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Neewa is a character introduced in The Glast Gambit quest. She is a child of the Mycona Colony, a group of people who harvest the Infested for survival, and is later revealed to be a key figure of the colony.

Her fate is determined by the player's Alignment choice at the end of the quest.


Nef Anyo kidnapped Neewa and several other children of the Mycona Colony. She is a holder of the Triuna, a genetic immunity to the Infested, which is passed down from generation to generation of the Myconian people; the Infested's fear of hybrid people allow the Myconians to harvest from them peacefully. However, bearers of the Triuna live a short life due to hybridization with Infested genetics, so the Myconians started a ritual called "The Passing" to transfer the Triuna to another child in order to maintain the Myconian's unique immunity to the Infestation and to preserve their way of life.

To win her and the other children back from the Corpus, the Tenno aids The Perrin Sequence and gambles their Credits in Index matches and challenge Nef Anyo's brokers. The Tenno eventually beat Nef at his own game and is given three choices regarding Neewa's fate:

  • [Sun] Cure Her
    • Neewa is taken to a relay and the Triuna "disease" is treated. She is unsure of her future and misses her family, but she thanks the Tenno for their actions. A contingent of specters is dispatched to protect the colony from the Infested.
  • [Moon] Send Her Home
    • Neewa returns to the Myconian colony, continuing to serve as the Triuna for as long as she lives. Their way of life, including the Triuna and The Passing, continues.
  • [Neutral] Let Her Decide
    • Neewa chooses to return to the Myconian colony, where she will become the last Triuna and usher a new tradition for her people, one without sacrifices.