Multishot describes the number of pellets (bullets, projectiles, bolts, etc.) the weapon will fire per attack. While multishot is a feature normally encountered mainly on shotguns, it can be added to any weapon through mods, effectively allowing you to fire more bullets without consuming extra ammunition. If the pellet count results in a fraction, the fractional part will be a chance to fire one more bullet.

Because every pellet has a chance to proc, increasing multishot will effectively increase the chance of obtaining a status effect.

Calculating Multishot

Total Pellets = Weapon Pellet Count × (1 + Multishot Modifier)

  • Weapon Pellet Count refers to the base number of pellets fired per weapon attack.
  • Multishot Modifier refers to the total value of all related mods added together.

For example, a Hek with a base pellet count of 7 with 120% multishot will have the pellet count of 15.4. This means it will fire 15 pellets per shot with a 40% chance of firing a 16th pellet. Meanwhile, a Lex with 180% multishot will have a pellet count of 2.8. It will therefore fire 2 bullets with an 80% chance of a third bullet on that shot.

Since multishot only changes the weapon's pellet count, all additional pellets will behave identically to the originals, including mod effects, spread, elemental damage, etc. If the weapon has no spread at all, the additional bullets will overlap the original. This can be verified by using a weapon such as the Dera with and without Mod TT 20pxHeavy Caliber to increase spread.

Note that the in-game UI will show the sum of all the pellets' damage, so actual damage may be lower on weapons with large spreads where some pellets may miss entirely. 

Pellet Counts

This section contains tables showing how multishot affects weapons with innate Multishot (that is, they fire multiple projectiles per shot. For all other weapons, consult the above equation). For brevity's sake, each Multishot percentage column refers to fully-ranked, non-Riven mods that grant Multishot, arranged by increasing Multishot value, followed by a combination of fully-ranked mods, again arranged by increasing value where applicable.


Multishot percent 0%* 60%* 120%* 180%*
Kohm 1-12 1.6-19.2 2.2-26.4 2.8-33.6
Convectrix 2 3.2 4.4 5.4
Sobek, Tigris 5 8 11 14
Corinth (Primary Fire), Sweeper (Prime), Sancti Tigris 6 9.6 13.2 16.8
Hek (Vaykor), Phage 7 11.2 15.4 19.6
Boar (Prime), Tigris Prime 8 12.8 17.6 22.4
Strun (MK1, Wraith), Drakgoon 10 16 22 28

The table below refers to Mod TT 20pxScattered Justice, a mod that also gives multishot but can only be installed on the Hek.

Multishot percent 0%* 200%* 260%* 320%* 380%*
Hek 7 21 25.2 29.4 33.6

Primaries With Innate Multishot

Multishot percent 0%* 60%* 90%* 150%*
Cernos Prime 3 4.8 5.7 7.5
Zarr (Barrage Mode) 7 11.2 13.3 17.5


Multishot percent 0%* 60%* 120%* 180%*
Kohmak, Twin Kohmak 1-5 1.6-8 2.2-11 2.8-14
Twin Grakatas 2 3.2 4.4 5.6
Fusilai (Secondary Fire) 3 4.8 6.6 8.4
Angstrum (Prisma) 3-7 4.8-11.2 6.6-15.4 8.4-19.6
Ballistica Prime (Uncharged Shot) 4 6.4 8.8 11.2
Bronco (Prime), Akbronco (Prime), Detron (Mara) 7 11.2 15.4 19.6
Brakk, Euphona Prime (Secondary Fire) 10 16 22 28
Pyrana 12 19.2 26.4 33.6
Twin Rogga 15 24 33 42


Accuracy is calculated using the following formula:

Accuracy = 100 × Shots Hit ÷ Unmodified Pellet Count

Because of this, it is possible to have an accuracy higher than 100% with a projectile-based weapon using a multishot mod. For example, if you hit 468 shots and fired 342 shots during a mission:

Accuracy = 100 × 468 ÷ 342 = 136.84%

Therefore, rifles can potentially reach 190% accuracy, shotguns 220%, and pistols 280% before considering how multiple targets can be struck via punch through.

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