Munitions Vortex is a Battle Avionic equipped in slot one. When activated, Munitions Vortex deploys a bubble that vacuums outgoing fire for a short duration, causing it to orbit the bubble and damage enemies the pass through much like MagIcon272 Mag's Magnetize130xDark Magnetize. When the duration ends, the bubble detonates to deal all accumulated damage over an area, akin to NovaIcon272 Nova's AntimatterDrop130xDark Antimatter Drop.


Rank Duration Range Drain
0 5s 50m 2
1 5s 75m 3
2 8s 85m 4
3 9s 100m 5
4 10s 120m 6
5 11s 130m
6 13s 140m
7 15s 150m

Tips & TricksEdit

  • Projectile crawls forward in a straight line from the Railjack for a very short distance (~50m) before stopping. As such, it is recommended to close the gap as much as possible before activation.
  • Though powerful when charged, its effect has a small effective radius. As such, it is best used when combined with Tether or Void Hole, allowing enemies to be grouped, immobilized, and struck by any orbiting projectiles before detonation.
  • Can be an effective response to incoming Ramsleds, as the projectile can be placed as a trap, charged by fire, and detonated when pods are close to the Railjack.

Patch HistoryEdit

Update 27.0
  • Introduced.
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