround for Network Not Responding warnings at the Navigation console when stuck on misconfigured networks.

Hotfix 29.6.8 (2021-01-25)

DTLS Roll-Out

We are testing some new network code out in this Hotfix. Even though we’ve tested it extensively on the Test Cluster we need more coverage!

The primary goal of these changes is to improve networking for Xbox players by replacing some proprietary network code; when these changes make it to Xbox they will enable our automatic proxy service that already helps players with Strict NAT and other network problems on other platforms (this is something we’ve wanted to get to Xbox players for a long time).

The added advantage of this new code is that it should be more secure and more robust on networks that corrupt network packets (we already defend against this to some degree but the new code is more thorough). This won’t make your ping any better but if something is mangling network packets we might be able to avoid it causing bugs in the game.

We’ll be monitoring the roll-out closely and will be able to disable quickly if we encounter problems. Please comment any related issues you have in this thread - thanks!

Hotfix 27.1.2 (2020-02-18)

  • Rewrote how Navigation caches the active session counts to reduce latency and reduce server load (it should now update roughly 5x as frequently).

Update 27.0 (2019-12-13)

  • Improved network protocols to improve matchmaking, presence, and game-invitations in certain Eastern European regions without open access to the internet.

Update 24.4 (2019-03-08)

Client-Authoritative Changes
  • Swapping weapons as a Client will now feel more responsive because we've made it Client-Authoritative.
  • Automatic Doors have been made Client-Authoritative. Previously there were cases of door not opening in tandem with the Host if any latency was experienced.

Update 15.12 (2015-01-30)


Network Compression and Congestion Control changes are being made to Warframe! What does this mean for the average player? The tl;dr is that better Network Compression means lower latency during Missions, and a lot less stress on your bandwidth! If you’d like to know more about the technical side of this exciting update, please read the full explanation: here

Strict NAT Improvements:

Strict NAT is a problem that affects a small portion of our playerbase, but for friends that want to play together having multiple layers of Strict NAT can be an issue. Earlier this week (and with more work in this update) we’ve begun to test a solution that will help players suffering from Strict NAT better connect with friends without needing to worry about their own network configurations. For more on this exciting update, please read the full explanation of our NAT testing: here

Update 14.5 (2014-08-28)

  • Added support for the NAT-PMP Protocol in an effort to reduce networking problems. See our Developer Workshop for more information: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/298424-nat-pmp/?p=3396439#entry3396439

Hotfix 14.1.4 (2014-08-06)

  • We've made some networking port changes! See here for the official word

Update 11.8 (2014-01-22)

  • Server-side change on 1/20/2014: More frequent Grineer vs. Corpus invasions. Originally invasion system allowed for 2-5 days of downtime, this has been changed to only allow 1-2 days downtime.

Update 11.1 (2013-11-27)

  • Improved networking code to work around the OS delaying network port reuse; previously some users were forced to use arbitrary ports which rendered UPnP or manual port-forwards useless and prevented connections.


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