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Mood Spirals are a unique mechanic that is only used in Duviri. The mood spiral at the time of beginning the session affects the landscape, certain points of interest, color palette of the sky and land, and more. Each Spiral is lead by a different courtier, who will guide the player through their mission. The moods that can appear during a Duviri run are Joy, Anger, Envy, Sorrow, and Fear. Each mood lasts for 120 minutes (2 hours).


Each spiral represents what mood Dominus Thrax is feeling. During each spiral, a different courtier of Thrax takes charge as the antagonist, and changes the world to fit themselves. This causes the sky to change color, and enemies to do different types of damage.


During Joy, Mathila, The Harbinger of Joy takes charge. She fills the sky with blooming colors, and will make enemies emit Void damage.


During the Anger Spiral, Lodun, The Prince of Fire dominates Duviri. The skies turn red, while enraged faces look down at the player, and fiery meteors rain down on the player. Enemies will inflict Heat damage on the player.


During Envy, Bombastine, The Covetous Courtier influences Duviri. The skies turn a noxious green, and greedy eyes watch from above. Enemies will inflict Toxin damage on the player.


During Sorrow, Luscina, the Sorrowful Soprano takes hold of Duviri. The skies become a depressing grey above the heads of players. Enemies inflict Electricity damage.


During Fear, Sythel, The Fearful Conspirator haunts Duviri. They skies become an ominous blue. Enemies inflict Cold damage on players.