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Mischief allows the CheshireKavat.png Smeeta Kavat to become invisible while a decoy Kavat draws fire by running toward the enemy.


Rank Duration Cooldown Decoy Evasion Chance Cost
0 6 10 0% 2
1 7 9 5% 3
2 8 8 10% 4
3 9 7 15% 5
  • The Smeeta Kavat can attack while cloaked and remain cloaked, allowing them to execute several attacks while invisible.
  • As long as the decoy is active, the Smeeta Kavat is invisible and invulnerable. If the decoy dies, both effects will end.
  • The decoy can be targeted by a LimboIcon272.png Limbo's Banish130xDark.png Banish, which can allow it to draw much more fire from enemies for it's duration. Note that no matter what plane the Smeeta Kavat is in, the decoy will always spawn in the material plane.
  • Decoy has 50% of smeeta's health, 100% critical chance and 2x critical damage multiplier.

Patch History[]

Hotfix 31.5.3 (2022-04-29)

  • Fixed crash related to Kavat Mischief Precept mod.

Hotfix 29.0.8 (2020-09-10)

  • Fixed Smeeta Kavat's Mischief ability modifying evasion incorrectly, and instead acting as a debuff as opposed to the proper buff.

Hotfix 27.3.15 (2020-04-17)

  • Fixed a script error with Smeeta Kavat’s Mischief precept.

Update: Specters of the Rail 0.0 (2016-07-08)

  • Introduced.