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    As per title, why you put CleanUp template on HUD page? Maybe I'm missing something, but I don't see anything missing.

    In the future, remember that you can add a reason in the following way {{CleanUp|<reason>}}

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    • It's pretty much outdated at the moment. And in response to your reminder, that's good to know.

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    • Where? Maybe these dark waters are progressively making me blind, but I see that the HUD in the screenshot is the same of the actual update, and the numbers describe with sufficient accuracy the meaning of every icon.

      Can you be more specific? If you're referring to the teammates tab, that's in-game since a long ago, and it wasn't by default enabled for many updates.

      Oh, while writing this comment I see that it misses the Operator's energy, I'll discuss with other moderators because it's to be considered spoiler.

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    • It's also missing the yellow Shield Icon for defense objectives, and the Kavat Icon (the Kavat Icon definitely doesn't look like the Kubrow Icon), as well as the Ayatan Star/Sculpture/Control Console/Sentient Core Icons.

      Don't forget the map legend Icons at Plains Of Eidolon.

      I guess I'll remove the template now that the page is being worked on? It might've been a better idea to use the UpdateMe template instead, but the phrase "This page is being actively worked on" is why I didn't use it.

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    • Icons I can see missing from the list.

      1) The weird blue icon with a blue dot under it that I've seen appearing in blank sections of the minimap on occasion

      2) Cephalon Fragment / Somacord Icons

      3) Cave Icons for the open world maps

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    • A Lone Tenno
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  • Hi, welcome to WARFRAME Wiki! Thanks for your edit to the Operator page.

    New to WARFRAME New to Wiki
    • WARFRAME: offers an overview on the game and the wiki.
    • FAQ: addresses most of the common problems encountered by players.
    • Glossary: offers a list of common terms used by veteran players.

    Please contact me or any active administrators if you need help!

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    • A Lone Tenno
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