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Nervos were small devices deployed by Seekers that latch onto players and stun them, dealing strong damage to shields. While attached, the affected player would hunch over in pain and become incapable of performing any action; only teammates could destroy the Nervo by attacking the victim.  When any teammate had been struck by a Nervo, an overhead message would appear dictating the victim's name and something to the effect of "Go help him/her"; affected players would also appear as red, flashing crosses on the minimap, similar to incapacitated players.

Nervos were ultimately removed from the game during the early stages of Open Beta updates, pending a tuning/re-balance pass, but were never re-introduced. These Nervos function similarly to Vauban's Tesla, shocking any player who comes too close. However, they are more inaccurate and no longer stun any player they attack. The original Nervos have not been seen since.

It was rumored by Digital Extremes that Nervos would make its return in Update 16, home to the upcoming reworked Raid mission[1], but that never came to pass.


  • In The Call, Vor's Nervos Mines are seen in use, hinting at their return in Update 9.
    • They do not function like nervos however, and function more like advanced Tesla.
  • It was possible to destroy a Nervo before it made contact, but this was a difficult feat due to its small size, high speed, and free range of motion.
  • In Solo mode, Nervos disappeared on contact with the player; as they rendered their victim helpless, the player would have no teammates to rely on if they worked normally.


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