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All... as one.

I stand before you... last of my kind. An orphan of Tenno massacres. But their violence did not end with me, did it? It carried on... to all of you. Grineer languished in their torture-plexes. Ostron clades starved for Tenno tithe. Corpus pupils weeping Tenno praise under blade. Solaris souls blackened the skies of Tenno foundries. But now is our time. An era of peace and security. The devils have been cast out. And by the Void... the Tenno shall never return!

Narmer is a Faction introduced in The New War quest, ruled by Ballas after Erra's Sentients took over the Origin System by brainwashing Ostrons, Solari, Grineer, and Corpus into blind subservience.

Individuals under Narmer control are identified by golden Narmer Veils masking their faces which produce a red hallucinogen that brainwashes its victims, and their weapons, equipment, and dropships are adorned with red horns and/or golden decorations. They also mindlessly chant "all as one."

While the concept of Narmer is almost omnipresent throughout the Sol System, thanks to the actions of Erra and Ballas, its core definition remains shrouded in obfuscation. Narmer could be the name of the new Sentient Empire, but there are elements of its structure that seem more in line with a religious movement, such as the Narmer Deacons and Archons. The members of Narmer treat the subject with extreme reverence, and refer to Narmer as either a philosophy, religion, empire, or all three at once.


The New War[]

What does it matter? We-- you have won. Narmer spreads across the system. Monuments rise to your glory. All who live, bios and not, kneel before you--

--but not THEM! You see some great triumph here? That this dullard herd worships me? Wailing 'freedom' from their rotten gobs when the truth is... they all thirst for that piss-warm comfort of being told what to think! They wanted to kneel...
Erra fails to placate Ballas, who describes Narmer as a hollow victory

Despite the efforts of the Tenno-Grineer-Corpus alliance to repel the Sentient invasion, Ballas banishes both the Operator and the Lotus into a Void portal. Without their presence, the Sentients led by Erra crush the alliance and are easily able to take over the Origin System. They install Narmer Veils onto subjects to brainwash them and subjugate loyalty to Narmer while defaming the Tenno, with Narmer Deacons constantly keeping watch and are able to remotely detonate the Veils and kill its wearer should they detect any resistance. Furthermore, Erra's Archons, known as Nira, Boreal, and Amar, served to instill fear in dissidents and ensure loyalty throughout the system. However, a few individuals such as Little Duck and Nora Night have managed to evade capture.

After an uneasy alliance between the Drifter and Hunhow to save the Operator and the Lotus and the subsequent deaths of two Archons to achieve this goal, the empire began to disintegrate as Ballas recalled all fleets to the Sentient mothership Praghasa to devour the sun, enraged at the Tenno's return and scheming to sacrifice the Origin System and his Narmer empire to escape to the Tau System. Erra, realizing Ballas also intends to doom the Sentients, defects and sacrifices himself to guide the Tenno to the third and final Archon hoping it may fully restore the Lotus. After the final confrontation between the Drifter/Operator and the Lotus against Ballas and his subsequent death, the Narmer Empire became heavily destabilized with their leader effectively becoming a martyr and creating a power vacuum that the loyalists scramble to fill, allowing other factions of the Origin System to slowly recover.

Following The New War, remnants of Narmer remain active in the post-war ravaged Plains of Eidolon and Orb Vallis, with both Konzu and Eudico suggesting that someone else is pulling the strings.


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A Murex emerges near Deimos revealing that Narmer continues their machinations of enslaving the Origin System. The Archons have been revived, with Erra himself being transformed into one.

Kahl-175, a Grineer soldier that fought in The New War, breaks free from his Narmer Veil. He fights alongside the Tenno to free his brothers from Narmer oppression.

Notable Narmer[]

  • Ballas (leader, deceased, killed by the Lotus)
  • Erra (former second-in-command, turned into an Archon)
  • Ka-Nuteru (Disciple, deceased, killed by the Stalker)


  • Faction Damage Mods of other enemy types have no effect on their Narmer counterparts. For example, Mod TT 20px.png Bane of Grineer does not increase damage dealt to a Narmer Lancer.
  • As an individual Faction, Narmer is hostile towards Sentients despite its origins - possibly brought about by Sentients losing their trust in Ballas after his deception - and will attack each other. Such quarrels can be found during Narmer Bounties at the Plains of Eidolon just before nighttime, with Narmer forces engaging Eidolon Vomvalysts.
    • The latter is most likely an oversight, as Narmer assassination targets will summon Eidolon Vomvalysts to shield themselves.


  • Narmer is name of an ancient Egyptian pharaoh, who conquered Lower Egypt and unified it with Upper Egypt.
  • During The New War Quest, the Veiled Solaris sing the song For Narmer, a hymn that praises Ballas and utter subordination to him.

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