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Cycle through four deployable mines: Tether Coil, Flechette Orb, Vector Pad and Overdriver.

Cycle select energy cost: 0

Tether Coil
Strength:? / ? / ? / 250 (Slash w.svg Slash damage on latch)
Duration:25 s (mine duration)
Range:? / ? / ? / 20 m (grab range)
Misc:2 (max targets)

Flechette Orb
Strength:? / ? / ? / 300 (Puncture w.svg Puncture damage per nail)
Duration:25 s (mine duration)
Misc:?% (critical chance)
?% (status chance)
? m (target radius)

Vector Pad
Strength:25 m/s (speed boost)
Duration:25 s (mine duration)

Strength:25% (weapon damage bonus)
Duration:25 s (mine duration)
Range:10 m (attach radius)

  • Equipped to manufacture an assortment of advanced technology, Vauban selectively arms himself with a specialized landmine by tapping the ability key (default 2 ) to cycle between the Tether Coil, Flechette Orb, Vector Pad, and Overdriver. Hold down the hotkey to throw the selected landmine in an arcing trajectory toward the aiming reticle, lasting for ? / ? / ? / 25 seconds once deployed.
    • Mine duration is affected by Ability Duration.
    • Mine selection and throw can be inverted in the Options menu.
  • Vauban's variety of four landmines each perform different functions to hinder enemies and assist his allies:

Tether Coil
  • Unlocked by default. (Warframe Rank 3)
  • Tether Coil deploys upon contact with an enemy or surface, extending energy wires that inflict ? / ? / ? / 250 Slash b.svg Slash damage, incapacitate and pull in up to 2 enemies within ? / ? / ? / 20 meters from the gadget.
  • Enemies attached to a Tether Coil wire are subject to ragdoll physics and the wire's constant pull toward the gadget.
  • If affected enemies are killed, Tether Coil will attach to new targets throughout its duration.
  • Tether Coil does not target enemies already pulled by other Tether Coils.

Flechette Orb
  • Unlocked at Rank 1. (Warframe Rank 12)
  • Flechette Orb deploys upon contact with an enemy or surface, falling onto the ground and hovering in place. Once deployed, the orb turret rapidly fires high velocity nails randomly in all directions, inflicting ? / ? / ? / 300 Puncture b.svg Puncture damage with a ?% critical chance, 2.5x critical multiplier and ?% status chance on enemies hit. Enemies coming within ? meters are prioritized by the turret with high accuracy.
  • Enemies killed by Flechette Orb nails have their bodies pinned to walls and objects where the nail lands.

Vector Pad

  • Can be used while performing many actions without interrupting them, including reloading.
  • Can be cast multiple times while active.


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