An old design! Mimics! Sentient Mimics! These haven't been seen since the Old War...

Ordis, talking about Mimics in The Sacrifice

Mimics are Sentient units which are first encountered in The Sacrifice quest and can later be found on the Murex which occasionally appears in Veil Proxima. They take the form of normal environmental objects to catch enemies off guard.

Damage AdaptationEdit

As a Sentient, Mimics have the ability to adapt up to 4 damage type from attacks: a Sentient's health is gated such that upon its hit points falling below a fixed percentage, it will grant resistance to the damage type it has received the most. The Sentient will adapt to damage once per health gate, at the percentages listed below:

  • First gate: 25% Health lost.
  • Second gate: 45% Health lost.
  • Third gate: 65% Health lost.
  • Fourth gate: 80% Health lost.

Subsequent adaptation will be done in descending order of damage proportion for each health gate. A single Sentient can adapt against a maximum of 4 damage types even if another Sentient transfers their adaptation, and Sentients will still receive full damage from any damage that exceeds their health gate before adapting.

On adapting to a damage type, the color of the glowing core on their chest changes to the corresponding damage type they recently adapted to, along with displaying the icon of said damage type below their health gauge.

The adaptation decreases in effectiveness the more damage types it resists.

  • For the first adaptation, the Mimic will resist the damage type by 90%.
  • For the second adaptation, the Mimic will resist the damage type by 80%.
  • For the third adaptation, the Mimic will resist the damage type by 75%.
  • For the fourth adaptation, the Mimic will resist the damage type by 70%.

Using the Operator's Void Beam, Excalibur UmbraIcon272 Excalibur Umbra's RadialHowl130xDark Radial Howl, a rank 40 BallasSword Paracesis, or Shedu Shedu's pulse on expending all ammo will remove all their damage resistances. They can still regain their resistances, however the aforementioned abilities and weapons will always be able to remove them.

The Mimic also receives another 40% resistance to the damage type at each adaptation, which stacks multiplicatively with the previously listed ones. These resistances cannot be removed by any of the methods listed above. Additionally, Mimics possess an innate 15% resistance to all damage, which stacks multiplicatively with all other resistances.

The damage gating also prevents Mimics from being killed in one shot, as the maximum percentage of health removable in one instance is:

  • 25% at full health
  • 20% between 75% & 55% max HP
  • 20% between 55% & 35% of max HP
  • 15% between 35% & 20%, after which there is no limit and the Mimic will take damage normally at every instance

For this reason it is highly recommended to use weapons with multishot to multiply the instances of damage dealt per shot like shotguns, weapons equipped with Split Chamber or Barrel Diffusion, or weapons with high fire rate.


  • Mimics disguise themselves as environmental objects such as Storage Containers, resources, consoles, Ayatan Sculptures, etc. staying still until a player approaches, where they will reveal themselves to attack. When their health drops low enough they will attempt to flee and hide in order to reactivate their disguise.
    • Helios equipped with its Mod TT 20pxInvestigator precept can scan Mimics even while disguised, as long as the player's codex entry for Mimics is not complete. This can alert the player to a nearby Mimic's location if the player failed to spot them.
    • Their disguises can be distinguished from the real ones due to their slight imperfections, noticeable as a constant slight blur or flicker to the object. Additionally, they may disguise themselves as objects that look out of place in the surrounding area, such as an Orokin Death Orb beside a console.
    • When they retreat and turn back into an object, they will gain some of their health back.
    • If they are disguised as a resource node or storage container, they will be displayed on the map as a lootable container and will then be displayed as an enemy on the map when they transform if mods such as Mod TT 20pxAnimal Instinct are equipped.
  • A glowing Sentient core will be dropped when a Mimic is destroyed. If a nearby Sentient is present, it will proceed to obtain the core to fully replenish their health and shields. Otherwise, it will self-destruct after some time has passed, dealing damage to nearby players.
    • A Tenno can also pick up a Sentient core, which will fully recover their health, shields and energy.


  • Unlike Conculysts, they keep their distance, and do not possess explosive projectiles like Battalysts, nor they can defend themselves with shields like Symbilysts. Taking cover is enough. However, their habit of retreating, disappearing, and ambushing , united with their innate Sentient adaptability can be a major nuisance when they are supported by other Sentient types.


  • As suggested in the event of Jovian Concord, Mimic can impersonate a person.
    • Alad V was tricked to enter into a contract by a Mimic impersonating Regus, Alad V's old acquaintance.
  • Excluding Railjack fighters, and one-of-a-kind Sentients such as Hunhow or Erra, Mimics are the only Sentient fighters whose name doesn't end with the "lyst" suffix.


  • Mimic disguised as lunar debris.
  • Mimic disguised as an Orokin decoration in an unusual place.

Patch HistoryEdit

Update 23.0
  • Introduced.
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