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local p = {}

local Lang = mw.language.new('en')	-- Using for parsing dates and number formatting
local BaroData = mw.loadData('Module:Baro/data')['Items']

---	Builds Baro's offering history wikitable as seen on [[Baro Ki'Teer/Trades]]
--	@function		p.buildOfferingHistoryTable
--	@param			{table} frame Frame object; first argument being platform ("PC" or "Consoles") and
--							the second being the year in which items were first being sold by Baro or "All"
--							for all years
--	@return			{string} Wikitext of resultant wikitable
function p.buildOfferingHistoryTable(frame)
	local platform = frame.args[1] or 
			error('p.buildOfferingHistoryTable(frame): Must have pass in a non-empty argument; valid arguments are "PC" or "Consoles"')
	local year = frame.args[2] or 
			error('p.buildOfferingHistoryTable(frame): Must have pass in a non-empty argument representing year in which items were first being sold by Baro or "All" for all years')
	local dateKey = nil
	if (platform == 'PC') then
		dateKey = 'PcOfferingDates'
	elseif (platform == 'Consoles') then
		dateKey = 'ConsoleOfferingDates'
		error('p.buildOfferingHistoryTable(frame): Invalid first argument; valid arguments are "PC" or "Console"')
	local result = { [=[
{| class="listtable sortable" style="width:100%;" align="center"
!width="30%" data-sort-type="number"|Cost
!width="35%"|Date(s) Offered
|-]=] }
	for item, itemData in pairs(BaroData) do
		local offeringDates = itemData[dateKey]	-- table of date strings
		-- Nil check for edge cases where an item is always offered such as Fae Ephemera
		-- or Sands of Inaros blueprint or when an item is not yet released on consoles
		if (offeringDates ~= nil) then
			-- Assume that dates are in ascending order thus first element will be first date
			-- when an item was first sold by Baro
			-- Note that we are comparing strings
			if (Lang:formatDate('Y', offeringDates[1]) == year or year == 'All') then
				local itemImageAndName = ('[[File:%s|150px|link=%s]]<br />[[%s|%s]]')
						:format(itemData.Image, itemData.Link, itemData.Link, itemData.Name)
				local itemType = itemData.Type
				-- Not all items have a Ducat price tag attached
				local itemCost = '{{Cc|'..Lang:formatNum(itemData.CreditCost)..'}}'..
						(itemData.DucatCost and ' + {{Dc|'..Lang:formatNum(itemData.DucatCost)..'}}' or '')
				local itemDates = {}
				for _, date in ipairs(offeringDates) do
					table.insert(itemDates, Lang:formatDate('Y-m-d', date))
				itemDates = table.concat(itemDates, '<br />')
				--[=[ Sample offering history table row	
				|[[File:PrimedContinuity.png|150px|link=Primed Continuity]]<br />[[Primed Continuity]]
				|Mod (Primed)
				|{{cc|100,000}} + {{dc|350}}
				|2014, December 12<br />2015, February 20<br />2015, November 27<br />2019, October 25<br />2020, February 28<br />2020, July 31<br />2021, February 12<br />2021, August 27
				table.insert(result, ([=[
|-]=]):format(itemImageAndName, itemType, itemCost, itemDates) )
	table.insert(result, '|}')
	return frame:preprocess(table.concat(result, '\n'))

return p