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  • Hey Dude,

    Noticed that you are pretty prominent in the community and always posting about Ash.

    I'm a new Ash player and sometimes I get confused about which way to play/mod Ash.

    I'd have to say that I really like spamming Smoke Screen then Teleport to other waves of mobs once I've dispatched them all, while hopefully remaining invisible.

    Kinda wish I could stay invisible all the time, haha, but its fun being a damage dealer instead of a tactician like Loki.

    I don't use Blade Storm all that often unless I see things getting out of hand and need to clear a bunch of enemies while recovering my shields.  I prefer handling most stuff with melee or Shuriken.

    What's a good 'go-to' mod setup for Ash?



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    • Well if thats how you want to go i would grab seeking shuriken mod from arbiters or red veil, the only person you really have to smoke screen and then tp to are wardens evryone else will get stunned when you get to them, unless your doing it to take out a whole mob, even then you will still have a jump on them. I use Steel charge as an aura, max blind rage, intensify, max transient fortitude, streamline Vigor, Fleeting Expertise, Stretch, and Redirection If want something like rage, go with rage and vitality instead of vigor and re direction. I don't use smoke screen so i dont need duration, But for you  go with fleeting expertise to rank 4 and a full streamline for max effciency, A max transient fortitude should give you enough power strength to strip armor completly if used with seeking shuriken, stretch, primed continuity if you have it and constitution.  this way you can teleport all over and stay invisible for a moment. My setup is straight power and even then i still dont spam 4, i just cant bring myself to play that way XD .  weapon wise doesnt make a diffrence but it kind of pulls things together, Dread bow (amazing damage)  telos akbolto arbiters weapon the proc grants health and stamina, and Dark dagger with red veil mod (energy and faster movement) plus 3 different dual elements. If I can help you out any more feel free to add me in game same name Rabidscholar.

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    • Cool, thanks for the info dude.  Will add next time I log. :-)

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    • A Lone Tenno
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    • A Lone Tenno
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