The Mycona Colony is an abandoned Corpus Freighter above Phobos that houses the Myconian people. The Myconians were once part of the Corpus but disbanded because of the harm caused by their greed. They now are a band of harvesters who farm the Infestation for their flesh to sell to customers such as The Perrin Sequence.


Little is known about their way of life. The Myconians are proud people who don't believe in charity during hardships; instead, they learn to adapt, being resourceful about their environment and doing what they can to survive. At some point in time, they came across an Old War relic, containing the blueprints of the Warframe NidusIcon272 Nidus. From this relic, they discovered a gene that allowed them to start a new livelihood involving farming Infested flesh.

The reason why they can harvest the Infestation without harm is due to the Triuna, a person who has genetic immunity to the Infested, which they fear due to the Triuna's hybrid nature. However, only a child can inherit this unique genetic trait but at the cost of a shortened life because it harms the bearer, weakening them and making them more susceptible to sickness. Because of this, every couple of years they perform a ritual called "The Passing" in order to pass this genetic immunity to future generations. This ritual involves a blood transfusion that can be carried out by a finger prick.


A Myconian wielding an GrineerFlameThrower Ignis to defend themselves from the Infested

Depending on the player's Alignment choices at the end of The Glast Gambit quest, either the Triuna is cured and lost forever, ending the Myconian's way of life as a contingent of specters arrive to defend their colony from the Infested; the Myconians will continue on their livelihood, harvesting Infested flesh while preserving the Triuna and The Passing; or Neewa will serve as their last Triuna, ending the suffering of future Myconian children and their days of farming.

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  • The Infested mass on the backs of Myconian hunters is a resized Infested Tumor.
  • Infested flesh can be seen growing on the helmets and the suits of Myconians. They seem to be unaffected by these growths.
  • Neewa refers to the Infestation as "Mumblers". Whether or not the rest of the colony calls them that remains unknown.

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