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Modification (Mod)

Modifications (or "Mods") can be added to Weapons and Warframes to make them more powerful. They can be obtained through enemy drops. They can either be equipped to their respective device or sold in the inventory for credits.

Mod DetailsEdit

Mods have minimum level requirements. The frame or weapon must have at least the given level before it can be equipped. Mods are generally broken up into 5 categories: Warframe, Rifle (also works for Sniper Rifle), Shotgun, Pistol, and Melee. Many mods are frame or weapon specific. That is, they will name an individual weapon or frame they can be attached to. The " 'Excalibur' Mod" can only be added to the ExcaliburIcon272 Excalibur frame and no other frame. The " 'Skana' Mod" can only be added to the DESkana Skana and no other melee weapon.

Warframes have 4 mod slots and can be supercharged with Orokin Reactors/Catalysts to have more (generally 13). Weapons have 3 mod slots but the total when supercharged varies depending on the weapon type. When supercharged, rifles (including shotguns and snipers) have a total of 5 mod slots, pistols have a total of 4 mod slots and melee weapons have a total of 7 mod slots.

Equipping mods costs credits. This cost ranges from 200 to 750 credits for a single mod to be added. More mods added at the same time does not give any discount. Mods can be removed at no cost. Mods will stack their effects within the same weapon/frame. Loot Radar will have farther range; elemental damage will increase; stun chance will increase; shield recharge will be faster; when you have multiple of the same modifier mods (values can be different). 

Mods have a color code to identify rarity. The name text will be a different color based on how rare it is. White mods are common, Green mods are uncommon, and Blue mods are rare. Generally, the higher level missions will have better mod drops. Heavy units (Grineer Heavies, Infested Ancients, and Corpus Shockwave MOA) are more likely to drop better mods, and Bosses always drop mods. Rarely, mods will have 2 different kinds of abilities. These are sometimes green mods, but generally Blue mods. The more rare or powerful a mod, the more expensive to equip and more profitable to sell. 

Elemental mods on melee weapons will also give a visual effect on the weapon while on a Tenno's back as well as the target they hit. 

Warframe ModsEdit

Name Effect
Armor Decreases the damage you take on your health.
Enemy Radar Enemies are shown on your radar. The value represents the distance [in meters] at which your radar is effective.
Health Increases your maximum health.
Loot Radar Breakable contaners are shown on your radar. The value represents the distance [in meters] at which your radar is effective. Does not show Lockers or loose items.
Melee Damage Increases the damage dealt by melee attacks.
Power Duration Increases the duration of abilities.
Power Efficiency Decreases the energy costs of abilities.
Power Max Increases maximum energy.
Power Range Increases the range of abilities.
Power Strength Increases the damage of your abilities.
Shield Capacity Increases your maximum shield capacity.
Shield Recharge Increases the rate at which your shield recharges.
Sprint Speed Increases movement speed while sprinting.
Stamina Max Increases the total amount of your base stamina.
Stamina Recharge Rate Increases the rate at which you recover stamina.

Weapon ModsEdit

Name Effect
Ammo Maximum Enables you to carry more ammo for the corresponding weapon.
Armour Piercing Damage Makes you deal additional armour piercing damage that is particularly efficient vs. heavily armored targets.
Charge Damage Increases the damage of charged melee attacks.
Clip Capacity Increases the number of bullets in each clip.
Critical Chance Increases chances of a critical strike. 
Critical Damage Makes your critical strikes deal even more damage [base multiplier: 1.5x].
Damage Increases base damage.
Electricity Damage

Adds additional electricity damage to the weapon.  Stuns Corpus Crewman.

Fire Damage Adds additional fire damage to the weapon. Deals fire damage over time.  Highly effective against Infested.
Fire Rate Increases rate of fire [or attack speed for melee weapons].
Freeze Damage  Adds additional freeze damage to the weapon.  Slows enemies and deals extra damage to shields.
Heavy Charge Speed Increases the charge speed of charged melee attacks.
Multishot Occasionally shoot multiple bullets, or increases the amount of pellets shot with shotguns. Decimal values represent the percentage of shots that will feature an extra bullet.
Puncture  Allows bullets to go through walls, objects, and/or other creatures, including allies. The value represents the distance in meters that bullets will penetrate.
Reload Speed Decreases reload time.
Stun Chance Attacks have a chance to stun your target.


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