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  • I am my gender is japanese
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  • Hi, welcome to WARFRAME Wiki! Thanks for your edit to the Gorgon page.

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    • A Lone Tenno
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  • Hey, if you still need Volt Prime systems, I have a spare blueprint!

    Wiki name is my Warframe name, we'll see if we can hit up a dojo sometime soon.

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  • I don't know why this happened, but my profile picture was changed so I couldn't have Shrek on it.

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    • ShadowsofKoga wrote:
      Kevlar5 the Retired 360 Noscoper wrote:
      ShadowsofKoga wrote:
      You commented on Ash page about confirming The speed of Bladestorm and linked something that had nothing to do with the topic can you explain your research or was that just a troll? Im being serious i would like some feed back on this new affect but theres no where to confirm this only thing im getting from the community are false info and some crying OP which isnt helping this community at all and will hinder Frames functionality process for the Future of all Warframes.

      In the long run all Frames will need to be reworked and fixed to keep up with the future of Warframe but most people here just want to troll and hate I dont hate on any Frame and think they all deserve love.

      Oh, so I'm supposed to show evidence? You're really confusing me right now. I just did some Earth excavation and noticed the speed was a bit quicker. Just go put Fury on your weapon and try for a bit. I never confirmed anything before and I don't even know how to do so.

      I don't hate Ash, and I am not trolling anyone. In fact, he's my favorite and I use him 86% of the time. What is the point you are trying to convey?
      I never said You hate Ash im pretty sure you share the same passion as I do about him.

      I was just curious about the link you posted replying to My comment as I checked it out thinking it would gve info or confirmation but it was your personal profile page and I also clicked on the links there and it directed me to Youtube music videos which i found funny xD

      Not saying you were being a Hater i just thought you were trolling for some reason.

      Yes I am well aware Fury affects Bladestorm and All Finisher animations also Quickening seems to work for Finisher speeds as I was told from a Friend but this isnt 100% sure I tried it and seemed slightly faster but I may be wrong just stating  some possiblities for the community to try out ;)


      Oh, so that's what you were confused about.

      Well, it wasn't exactly a link, it was just my name to show the time I posted and edited. Looking back, that's actually not necessary at all. I'll edit once more and make it not even a link anymore.

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    • My bad bruh, not tryna offend you just was like what the heck is this? xD

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    • A Lone Tenno
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  • ..made me smile :>

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  • I understand you were editing in good faith, but regardless of how new an article is, please refrain from adding unconstructive edits and keep your wording professional. Thanks!

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  • Hell yeah!
    666 edits


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  • Gimme fue

    Gimme fai

    Gimme dabajabaza!

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  • Your profile and profile pic gives me nightmares...that Shrek staring me.

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  • Now that I'm back from Hell, I will raise it yet again.

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