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  • (Strange how I seem to be the only one posting on your wall)

    Anyway, if you need a blanker mod card, I actually uploaded one about a year ago, but it went entirely unused. It's not Legendary rank, and has 10-rank lights.


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  • Just wanted to say thanks for getting the Grustrag Three's quotes down! I couldn't do it because I have a massive streak of supporting the Grineer that I don't want to break. Anyway, if you still need help getting the rest (AKA ones involving defeat/capturing), I'd be willing to get downed for it. I still need them for my Codex as well. Just send me a message ingame whenever!

    Protip; If you don't want that ( ! ) button next to the audio button, just put "|link=" right after the file name. Ex: [[File:LeekterPlay.ogg|link=]]

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  • Hi, welcome to WARFRAME Wiki! Thanks for your edit to the File:LeekterSuffer.ogg page.

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    Enjoy! Please leave me a message if I can help with anything!

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    • A Lone Tenno
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