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  • I live in CO, USA
  • I was born on October 1
  • My occupation is ME Student and Being Awesome
  • I am Male


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  • Thanks for the undo ye did on my Profile page, much appreciated 

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    • A Lone Tenno
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  • Are there any sources that state that warframes have actual genders? As far as i'm aware, Warframes are simply crafted and don't have actual genders, so should we change the "male" and "female" category to "feminine" and "masculine"?

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    • Male/female pronouns are used for them everywhere throughout the game, so I think it's accurate.

      Also both devs and community refer to them thoroughly as such. Also we know the base for ExcaLU to have been male, so fits.

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    • As Hennils said, referring to them with binary pronouns is accepted by both the community and devs, as well as canon to the game itself.

      More over though, the wiki does not categorize based on gender, but rather on sex. So 'male/female' isn't talking about psychological concepts, it's talking about physiological features. Don't be thrown off by the use of the Mars/Venus (♂/♀) signs. Scientifically, those are only used to denote sex, not gender even though you'll see many gender movements/parties misuse them as "gender signs".

      I think the general consensus on the Wiki is that the current male/female categorization is appropriate, or at least less controversial than any other similar type.

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    • Thanks for clearing it up. Actually, since the original Warframes canonically used to be human, it makes sense.

      I only asked bc Equinox's Day form is very masculine (tight waste, flat chest, broad shoulders), the dev who confirmed her pronouns mentioned that gender isnt the right word to describe it.

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    • A Lone Tenno
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  • Lith S3 is shown as Available but without drop locations. And in the relic lists of the drops it says that Lith S3 is vaulted.

    Dont know who to report it to so I'm contacting you.

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  • I allways thought that patchnotes page need some local links to other Wiki pages. For example, you see that warframe's skill X was changed. And currently you have to copypaste it's name to wiki search to get to the page of that skill. Why can't we just made a link? I made such links for 2 last updates in edit 01:25, august 9, 2019 but you undo my edit 01:29, august 9, 2019 with commentary " Mmm, no thanks ". Why?

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    • Mostly because you only did it for that single update. If you're gonna add links then every update needs them too, but I'd rather you not for the reasons I'm about to discuss.

      Most importantly, having dozens upon hundreds of links on a single page is daunting for a reader. Links are helpful, but having too many on a page can actually be hurtful to the reading experience, especially if many of the links are redundant or unpopular.

      It could also effect SEO stuff in unpredictable ways if the single page has so many links (PR and what not). Though I myself am not terribly knowledgeable about that technical stuff, I would still err on the side of caution.

      Granted, there are some updates that do have links, but those are from before my, and Joy's, time of editing the update pages, and I simply haven't found the will to remove them.

      I'm sorry for the dismissive edit note I made earlier, but it's a bit hard to convey all my reason in just a short sentence. I'm glad you decided to message me about it though, so I could properly explain.

      If you have any other questions or concerns please feel free to contact either myself or one of our admins/mods. 01:51, August 10, 2019 (UTC)

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    • Maybe you are right about daunting amount of links - I thought about this problem too. But I dicided to make them anyway due to the fact that these patchnotes are just a copypaste of Warframe forum post. That means that there are 2 sourses of info which actually have no differences. So, I was thinking I that way:
      "There are 2 types of people - who needs links and who dont. There are link to patchnotes on forum in every patchnotes post in Wiki. Forum posts have no links. So, if there will be links here - both types will have sourse for their needs."

      What about the fact that I made links only for 2 last updates - there are 2 reasons. Firstly, I predicted that my edit can be deleted - so, I made a test edit. Moreover, I dont think that it is necessarily to do the same for all older updates - old updates are not enough popular to do this, but I understand that links need to be done for all future updates and I planned to make them whenever possible. Actually, I understood that my edit was deleted when I opened a page to add links for 25.6.2.

      The idea about affecting SEO stuff is reasonable. I dont know the exact effects of making such links too. But if you will agree with my previous arguments and this will be the only problem, I think that we just need to ask someone who knows better.

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    • A Lone Tenno
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  • The first thing that you should have is a little education; everyone can talk on any wall, but when a person goes to a specific wall it is because wants to contact with that wall owner in particular.

    In response to your second comment, I do not accept hostilities from people in threatening tones, and the thread will remain open unless a responsible person closes it, so that everyone can see your attitude.

    Ref: Thread:1438211

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    FINNER closed this thread because:
    14:09, July 27, 2019
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    • Pyr, this just an unfortunate event of me accidentally stepping on JARVII's toes, in no way was any of this your fault. Though I'm sorry you feel that way and had to get caught in the middle.

      You did the right thing to message someone with your problems, and even provide pictures and links to top it off.

      JARVII, I just wanted to make sure my side was totally clear is all, and to reiterate there was no malintent. And yes, I have played a couple of games with Hennils in Warframe, though I don't think that has created much of a bias, if any, on their part. It's simply because we are both apart of the Wiki Discord (which you should join too!), and if you had seen our conversations there you'd know we tend to have a bit of friction more often than not.

      I only suggested you speak with Hennils instead because they are by far the most active authority figure on this wiki and you'd see a faster response because of it. My suggestion was not in hopes of getting a friend on my side to support be biasly, if that's what you're suspicious of.

      Lastly, before I close this thread in a bit since this has gone on too long, I just want to make sure there are no hard feelings JARVII. This situation escalated to a point it shouldn't have and I think we both regret it. So again, I apologize if I offended you by being aggressive. I think time will allow us to both contribute to the wiki as seamlessly as we have before.

      (Also sorry for the continuously late responses).

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    • FINNER without problems, let's continue improving the content that is really important, I have nothing against you, on the contrary I know the work you do. Accept my apologies too. A greeting ;)

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  • E.g. - the drop chances are 5.64% for T2 missions and 7.67% for Pavlov (from the official data dump at - it would be incredibly useful to have these chance percentages in the modbox.

    An additonal improvement to these pages would be to have the list of places where the mod drops in the Acquisition" section, be auto-generated.

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    • A Lone Tenno
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  • Hi Finner, 

    I wasn't sure on how to respond to you in private, so I'm posting my response to the revision here.

    The orokin text I obtained was from . I sadly don't have the tools to single out the text, so a screenshot was the best I could do.
    Warframe wiki text
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  • Hey Finner! What parts are your zaw "stick o death" made from?

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  • Hi, I noticed that you elected my page for candidate of deletion. How do I move my page to the clan recruitment category? I am new here.

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    • Board:Clan_Recruitment is part of the forum, you can't move an article page to there. You will have to recreate it.

      Here is what you wrote, in case you didn't save it.
      [[File:Placeholder|video|right|300px]] [[File:WhatsApp_Image_2019-05-26_at_12.23.12_PM.jpeg|thumb]] 
      We are recruiting for active members for our clan, Faith!
      ==About Us==
      We are currently a Rank 10 Shadow Clan.
      We are active, helpful, and you can count on us to guide you through the Tenno universe.
      Fun fact: We even have a discord! (Drop us a chat via to express your interest!)
      Did I also mention our researches are all done? (Except colour pigments, and you are more than welcome to come join us on the hunt!)
      ==Photo Previews==
      Be amazed as you step into our beautiful looking Dojo, welcoming you as lights blink above our Tenno.
      We pride ourselves not only with strength and teamwork, but also aesthetics.
      Check out our dazzling dueling room cum spa.
      How often do you see a glittering ball sphere at a room intersection?!
      P.S. We even have teleporters to help you navigate your way around the Dojo :) 
      Did I mention our Observatory resembles a sakura garden? Be amazed as you are greeted with forest like mists at the doorstep, and beautiful sakura trees as you sit back with your companion to enjoy the view.
      Also in case you haven't seen it yet, one person commented:
      IGN: Guardian101
      About me: New to warframe, really into the learning new stuff.
      Frames: Excalibur and now i got Rhino
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    • A Lone Tenno
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  • Hi Finner !

    some thought about individual relic pages : in the location drop table the mission type / tier is obvious for regular wiki users, but seems quite opaque to a lot of visitors (see 90% of comments on new relics pages everytime a new primes comes out...)

    so : would it be useful to add the mission list in the table ? technically it is just a call to getMissionList ...

    I though of 2 solutions :

    Test 1 : put the mission list in Hover Mouse text on the tier in the table. It has the advantage of keeping the same table size... but you have to know it is there

    Test 2 : fuse Mission Type and Tier into the first column, then put the mission nodes into the second column... pro : everything is on display, cons : table is bigger

    I put both tests for lith A3 on User:Croquemorttime/testpage

    what do you think ? feel free to share with others on Discord if they are interested...

    Cheers !


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    • As much as I love tooltips, I think I would kinda prefer Table 2, even if it does end up being longer. Lemme talk to the others real quick though and I'll get back to you.

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    • General consensus is the first one, so we will go with that. One note though, normally tooltips like that have that dotted underline to help distinguish it from normal text.

      EDIT: New table stuff implemented, check it out and see if you like it - Lith A3

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    • cool ^^ hopefully it is more clear for everyone now :)

      (and we don't have to explain stuff in the comments over and over :p )

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    • A Lone Tenno
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