Summon a Necramech to the battlefield.

—In-Game Description

The Necramech Summon is a Gear item that enables the deployment of Necramechs while in Landscapes.


A Necramech Summon is automatically acquired after the player builds their first Necramech.


Necramech Summons can be equipped in a player's Gear menu, and can be used in Landscapes (Plains of Eidolon, Orb Vallis, and Cambion Drift), spawning their Necramech at the target reticle. Intrinsics Tactical Rank 5 allows the Necramech Summon to be used in the grounded portions of Empyrean missions. It has infinite uses.

If the Necramech is still alive, there is a 10 second cooldown to move it around with its current health/shields/energy. If the Necramech dies, it will have a one minute cooldown (45 seconds with Intrinsics Tactical Rank 8) with all its health/shields/energy restored.

Patch History[]

Hotfix 29.10.7 (2021-03-26)

  • Fixed Necramech Summon not refreshing it’s cooldown after summoning a Necramech that has died as a Client.

Update 29.1 (2020-09-17)

  • Currently there is a 3 minute cooldown on every use of the Necramech Summon Gear item. We’ve changed the cooldown behavior of the Necramech Summon to reflect the following:
    • If the player's Necramech is still active, then the Necramech Summon only has a 10 second cooldown. Summoning it this way will move the Necramech to the player's desired position but NOT restore its Health/Shields/Energy.
    • If the player's Necramech has been destroyed, then the Necramech Summon has a 3 minute cooldown, and will have its Health/Shields/Energy refilled on summon.

Update 29.0 (2020-08-25)

  • Introduced.