Nano-Applicator is a rare Shotgun mod that increases status chance while aiming for a brief time after casting an ability.


Rank Status chance Duration Cost
0 +15% 1.5s 4
1 +30% 3s 5
2 +45% 4.5s 6
3 +60% 6s 7
4 +75% 7.5s 8
5 +90% 9s 9


  • The bonus is additive to that of other status chance mods (e.g. Shell Shock).
  • Triggering the effect multiple times only resets the buff duration.
  • This mod will allow shotguns that have near 100% status with 4 dual stat mods to reach 100% when an ability is cast. These include the Vaykor Hek, Kohm, Tigris, and Sancti Tigris.
    • Along with Shotgun Savvy and 4 dual stat mods, this mod can allow the Drakgoon to reach 100% status before multishot.
      • This allows every pellet to proc a status effect, making a corrosive and blast build extremely effective against the grineer, removing armor with just a few shots, as an example.
  • Most builds will need to remove a mod in order to fit Nano-Applicator into their weapon properly. Blaze can be removed and substituted for this mod as the resulting 100% status offers better stopping power versus heavy armor.
  • Going into Operator mode counts as an ability cast and therefore refreshes the buff.


Patch HistoryEdit

Hotfix 18.4.1

Last updated: Hotfix 24.1.5

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