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On Deimos, be aware of all things.


Mother is the alias of the leader of the Entrati family. She is a partially-infested Orokin scientist, mathematician, and philosopher who resides inside the enclave of Necralisk, on Deimos. She offers Bounties to the Tenno, limited-time missions out in the Cambion Drift which can be accomplished to earn Entrati Standing and other rewards as provided in the bounty rewards. She is located inside an infested flower on Necralisk, but can also be found throughout the Cambion Drift in designated spots.

Lore[edit | edit source]

General[edit | edit source]

Mother belongs to the Entrati family, who were highly regarded since the Orokin Era for being the first ones to create technologies that harnessed the power of the Void. She, along with her husband Father, are the custodians of the Heart, a device made by her father that "pumps the arteries" of the known universe and the Void, and serves as the wellspring of Void power for the Tenno.

After the fall of the Orokin Empire, the Dax and Tenno stopped assisting in the protection of Deimos, which resulted in the gradual decline of the Entrati family and abandonment of Void Research Enclaves, or Isolation Vaults, after the encroaching Grey Strain of the Infestation started to increase. These long-abandoned ruins exist in the underworld of the Cambion Drift and its only inhabitants are the Necramech who protect them from intruders. These previously subservient units have gone berserk and will attack any who enter these Vaults looking for treasure.

Mother's relationship with her family was highly emotionally abusive. In general, she did not seem to value her marriage, nor pay much attention to her two children and often belittling them as she refers to her daughter as an entitled and self-pitying whelp, her son as an arrogant upstart and her husband as a mealy-mouthed relic of his old self. She often believes she could hear the voices of her father Albrecht Entrati. When called out by Father on these "delusions", Mother attacked him with a shard of Seriglass. In response to the dysfunction, Son broke containment protocols and let the Infestation into the Necralisk. The Entrati were all Infested, losing many of their memories, though holding onto their identities.

Heart of Deimos[edit | edit source]

Recently, Mother noticed that the Heart was starting to break down. Her husband is the only one with the expertise to repair it but he is nowhere to be found, so with the assistance of a friendly Necraloid, Loid and Otak, she called on the Tenno for help.

Note[edit | edit source]

Associate Spoilers

When the player reaches the rank of Associate with the Entrati, a cutscene plays with a conversation between Son and Mother, where Mother reveals that she indeed was worried about him after he contaminated the family, and wanted nothing more than to protect him from the Infestation. Son acknowledges her recognition and Mother eases his restrictions.

Shortly after, Mother names him Kermerros, meaning "the runner who outstrips his own shadow". This name replaces Son's in-game name from then on.

Family Spoilers

When the player reaches the rank of Family with the Entrati, a cutscene plays with a conversation between the entire family, where Vilcor gives Mother a Seriglass Shard and convinces her to let go of the shard that binds her to Grandfather. Following this, Vilcor gives Mother the name Gomaitru, meaning "the goblet refilled". This name replaces Mother's in-game name from then on.

The Tenno are fully welcomed into the Entrati family and are bestowed the name Ayatan.

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