"Free advice with or without purchase, surah. I'm here to help!"


Nakak is a young saleswoman of "Masks and Oddities" in Cetus, located on the left side of the market, directly across from the gate to the Plains of Eidolon. She sells masks in the likeness of various Warframes and the Grineer, and Fosfors, scavenged Grineer flares that increase Affinity range when used. Instead of selling items for Standing or Platinum, Nakak trades her wares for resources from the Plains. Her stock occasionally changes while the costs associated with it change daily.

She also claims to sell rugs and carpets, although these are not actually for sale from her. These are in addition to the more vague claims of knick-knacks, oddities, curiosities, and adornments that she proclaims are for sale.

Nakak offers varied advice, information and anecdotes interspersed into her conversation without asking for anything in return, emphasizing that she sees the Tenno as a local. She states that her merchandise is locally made and that, unlike others, she will always give the offworlders same price that is given to Ostrons.

Wares Edit

Mask Description  (using the language Nakak provides for decorations.)
Excalibur Mask
Play as noble Excalibur - master of gun and blade.
Mag Mask
Crush your enemies as the Mistress of Magnetism: Mag!
Volt Mask
Bzz-zz-zzt! Fry the baddies with arcs of powerful energy. Volt!
Trinity Mask
Heal your friends, push back the Grineer. Never say die. Trinity!
Grineer Mask
Take up arms against the Tenno. Fight for the loathsome Grineer! Someone has to be the bad guy.
Mask of the Lost One
Built to the Unum's specifications, and fitted with prismatic lenses supplied by the Quill Onkko. This is the only mask to actually have a function in the game - the rest are purely decorations.
Fosfor Description
Fosfor Blau x 20 Blueprint
Launch a bright blue flare that significantly increases Affinity Range while active.
Fosfor Rahd x 20 Blueprint
Launch a bright red flare that significantly increases Affinity Range while active.
Floof Description
Tusk Thumper Floof Tusk Thumper Floof
Tusk Thumper Bull Floof Tusk Thumper Bull Floof
Tusk Thumper Doma Floof Tusk Thumper Doma Floof


  • In Thai, the word Nakak (หน้ากาก) translates to "mask."
  • While Nakak herself does not sell rugs and carpets as claimed, the Ostron Rug Collection is available for platinum from the Market terminal aboard the Orbiter.
  • Nakak is currently the only child that can be seen in Cetus, outside the intro cutscene when first landing in Cetus. All of these children, including her, wear a (Trinity) mask.
    • Her face is revealed during the Mask of the Revenant mini-quest, and is the only child in Cetus to have their face revealed.
  • During Operation: Plague Star, Nakak was also in charge of the event wares as the representative of the Operational Supply syndicate.
  • During Mask of the Revenant mini-quest, it was revealed that Nakak has a cousin named Mukha, whose name is derived from Sanskrit, which translates "to face".
  • Nakak is voiced by Maya Tuttle.


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