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  • The skill is listed as "Ability radius: 15" but only pulls from ~8 meters away. So, because it is listed wrong, it is a bug.

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    • You say you're 20, but you respond to posts as though you are 12. I only responded in kind to your line of

      "Btw you know that sentences are 'one piece' up to , or . and what 'vice versa' mean, right?". That was wholly condescending of you, and I was using an extreme example of your own actions.

      Now if you were truly asking if I have a firm grasp on the English language, you went about it poorly and came off sounding like a d**k.

      "If you wanted to tell others what you meant, you should just correct it on ability page."

      What is the "it" that you are referring to? If you are referring to the fact that I put something along the lines of  "the skills range is only half the listed amount", then there shouldn't be any need for clarification.

      Why would I add something to the wiki to say that there is a bug on the wiki when I could just as easily change the wiki and remove the wiki's bug myself? Anyone with even a hint of common sense could see that I was saying that the bug was in game.

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    • I'm not native speaker so I can makes mistakes and even don't know about them. But you know what? I'm proud I don't live in any pathology family or something you're writing about (I don't care if you have so great knowledge about that from autopsy) and that my father taught me to be nice to others, even if they are rude. Offending me? Sure, do that, I don't care what you think about me (if at all). But offending my family means that you don't have any others arguments and it shows your intelligence.
      In example you pointed 'it' refers to 'what you meant', which further refers to what you wrote and what wrote somebody else to clarify it. Oh, again 'it'. And again refers to 'what you meant'.
      The question I asked after 'btw' was only to be sure you understood what I said because I saw no sense why you repeated what I said. If you're so good in English maybe we'll start using German? Or French? Or any language you wish? There's no difference for me as long as I know somebody will understand me. Now I'm done and nothing will change what I know now about you.

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    • A Lone Tenno
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  • You're starting to spook me...

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    • Don't worry, I didn't mean to scare anybody. My summaries are reference to something that is (or was) on edited page, creating some kind of story. Maybe one day somebody will find the real meaning of those words... but it probably would be too late...
      Btw Sorry if I make some mistakes with grammar or something, I'm not native speaker.

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    • A Lone Tenno
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  • Hello, just thought I should explain why your recent recategorizations to Artemis Bow and Pacify & Provoke were reverted.


    • Toggled = Does not cost additional energy while active, and allows energy regeneration.
    • Channeled = Costs additional energy while active, and typically does not allow energy regeneration.

    Though Artemis Bow does not drain energy passively, it still requires additional energy to use. Furthermore, energy regeneration is disabled. (To be fair, it used to be allowed.)

    Likewise, Pacify & Provoke drains energy while active depending on her form. And while the article states energy regeneration is enabled, this may have been fixed as it was with Artemis Bow.

    Hopefully this clears things up.

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  • Hi, welcome to WARFRAME Wiki! Thanks for your edit to the Silence page.

    New to WARFRAME New to Wiki
    • WARFRAME: offers an overview on the game and the wiki.
    • FAQ: addresses most of the common problems encountered by players.
    • Glossary: offers a list of common terms used by veteran players.

    Please contact me or any active administrators if you need help!

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    • A Lone Tenno
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