The Neo V8 Relic contains the following Prime components and blueprints:

Component Ducat Value Rarity (Chance)
LokiPrime Loki Prime Blueprint PrimeBucks15
ArchwingSuitPrime Odonata Prime Harness PrimeBucks15
WyrmPrime Wyrm Prime Blueprint PrimeBucks15
PrimeBo Bo Prime Handle PrimeBucks45
Forma2 Forma Blueprint PrimeBucks
VoltPrime Volt Prime Neuroptics PrimeBucks65 Rare (2%)
Intact Exceptional Flawless Radiant
Mission Tier Rot. Chances
Capture Void T3 A 5.88%
Defense Void T3 A, B, C 6.25%, 12.5%, 9.68%
Exterminate Void T3 A 5.88%
Interception Void T4 A, B 12.5%, 12.5%
Mobile Defense Void T4 A 6.25%
Sabotage Void T4 A 6.25%
Survival Void T2 B 2.51%
Survival Void T4 A, B 12.5%, 12.5%
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