Nav Segments are components for the player's Landing Craft that allow the Tenno to gain access to planets within the Solar Map.

They are obtained from successfully accomplishing Assassination missions on planets within the Solar System, with each segment tied to a particular Boss. Upon receiving a Nav segment, they are activated automatically by accessing navigation from your landing craft after receiving the segment. It will not work immediately if you access navigation from a relay, but once it is installed on your landing craft, it will work anywhere.


For new Tenno, the nodes are locked, so this walkthrough should allow stuck Tenno to continue their quest to unlock all planets and nodes of the solar map.

Warframe planet order3

Here the solar map parts into two paths. It should be noted that planets that are in the same horizontal chain have similar level caps.

Path Mars:

Path Venus:


  • Nav Segments can be obtained multiple times, but only the first installation is required for the planets to be unlocked.
  • As of Update: Specters of the Rail, Nav Segments can be sold for Credits645 each.


  • The entire solar system with the path.
  • Some Nav Segments in the inventory.
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