The younger brother of Ved Xol displayed no aptitude for business. Instead, his enthusiasm for violence and conflict have helped him quickly climb corporate ranks.

Behavior Edit

  • Nako Xol will fire his DETetra Tetra at any players in sight in a burst fire.
  • When the player is within melee range (around 10 meters), he will wield his Prova8point2 Prova instead.
    • At that time, he can cast Repulsion wave that knocks back and knockdown nearby players.
  • His Arctic Aura providesCold b Cold resistance to his nearby allies.

Bugs Edit

  • Despite the Codex stating that he has 100 shield, 150 flesh, and 200 alloy armor at base, he actually has 2500 shield, 1000 flesh, and 50 alloy armor at base
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