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Mind Control

Nyx invades the psyche of a target, confusing enemies and making them fight for the Tenno cause.

Introduced in Update 6.0 (2013-01-29)

AbilityStrengthBuff Strength:N/A
AbilityDurationBuff Duration:15 / 20 / 25 / 45 s
AbilityRangeBuff Range:20 / 40 / 50 / 60 m

Misc: 3 s (stun duration)
100 % (damage immunity)
4 s (damage conversion duration)
1 (max target limit)

Subsumable to Helminth


  • Nyx expends EnergyOrb25 energy to fully inhabit the mind of a single enemy within a range of AbilityDurationBuff20 / 40 / 50 / 60 meters, stunning it for 3 seconds then forcing it to fight for the Tenno faction for AbilityDurationBuff15 / 20 / 25 / 45 seconds. While controlled, the affected target is enveloped within a psychic barrier that renders it completely Invulnerable to damage from allied and enemy factions. For the next 4 seconds after activation, any damage dealt by Nyx onto the controlled target is absorbed and converted into a percentage damage bonus for the target, lasting for the ability's remaining duration. Only 1 enemy can be controlled at a time; release the target early by pressing the ability key again (default 1 ).
    • Percent damage bonus conversion rate is given by:
      • Enemy armor is ignored, as well as the target's health, armor, and shield type damage modifiers.
      • Damage from physical and elemental damage mods is not taken into account.
      • Base damage (e.g., Mod TT 20px Serration), faction damage (e.g., Mod TT 20px Bane of Grineer), and multishot (e.g., Mod TT 20px Split Chamber) mods are taken into account.
      • Critical Hits are taken into account.
      • Enemy weakspots are taken into account, including the critical multiplier weakspot bonus.
      • Damaging procs (e.g., DmgSlashSmall64 Slash, DmgFireSmall64 Heat, and DmgToxinSmall64 Toxin) applied to the target before casting Mind Control will contribute to the damage conversion.
      • The damage bonus from DmgViralSmall64 Viral and DmgMagneticSmall64 Magnetic are not taken into account.
      • Unalerted enemies that are Mind Controlled will be susceptible to Stealth Damage Multipliers from melee attacks over the ability's duration.
    • The mind-controlled target is immune to damage from all sources, but is still susceptible to negative Status Effects. During Mind Control, all damage dealt by Nyx and her allies on the target will be stored and inflicted in full once the ability ends. Damage dealt by enemies on the target is only nullified and not stored.
    • The damage bonus percentage from converted damage is displayed in the HUD beside Nyx's shield and health indicators.
    • The mind-controlled enemy will not hinder mission progress (e.g. block Interception nodes, stall Defense waves, etc.)
    • If the target dies before Nyx finishes her casting animation, energy used for Mind Control will be refunded.
  • Mind-controlled targets will teleport to Nyx's location if she gets too far away, except those on Ramparts.
  • Mind-controlled targets use their abilities to the benefit of the Tenno and to the detriment of their former allies. For example:
    • The mines dropped by Mine Ospreys (including mines placed before the ability was used) will not hurt Nyx and her allies, but will hurt the Osprey's former allies.
    • Security Cameras will ignore everything and never go into the alerted state. Turrets can behave unpredictably (using Mind Control on Turrets will make them fight for Nyx, but only when a camera activates them; in other words, Turrets can deactivate if the camera is destroyed or goes into the unalerted state.)
    • Shield Ospreys will project shields on allies and defense objectives.
    • Brood Mothers, Drahk Masters, Hyekka Masters, Fusion MOAs, Seekers, Sniper Crewmen and Techs will spawn units that fight for the Tenno's side until the ability ends.
      • Drahks and Hyekkas spawned by their mind controlled masters will become hostile again if the duration ends, or the master is killed.
    • Mind-controlled Ancients will grant their Auras to Tenno within 10 meters of them:
  • Any active Comba and Scrambus disruption auras will remain active, though subsequent auras will not affect Nyx or her allies.
    • Fog Comba and Scrambus disruption auras will not remove mind-control from its target but will prevent the use of the ability until the disruption wears off.
  • While Nullifier Crewmen can be Mind Controlled after their nullification field is disabled, they will dispel themselves upon it regenerating; the Projector Drones should therefore be destroyed.
  • Mind Control will not work on bosses, excecpt for Captain Vor. However, the ability still applies a short duration stun.
    • This is also true for Syndicate hunters and Lynx Turrets.
    • Some mini bosses like Acolytes can be affected, though with significantly decreased duration and due to their innate DR stored damage dealt when it ends will be reduced.
  • Mind Control overrides the effect of Chaos130xWhite Chaos on the selected target but will not be overridden by Chaos.
  • Eximus enemies under Mind Control will focus their attacks on enemies instead. They will still project their damaging special auras (such as a large fire wave) but these will not damage allies over the ability's duration. In particular useful terms, Arctic Eximus will slightly slow down all other enemies in range while also providing protection for itself with its snow-globe-like shield.
  • When Mind Control is cast, an energy tether briefly links Nyx to her target as a visual indicator. The mind-controlled target will be marked with symbols of the Lotus for the ability's duration along with waves of energy flowing over them, affected by Nyx's chosen energy colors.
  • Enemies under mind control can be healed by friendly sources, to the benefit or detriment to the team:
  • DmgRadiationSmall64 Radiation will prematurely end the ability when it procs on Mind Controlled enemies.
  • Mind Controlled enemies can hack disabled Bursas.
  • Rarely, Mind Control will reverse an enemies ability to set off alarms, and if by a rare chance the enemy decides to "activate" already activated alarms, the enemy will actually turn them off (including lifting a complete lockdown into a system wide alert instead). (not sure if this happens anymore as it was already rare before)
  • Mod TT 20px Safeguard can be cast on mind controlled targets.
  • Subsuming Nyx to the Helminth will offer Mind Control and its augments to be used by other Warframes.


Main article: Mind Freak

Mind Freak is a Warframe Augment Mod for NyxIcon272 Nyx that makes enemies under the effects of MindControl130xWhite Mind Control deal additional attack damage.

Mind Freak

Tips & Tricks

  • Mind Control can be used to both neutralize powerful enemies like Heavy Gunners and Techs, and use them as temporary allies.
  • Leech Eximus Enemies can make powerful allies as they can both (usually) deal large amounts of damage with their extended survivability, and withstand most damage taken that is returned after the ability expires.
  • In Defense missions, casting Mind Control on the last enemy in a wave will buy time for the objective's shields and health to regenerate; this is more useful with improved Ability Duration.
  • Mind Controlling any variant of Corpus Tech that has deployed ospreys will also make the Ospreys friendly, regardless of how many it has deployed.


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  • Mind Controlled targets will still complete Interception objectives, and will complete them for the enemy team.
  • Mind Controlled targets have reduced status chance. This can be seen easily with the Napalm as it's normally 100% status fireballs rarely proc heat status effects.
  • Shield Ospreys spawned from Mind Controlled enemies will stay friendly when the target dies.

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