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A master of illusion, Mirage confounds the enemy in a spectacle of style and power.

This is Mirage, a sly conjurer.

Do you believe in magic, Tenno? Mirage's deceiving influence on the battlefield might make you.

Release Date: July 18th, 2014

Mysterious and mischievous, Mirage manipulates the spectrum of light to dazzle her foes. With deceitful mirror images, colorful photokinetic displays and explosive pranks up her sleeves, every battlefield becomes the stage for her next performance. Mirage was unveiled in Update 14.0

Manufacturing Requirements
Time: 72 hrs
Rush: Platinum64.png 50
Market Price: Platinum64.png 275 Blueprint Price: Credits64.png 35,000
Time: 12 hrs
Rush: Platinum64.png 25
Time: 12 hrs
Rush: Platinum64.png 25
Time: 12 hrs
Rush: Platinum64.png 25


Component blueprints are awarded at the end of each mission for the Hidden Messages quest. The previously awarded component must be built to obtain the next components.

Additional blueprints can be bought from Cephalon Simaris for ReputationLargeBlack.png25,000.

Warframe Guides

See Category:Mirage Guides to read user-made guides on how to play this Warframe.


  • Mirage ties with NovaIcon272.png Nova for third highest default sprint speed (behind GaussIcon272.png Gauss at 1.4, and LokiIcon272.png Loki at 1.25).
  • Mirage is the first Warframe that requires an Argon Crystal to construct the entire Warframe instead of a single Orokin Cell.
    • Mirage does, however, require an Orokin Cell to craft each component for a total of three required cells.
  • Mirage is the first Warframe to not require any Rubedo.
  • Currently, Mirage has the second-lowest base health of any Warframe at 80 (IvaraIcon272.png Ivara, LokiIcon272.png Loki, and MagIcon272.png Mag having 75).


  • In the game Mirage first appeared on the fire damage/status chance mods rewarded from the Operation Breeding Grounds event, shown with the new TnoLeverActionRifle.png Sybaris and SawnOffShotgun.png Pyrana.
  • Her second appearance is in a teaser trailer revealed on day 5 on www.theliset.com, the teaser site for Update 14.
  • Details of one of Mirage's abilities, internally named the "Comedy of Errors", (now named SleightOfHand130xDark.png Sleight Of Hand and is her second ability) were leaked in Devstream 31. 
  • Mirage's design aesthetic is based on the harlequin, and has an alternate helmet named so.
    • Both helmet designs also have elements inspired by the cuttlefish, particularly the body of the default helmet and the face of the alternate. Cuttlefish have been the subject of much recent study for their ability to perceive polarized light and to produce complex shifting patterns on their skin.
  • Mirage's third ability, Eclipse130xDark.png Eclipse, has visual effects that evoke the phrase smoke and mirrors. Many tricks of stage magic and illusion are performed with the aid of special mirrors, lighting and distracting bursts of smoke, hence the idiom "It's all done with smoke and mirrors." The phrase has entered wider usage to refer to other sorts of fraud and deception, especially when hidden by some flashy display.
  • She is the third frame with an ultimate power that toggles and does not cost 100 energy to cast, the others being NyxIcon272.png Nyx, BansheeIcon272.png Banshee, MesaIcon272.png Mesa, ChromaIcon272.png Chroma, InarosIcon272.png Inaros, NidusIcon272.png Nidus and EquinoxIcon272.png Equinox.
    • Prism is the first ability to have both a toggle and a maximum duration.
  • Barring Prime variants, Mirage is the 20th Warframe released.
  • Mirage is the first Warframe that can be obtained through a quest.
  • Mirage was the first Warframe that is known to participate in the Sentient War that occurred before the events of the game while the second one would be GaraIcon272.png Gara.
  • Mirage is the first quest-driven Warframe to receive a Prime variant, followed by LimboIcon272.png Limbo.

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Dazzle the opposition with this golden master of illusion and mayhem.

Oh, how you suffered to become this beast. Yet you laughed at me. Others writhed and raged in the vice, but you, you played the fool. And so it was, that you distorted my design.

A sanguine trick. A murderous comedy. But no one is laughing anymore... except you.

The mere vapors of your life, shimmering still. Mirage.

Release Date: December 12th, 2017

Mirage Prime is the Primed variant of MirageIcon272.png Mirage, sporting higher shields, armor, and additional Vazarin Pol.svg and Naramon Pol.svg polarities. Mirage Prime was released alongside MirageAkboltoPrime.png Akbolto Prime and MirageKogakePrime.png Kogake Prime.

Manufacturing Requirements
Neuroptics Chassis Systems OrokinCell64.png
Time: 72 hrs
Rush: Platinum64.png 50
Market Price: N/A Blueprint Price: N/A
Time: 12 hrs
Rush: Platinum64.png 25
Time: 12 hrs
Rush: Platinum64.png 25
Time: 12 hrs
Rush: Platinum64.png 25


Mirage Prime's main and component blueprints are acquired from the following Void Relics.
Blueprint PrimeHelmet.pngNeuroptics PrimeChassis.pngChassis PrimeSystems.pngSystems
Meso M2 Rare (V)
Meso M3 Rare (V)
Neo M1 Rare (V)
Axi M1 Rare (V)
Lith W1 Common (V)
Lith Z1 Common (V)
Meso H1 Common (V)
Neo G1 Common (V)
Neo S9 Common (V)
Axi T2 Common (V)
Lith S7 Common (V)
Meso K2 Common (V)
Neo L1 Common (V)
Axi H4 Common (V)
Meso O2 Uncommon (V)
Neo K2 Uncommon (V)
Neo S12 Uncommon (V)
Neo V6 Uncommon (V)
Axi R2 Uncommon (V)
Lith, Meso, Neo, and Axi refer to Void Relics  |  (V) Denotes Vaulted Void Relics  |  (B) Denotes Baro Ki'Teer Exclusive Void Relic


  • Mirage Prime, compared to MirageIcon272.png Mirage:
    • Higher Shields (110/330 vs. 80/240)
    • Higher Armor (175 vs. 100)
    • Different Polarities (Vazarin Pol.svgVazarin Pol.svgNaramon Pol.svgMadurai Pol.svg vs. Vazarin Pol.svgMadurai Pol.svg)
    • Higher Mastery Rank required (8 vs. 0)
  • As a Prime Warframe, Mirage Prime possesses a special passive ability where contact with an Orokin Void Death Orb will make them release an energy pulse that grants 250 Energy to all nearby allies. This effect can only occur once per Death Orb, and can occur even if the Death Orb has been previously destroyed.
  • Mirage Prime's Prism130xDark.png Prism is surrounded by three golden rings that constantly rotate.


  • Mirage Prime is the first Primed Warframe whose non-prime variant was unlockable through a quest (Hidden Messages).
  • Mirage Prime is the 7th Prime Warframe to have a cinematic lore trailer.
  • Mirage Prime was promoted in the Warframe Launcher and official illustrations using a unique pose and animation set similar to NezhaIcon272.png Nezha's Noble Animation, albeit with different arm placements and movements. As of Update 24, the depicted pose and animations are still not available in-game.
  • With the addition of Mirage Prime's cinematic lore trailer, Mirage Prime was shown bowing in the trailer while using HallOfMirrors130xDark.png Hall Of Mirrors. This animation was added in-game in a hotfix.



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MirageIcon272.png Mirage has an increased proficiency when performing several Maneuvers.

  • Sliding lasts 85% longer
  • +50% faster Maneuver speed


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PowerHallOfMirrors.png HarlequinReflection.png
Hall of Mirrors
Mirage creates an entourage of doppelgangers to confuse and distract the enemy.
Duration:10 / 15 / 20 / 25 s
Misc:1 / 2 / 3 / 4 (holograms)

PowerSleightOfHand.png HarlequinDeadlyTrap.png
Sleight Of Hand
Booby trap nearby objects while conjuring an irresistible jewel that bursts with radial blind when touched in darkness, or a radial explosion in light. Conjure multiple smaller jewels with the help of Hall of Mirrors.
Duration:9 / 12 / 15 / 18 s (trap duration)
? / ? / ? / 5 s (blind duration)
Range:10 / 20 / 30 / 40 m (trap radius)
? / ? / ? / 12 m (jewel charm radius)
4 / 5 / 6 / 8 m (explosion radius)
4 / 5 / 6 / 8 m (blind radius)
Misc:60 m (jewel cast range)
20 s (jewel duration)
2 m (detonation radius)
6 m (clone jewels distance)

PowerEclipse.png HarlequinLightDark.png
Standing in light, Mirage deals heavy damage, while the shadows make Mirage difficult to track and even harder to hurt.
Duration:10 / 15 / 20 / 25 s
Misc:95 % (damage reduction cap)

PowerPrism.png HarlequinPrism.png
Fires an energy prism that shoots lasers in all directions. Activating again detonates the prism, blinding nearby foes.

Energy Drain: 10 s-1

Duration:12 s (prism duration)
7 / 10 / 12 / 15 s (blind duration)
Range:15 / 20 / 25 / 30 m (laser range)
8 / 12 / 15 / 25 m (blind radius)
Misc:10 / 13 / 16 / 20 (lasers)
5 m·s-1 (speed)

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Strength Mods


Duration Mods


Range Mods


HarlequinReflection.png HarlequinReflection.png
HarlequinDeadlyTrap.png HarlequinDeadlyTrap.png HarlequinDeadlyTrap.png
HarlequinLightDark.png HarlequinLightDark.png
HarlequinPrism.png HarlequinPrism.png HarlequinPrism.png

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Update 29.3

  • Fixed Mirage’s Total Eclipse Augment Mod buff being shared with Necramechs.

Hotfix 29.2.4

  • Fixed Mirage’s Eclipse ability not functioning properly with Deferred Rendering enabled. As detailed here!
    • A sharp-eyed Tenno noticed a change with Eclipse's damage bonus using our new Enhanced Graphics engine setting, and it turns out Mirage had us all under an illusion. Eclipse changes its effect intensity based on how bright (or dark) your current location is. The game calculates the brightness by considering all the light sources that are affecting you. The problem... Under the Enhanced Graphics engine, lighting is handled in a different way than the Classic way we've been using for years. So while playing Landscape missions the sunlight was not being included in the intensity. What looked like bright open ground lit by the sun was, as far as the game is concerned internally, gloomy and overcast. This will be fixed such that the Eclipse ability will consider the real-time sunlight under the Enhanced renderer. We cannot guarantee that the results will be exactly the same using the two equations, but any difference should be negligible.

Hotfix 28.3.3

  • Fixed a crash that could occur when using Archwing while Mirage’s Hall of Mirrors is active.

Update 28.3

  • Warframe Blueprint and Component costs from Simaris have been reduced by 50%!
  • Fixed Mirage Hall of Mirror clones not copying certain animations (Ability casts, Emotes, etc).

Hotfix 28.0.6

  • Fixed Status Effects on the Melee weapons of Mirage's Hall of Mirrors clones not disappearing when you stare through her body, as they are supposed to.

Update 28.0

  • Fixed the TennoCon 2020 Syandana clipping with Mirage lower body.

Update 27.4

  • Continued performance improvements towards Mirage’s Hall of Mirror clones when using a Multishot weapon.
  • Improved Mirage's Sleight of Hand's detection of light and dark areas to decide which booby trap to spawn. Also fixed a bug where the 'package' could use the wrong type of explosion based on light/dark in certain situations.
  • Fixed Mirage’s Mithra skin icon having different colors than the actual skin.
  • Fixed a script error caused by a Mirage Sleight Of Hand trap wanting to explode after it has already expired.
  • Fixed script error related to Mirage’s Sleight of Hand ability.

Update 27.3

  • Fixed Mirage’s Explosive Legerdemain Augment damaging everything within range, including allies or even the Defense objective, if the Mirage leaves the game session.

Update 27.2

  • Armor Change:
    • Mirage: 65 to 100
    • Mirage Prime: 150 to 175
    • Why: The conversation surrounding Arcane Guardian led to a significant review of Armor stats on Warfarmes. The Majority of Warframes received an increase in the Armor stat to increase survivability. Compounded with Shield Gating and the numerous other changes covered, we expect a much more fair feeling playing field for all Warframes.
  • Fixed Mirage’s Hall of Mirror clones not animating properly during double/wall jumps.
  • Fixed script error with Mirage’s Eclipse ability.


  • Fixed a crash when aiming with Quatz (possibly other similar weapons that change fire mode on aim) and switching weapons while Mirage Hall of Mirrors is active.

Update 27.1

  • Fixed Mirage’s Hall of Mirror clones not shooting the last round in your magazine.
  • Fixed Mirage’s Hall of Mirror clones not animating properly for double/wall jumps.

Hotfix 27.0.12

  • Mirage ability videos have been added to her Arsenal!
  • Fixed the Vengeful Charge Ephemera providing constant light source for Mirage's Eclipse, resulting in a cosmetic granting the light buff to remain 99% of the time.

Update 26.1

  • Restored Mirage’s Eclipse granting its ‘light’ buff when Mirage is on fire AND when under the effect of an Electricity Status Effect.

Hotfix 25.7.4

  • Fixed Mirage’s Hall of Mirror clone kills not counting towards ‘kills’ for relevant Challenges/Acts.

Update 25.7

  • Fixed the Narvarr Prime shoulder armor clipping through Mirage Prime’s shoulder plates.
  • Fixed Mirage’s Hall of Mirror clones sometimes using their Primary Fire instead of Alt Fire for the Corinth and Euphona Prime.
  • Fixed Amalgam Heqet clones causing screen flickering when used on Mirage.
  • (Undocumented) Hall of Mirrors clones can now shoot copies of SundialPistol.png Azima's alt fire disks.

Update 25.6

Explosive Legerdemain - Sleight of Hand Augment - Mirage
  • Increase damage and status chance when triggered
Total Eclipse - Eclipse Augment - Mirage
  • Increase range on the buff to other players

Hotfix 25.4.1

  • Fixed Mirage’s Hall Of Mirrors ability causing the Quatz’ Electric Discharge sound to unintentionally play duplicate instances.

Hotfix 25.3.3

  • Fixed an issue with Cernos Prime arrows fired by Mirage's Hall of Mirrors clones always hitting the floor.

Update 25.2

  • Fixed Mirage Sleight of Hand not working with Gas City objects.

Update 25.1

  • Fixed seeing a large beam of light FX when firing the Ferrox with Mirage’s Hall of Mirrors active as reported here.

Update 25.0

  • Cephalon Simaris now sells Blueprints given during quests in his Offerings! This allows you to purchase these items in the event that you’ve accidentally sold them.

Hotfix 24.7.2

  • Fixed Mirage’s Hall of Mirror clones leaving behind Gaze (Kitgun) beams if the ability ends while firing.
  • Fixed Mirage’s Sleight of Hand ability confusing Pets equipped with Scavenge.

Update 24.6

  • Optimizations towards Mirage Hall of Mirrors projectile FX for Staticor and Ogris that was causing crashes.

Update 23.5

  • Fixed wonky FX when casting Mirage’s Eclipse on certain Armor Attachments.

Hotfix 23.3.2

  • Fixed Mirage's Eclipse ability causing some Syandanas (eg. Repala, Vasa, etc.) to change colour to match her Warframe Energy.

Hotfix 23.0.2

  • Fixed Mirage’s Hall of Mirrors clones not displaying any of your equipped weapons.

Update 23.0

  • Fixed Mirage’s Hall of Mirror clones applying Melee Stealth bonus 100% of the time.

Update 22.20

  • Fixed kills made by Mirage's Hall of Mirror clones not contributing towards Onslaught Efficiency.
  • Fixed rare cases of Mirage’s Hall of Mirrors creating a permanently firing Opticor.

Hotfix 22.18.5

  • Fixed an issue with Mirage's Hall of Mirror clone kills not counting towards anything.

Hotfix 22.16.4

  • Fixed a script error relating to Mirage.

Update 22.14

  • Fixed Mirage not gaining Warframe Affinity when getting kills with her Hall of Mirrors clones

Hotfix 22.12.3

  • Fixed Mirage Prime's materials looking muddy during Eclipse in the dark.
  • Fixed a script error when casting Mirage Prime’s Hall of Mirrors.

Update 22.12

  • Mirage's Eclipse Duration has been buffed and now matches Hall of Mirrors at Max Rank (so you can better coordinate the upkeep).

Update 22.8

  • Mirage's Hall of Mirrors casting animation has been changed to match the style of the Mirage Prime trailer!

Update 22.4 Mirage Sleight of Hand Changes: In addition to booby trapping nearby objects, Mirage’s Sleight of Hand now spawns a jewel that attracts near by enemies! If Sleight of Hand is used with Hall of Mirrors, each of her clones will also place a smaller jewel with a smaller enemy attraction. The jewel Damage, Blind Duration, and Range increases with the level of Sleight of Hand.

  • If the jewel is placed in the light, it will deliver a radial explosion to nearby enemies.
  • If the jewel is placed in the dark, it will deliver a radial blind to nearby enemies.
  • Jewels will be auto-destroyed if they go unused after 20 seconds.

Update 16.3

  • Sleight of Hand - Mod TT 20px.pngExplosive Legerdemain: Pickups are turned into proximity mines that deal damage with proc chance.
  • Fixed visual issue with the Edo Prime Chest Piece when equipped to a Mirage using Eclipse.

Update 16.2

  • Fixed Mirage’s clones from Hall of Mirrors sometimes shooting in the wrong direction.
  • Fixed Mirage’s Winter Skin disappearing when Eclipse is activated.

Update 15.16

  • Fixed enemies aiming at Hall of Mirrors aiming behind themselves, instead of at Mirage’s image.

Update 15.13

  • Fixed Mirage’s HUD Eclipse Buff showing as going above 255% damage.

Hotfix 15.11.1

  • Mirage is now able to gain energy from Team Energy Restore items while her Prism Ability is toggled on.

Update 15.11

  • Fixed visual effects on Mirage’s Hall of Mirrors clones when using the Panthera.

Hotfix 15.10.1

  • Mirage’s Hall of Malevolence Augment has been buffed to give each of Mirage’s clones a damage increase of 5% per enemy killed, up to a total of 50% max clone damage. Previously this damage increase was based on unmodded weapon damage.
  • Mirage’s Hall of Malevolence buff will now show as a % damage increase in the UI.

Update 15.10

  • Fixed Mirage’s Prism occasionally not be destroyed at the end of the cast.

Update 15.9

  • Fixed Kohm creating particle effects on Mirage’s clones when particle settings are not set to High in system settings.

Hotfix 15.7.2

  • Fixed Mirage’s Eclipse Augment effects not working correctly when applied to other Warframes.
  • Fixed Silva and Aegis losing texture when used by Mirage during Hall of Mirrors.
  • Fixed Mirage’s Prism never going away when cast outside of a Nullifier Crewman’s bubble, just before stepping into the bubble before the throw animation is complete.
  • Fixed issue occasionally caused by Mirage’s Hall of Mirrors.

Update 15.6

  • Mirage: Eclipse: Total Eclipse: The effect applies to nearby allies within a 3/3/4/5 meter radius for 25%/50%/75%/100% effect.

Hotfix 15.5.9

  • Fixed crash that would occur when Mirage used Hall of Mirrors with a Torrid equipped as a client.

Hotfix 15.5.7

  • Fixed Mirage’s Eclipse removing her festive holiday skin.

Update 15.1

  • Fixed Mirage’s Hall of Mirrors clones not animating if you are using a different frames Animation Stance.

Hotfix 15.0.6

  • Fixed issues with Mirage’s Eclipse ability not correctly working with the Edo Chest armor.

Hotfix 15.0.5

  • Tweaked the arrow position for Mirage's Agile stance.
  • Limited the number of augment damage stacks that can be applied to Mirage’s Hall of Mirror clones to 10.

Update 15.0

  • Mirage: Hall of Mirrors: Hall of Malevolence: The damage of your doppelgängers is increased by %, every time you kill an enemy.
  • Fixed issues with the way the Foundry displays certain builds-in-progress, as seen with Mirage’s Harlequin helmet.
  • Fixed Mirage’s Hall of Mirror clones not throwing Glaives if you're the Client.
  • Fixed Mirage’s Hall of Mirror clones turning and throwing the Glaive in the wrong direction when you have it equipped as the host.
  • Fixed an issue where players may not receive the first Inbox message for the Mirage Quest.

Update 14.10

  • Fixed an issue with the Harlequin Mirage Helmet Blueprint incorrectly appearing as the Arcane Scorpion *Ash Helmet Blueprint. Please note that we will be re-running a functioning Harlequin Helmet alert at a similar time as the broken one, but with a doubled duration.

Update 14.9

  • Fixed Mirage’s Prism lasers not targeting Orokin Drones.
  • Fixed Mirage’s Prism saying it used 100 power to activate when it only uses 50.
  • Fixed cases of Mirage’s Prism lasting forever/not using any energy, and being able to launch a second Prism.
  • Fixed Mirage’s Prism prematurely detonating if it hits a defense target.
  • Fixed Corpus security cameras sometimes being blind to a Mirage with Eclipse active.
  • Fixed issues with the Mirage Codex/Quest diorama having the wrong or conflicting Warframe presented.

Update 14.8

  • Added in missing idle animations for Loki, Mirage, and Nova (noble). When inactive for a few seconds, each of these frames will now have idles!

Hotfix 14.7.3

  • Fixed issue with enemy AI freezing when trying to 'pull' a Mirage Hall of Mirror clone.

Update 14.7

  • Further improved the aiming of Mirage's Prism projectile.
  • Improved the performance of Mirage's Prism and Nova's Wormhole ability.
  • Fixed Mirage's Prism not being properly castable by AI.

Update 14.6

  • Improved the aiming direction of Mirage's Prism ability.

Hotfix 14.5.1

  • Changed Mirage Alt Helm to be untradable.


  • Fixed Mirage’s Eclipse lasting forever when cast.

Update 14.5

  • Changed FX of Laser Doors when affected by Mirage’s abilities to better indicate you’re safe to run through.
  • Fixed Mirage’s Hall of Mirrors not being affected by some mods (Heavy Caliber).

Update 14.2

  • Fixed an issue with Mirage’s Eclipse damage bonus not applying to all damage types (like Penta explosion).
  • Fixed a number of animation issues seen with Mirage's agile and noble idle animations.

Update 14.1

  • Fixed issue with progression on the Mirage ‘Hidden Messages’ quest if you already crafted the Chassis or already own a completed Mirage.

Hotfix 14.0.9

  • Fixed an issue with the Mirage’s Prism visuals persisting in the game world if the ability was casted repeatedly (spammed).

Hotfix 14.0.6

  • Fixed an issue with the Illiac Chest piece clipping into Ember, Nyx, and Mirage frames.

Hotfix 14.0.5

  • Included a max number of instances for explosions available with Mirage’s Sleight of Hand ability.
  • Improved the performance of Mirage’s Prism ability on lower end computers.
  • Performance Improvements for Mirage + Hall of Mirrors and Angstrum, Ogris, Penta, and Mutalist Quanta, and Stug.
  • Improved performance on Mirage’s Prism when Particle Quality is set to low.
  • Fixed Mirage Hall of Mirror ‘illusions’ doing friendly damage in dojo duels, and possibly other places as well.
  • Fixed cases of Mirage’s Hall of Mirrors Friendly Fire caused by temporary radiation induced faction change.

Hotfix 14.0.4

  • Fixed Mirage quest mid-point not sending transmissions to continue finding the parts.

Hotfix 14.0.1

  • Altered the range of the visual effect of Mirage's Sleight of Hand ability.
  • Reduced the amount of projectile visual effects seen when using specific weapons in conjunction with Mirage's Hall of Mirror clones.
  • Fixed a number of power in use and loss of functionality issues related to Mirage's Sleight of Hand ability.

Update 14.0

  • Introduced via Hidden Messages quest.

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Mirage Prime

Default Mirage

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