Displays blood-splattered pattern on its scales and has its ribs exposed through open cavities along both flanks. When predators approach it lies still at the bottom of the sand banks, disguised as a carcass in hopes of being ignored.

Mortus Lungfish is a species of fish introduced in the Plains of Eidolon update.

  • Biome: Pond
  • Activity: Cathemeral (Day and Night time)
  • Effective Spears: Lanzo/Peram
  • Maximum Weight: 40 kg
  • Rarity: Uncommon
Small Medium Large
ReputationLargeBlack100 ReputationLargeBlack125 ReputationLargeBlack200
IconFishMeat x3
IconFishOil x4
IconFishMeat x4
IconFishScales x2
IconFishOil x6
IconFishMeat x5
IconFishScales x3
IconFishOil x8

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